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"Come upstairs, Alice has to show you something".

"Should I be afraid?"


We walked swiftly side by side to the house. Edward opened the massive oak doors and carried me up the miles of winding stairs. I felt so comfortable snuggled tight against his marble chest. His skin felt normal, like home. About two seconds later, we reached the landing and Edward carefully set me down on the warm wood floor.

"I'm not that fragile anymore Edward, I think I can manage to walk up a flight of stairs!" He kissed my temple and ran his fingers through my hair.

"Don't be so sure of yourself, Bella. Some things never change." He grinned as he poked his fun at me. I knew I would have to get him back for that! Oh that boy has no idea what is coming to him! Alice appeared out of nowhere and instantly ripped me from Edward's side. Part of me felt cold, detached as soon as that comfort was taken away, but I knew I would see him soon.

She led me into her room and slammed the door behind her. She stood very delicately, grinning from ear to ear at me awaiting me to speak.

"What is it this time, Alice?" She smiled wider and inhaled to speak.

"Now Bella, I know that things have been very complicated over the past week, but that does not mean you can't have your wedding! You're obviously in perfect working order so don't worry about a thing! Just be in my room at 8:30 tomorrow morning and I promise you will love what I have planned for you!"

"Alice- do you mean to tell me I am getting married tomorrow?" The anger started to rise fast and deep within my core. Had she not been around these past few days? My former best friend nearly kills me; Charlie thinks I'm dead….

"Bella, I assure you everything will be perfect. I've already seen it, and you'll love it!" She kissed me on the cheek and rushed across her room. That little miscreant! She's been hording wedding supplies in her closet!

"What is that?" I point out to a large white bag with the initials "I.M.C." written in fancy script.

"That's for me to know and you to find out!