If this is goodbye: Alternate Ending

If this is goodbye: Alternate Ending!


If you and I are going under
maybe we can both recover

Deep down inside he had known that they would never last, that she would never choose him over Nate, especially with his past. Sure, he had enjoyed having fun with booze and with women through out his teenage years, but it hadn't meant anything to him. Sleeping with all of those girls didn't even compare to a conversation with Blair, let alone making love to her. He knew, deep inside of him, that he had loved her, that he loves her. But maybe love just wasn't love enough, maybe being in love with someone just wasn't enough anymore.

She hated that it had taken her a huge mistake, and his departure to realize the feelings that were residing in her heart. It had hit her like a train, and she could hardly believe that she hadn't realized it before. She was in love with Chuck Bass, not Nate Archibald, the prince of the UES, but Chuck Bass, the philanderer and womanizer of the UES.

And find forgiveness for each other

He needed to know, he needed to know if love was enough. Not knowing…not knowing whether or not she really loved him was killing her. Maybe she had just hooked up with Nate to figure out what it was that she wanted. What if she realized that she wanted him and he wasn't there?


Even if this is goodbye

She dried her eyes on the tissue that Serena had given her and fought the urge to start sobbing hysterically again. She didn't blame him for leaving, how could she? She wanted to tell him that she was sorry, she needed to apologize, but he just wasn't around.

"He left" she whispered quietly as the tears continued to run down her cheeks. "He really left"

If you and I are going under

leaving had probably been the dumbest thing he had ever done. He should have waited, he should have done something…anything to get her to believe that he loved her. He shouldn't have let her walk away from him on that dance floor, and he shouldn't have done something that would make her want to walk away from him.

They were both at fault; he just hoped that it wasn't too late to fix it. With those thoughts swirling through his mind, he hopped on a flight back to Manhattan.

Maybe we can both recover

When the plane finally touched down two hours later he headed straight to the palace, planning to drop his bags off and go find Blair. But the sigh that he stumbled upon when he got to his suite was one that would forever replay in his mind over and over and over again.

There, lying in a heap on the floor was Blair. She looked as if she'd been crying for hours, and hadn't stopped. She was sobbing into Serena's chest as Serena rocked her back and forth as if she was a baby. He felt his mouth drop open and the tears well up in his eyes as he saw Serena look up at him, relief evident in her face

She Cares!

He felt like slapping himself in the face. She had come here looking for him, and he had taken off because he was afraid of having to deal with her rejection. Now, because of that decision, he had hurt the one girl who mattered to him the most. Serena stood up and he took her place, carefully setting Blair down in his lap as she started crying even harder.

And find forgiveness for each other

"I'm sorry, I'm so so so sorry" she sobbed, clenching his shirt in her fists. He rubbed her back soothingly and allowed his own tears to run down his cheeks and onto her head.

"I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have ruined your cotillion, and I shouldn't have left you."

Even if

He looked into her eyes

If what we had is really over

She looked into his eyes

If fate is out there we discover

Somehow she knew that everything was going to be okay, that even though they had both almost given up all hope on ever being together, that they would make it through and over come all the obstacles, and people, that stood in their paths.

Let's find forgiveness for each other

He knew that no matter what mistakes they made, and knowing the two of them, there would probably be a lot, they would always find their way back to each other even though it would be much more rational to say goodbye and attempt to get on with their lives because the love they had was stronger than anything that he had ever encountered before.

Even if this is goodbye

They were destined to be together, and there was no way that either one of them was going to give up without one hell of a fight.