You know the original story, now it is time for my version of what really happened!!!!

Time for Barbi to jump in ((i am the ruler of the world, i can do whatever i want!!!!))*snicker*

Barbi appears next to Tenchi in his room. ((how she got there you ask well, she's the ruler of the world she can be where ever she wants!!!!)) Slipping her hand around his waist, "Tenchi, i think they need you right now, but i do. Run away with me, and we can live together in happyness forever."
He starts to smile as he turns, "Where have you been my Mistress? i thought you would never return." he looks away.((do not ask how he knew Barbi because she is the ruler of the world everyone knows her!!!!))
"Tenchi," she puts her hand on his cheak, "lets go now, before anyone wakes up, lets run away together."

Years later:

"Tenchi why can't you keep a steady job, don't you want to make me happy anymore!!!" Barbi tosses a fryin pan at Tenchi's head.
"Honey! if you would stop buying all those stupied things off the home shopping network we would have money and i wouldn't have to keep asking for raises and being fired!!!!" Barbi tosses a plate and it breaks on the wall.
"what did i ever see in you... you... you... dumb dumb you!" they look at eachother for what seems like an eternity then they rush to eachother and *big kissie*
"Lets never fight again!!!"Tenchi huggs Barbi.
"no, we should fight more if it always ends like this, lets go back and see how everyone is doing...."

Back at the Tenchi household:

Ayeka and Sasami were outside picking carrots for dinner,"huh LORD TENCHI!!!!!" Ayeka ran over to Tenchi and she hugged him. *coff coff* she looked over and saw a beautiful red haired woman standing beside them. "Tenchi what are you doing with the ruler of the world?"
Barbi wiggled her eyebrows at her. "NOOOOOO!!!! LORD TENCHI you couldn't have been with this lady the whold time could you??!!"
"actually" Tenchi took Barbi's hand and held it up for Ayeka and Sasami to see, "we were married!" the glittering ring shone bright in the sunlight.
Sasami was bouncing around giving them the speech about how glad she was Tenchi found a good, beautiful person, while Ayeka facefalled to the ground.
Washu came out of the house, "What is all the noise out here, i am doing an experiment!!!" she saw tenchi, the ruler of the world, and then the ring. "hello mrs. ruler of the world," she nods her head, "i see you have once again proved that you are smarter than me"
"Thank you Washu," Barbi looks down the road as some loud shouting comes from the distance.

"But Kiyone i wanted to drive"
"Mihoshi, i swear if you don't stop i will let you out to walk the rest of the way home!!!"
*sniff* mihoshi's lower lip starts to shake "wwwaaaaaaa!!!!"
the car screaches to a stop right in front of Barbi, "ahhhhhhh miss ruler of the world!!!" Kiyone jumps out and checks if she is hurt, "i'm sorry!" *big sweat drop*
"do not worry i am fine, and it is Mrs now," she shows her ring again.
"Wow you and Tenchi got married? does that make us sisters!?"
"miss Mihoshi," Ayeka turns to her getting a vein in her head, "We were not Tenchi's sisters how could we be her's now?"
"well, then can i be an aunt!?"
everyone face falls but Barbi who giggles and Mihoshi who stands eyes closed with a finger pointing in the air.