Bad Wolf Series 1

The Oncoming Storm


Summary: A Rose returns fic. I'm starting a Bad Wolf Series...

Rose in the parallel world is working for Torchwood when she has a dream that her original world needs saving... She taps into The Time Vortex Power (Bad Wolf) and travels to her world to find The Doctor. The Doctor is travelling with Donna and Martha when freak weather and power storms takes over London... Torchwood and The Doctor & companions team up to stop the world from breaking apart... Takes place about 2 months after The Bad Wolf Bay scene.

Also, while I'm including a sort of Doctor Who/Torchwood crossover, it'll just be Gwen, Jack and Ianto cause they're my favourite characters... So just pretend the rest of them are away on holiday right now lol...



Donna/Jack/Ianto slightly... If you squint

One-sided Martha/10Doctor (You will NEVER EVER see me writing this ship both ways! 10Rose are made for each other. End of).

Rating:Teen, may move up for language, not too bad though...




The tornado hit Big Ben with a sickening thud, the crash over-powering the screams of innocent bystanders. The yellow flash of lightening hit a building and it smashed right through.

London was being destroyed. Right before her very eyes. Those brown deep eyes that had seen so much. Her home. Was being ripped apart, bit by bit and she couldn't quite place why she thought The Doctor would turn up and save them.

He didn't.

She could feel it before she could see it. The metal pole that snapped in half slipped through her stomach with a disturbing ease. She gasped, tears sliding out as her whole body began to glow with energy.

"No" she collapsed to the ground that was already in cracks. Blood soared through her skin and clothes, her breath becoming shorter and shorter.

Her eyes flooded shut as London took one final strike—

Rose woke with a gasp. Her breathing hitched as she realised where she was. In her library. Well... Pete's library... Bent over a book on the alien that they had captured last week.

Her eyes glossed over the clock on the wall to see that it was 2.45am. Rose sighed, stood with a heavy sigh and exited the library, walking the halls of the mansion that should be home to her, but wasn't.

"Rose, sweetheart?" Jackie had appeared from the kitchen.

"Mum?" Rose frowned "What are you doing up so late?".

Jackie patted her large bump and smiled "This one thinks my bladder a squeeze toy!" she then frowned "What's up, love? You look awful pale...".

"Just had a nightmare" Rose said firmly, as if to make herself believe it, not Jackie.

"Sweetheart?" Jackie stepped closer.

"I..." Rose spluttered "If I told you, you'd think I was mad".

Jackie scoffed "That boat sailed a long time ago..." she about to mention the time when Rose had claimed The Doctor to be alien, not to mention all the other alien-related crap that could have someone questioning their sanity but decided against it.

Rose rubbed her temples tiredly "I... Had this dream... About our world, it was in trouble, really, in trouble and... The Doctor wasn't there to save it... I was there..." she trailed off, frowning.

Jackie waited.

"I died" Rose whispered out sadly "The Doctor was nowhere to be found and I was dying while the world came to an end".

"It was just a dream, Rose" Jackie rubbed her daughter's arm in comfort.

"Was it?" the words barely left her mouth but they were definitely there.

"Rose" Jackie sighed, looking away.

"Right" Rose pulled back harshly. She knew what would come next: a talk about how The Doctor was gone and she had to move on with her life. Maybe with Mickey, but that would never happen. Not after everything that had happened.

"Rose" Jackie repeated, a little more firmly than last time.

"I get it" Rose edged further away, wrapping her arms around herself "Nevermind" she turned and ran to her room, leaving Jackie staring after her.


Prologue up! Whoohoo! I think I'm gonnah add Part 1 just to get it running... Yay:)

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