It has been eight years after that dreadful but wonderful adventure fighting Ultimecia. That same journey that brought very fated and very unlikely couple together. Squall and Rinoa.

It was two months before the eighth year anniversary when six heroes saved the world from time compression. A year after the defeat of Ultimecia, Squall had proposed to Rinoa. Two years later, they married. Even though Squall knows that Rinoa became a sorceress after fighting Edea. He realized how much that girl changed his life. He loved her so much in a way he couldn't describe. Now they have a beautiful four year old son named Jase who was turning five on the eighth anniversary of Ultimecia's defeat.

Jase had the luck of the draw when it came to his parents. His parents were the most powerful parents. His father was the Commander of Balamb Garden and his mother was now a nurse in the Balamb Garden's infirmary after Dr. Kadawaki had retired. However, she was still a sorceress too. Jase had a mix of dark brown and raven hair just like his parents. However, he looked more like Squall everyday. He had Squall's hairstyle and his Icy Blue Eyes.

These two people were Squall's most favorite people. Not only did he have the most beautiful wife in all the land but now he had an equally handsome son. Squall loved these two people more than he could ever describe. He loved them more than being Commander of the SeeD at the garden. He hated going on missions that were far away because he hated being away from his family. He cherished every moment with them. And him being away made them vulnerable. He worried about Rinoa the most. She was still vulnerable to be possessed by Ultimecia again. He was her knight.