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Back at the Presidential Palace

"LET ME OUT! MOMMY!? DADDY!?" Jase cried. He kept banging on the door.

"MOMMY!" Jase kept screaming at the top of his lungs.

"SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! YOU STUPID BRAT!" The guard in front of Jase's room cried.

" LET ME OUT! WHERE'S MY MOMMY!?" Jase continued to cry.

The guard finally had enough of this kid's bitching and moaning. He opened the door forcefully with his gun out.

"ALRIGHT STUPID BRAT! SHUT THE FUCK UP! OR I WILL PUT A BULLET RIGHT THROUGH THOSE BLUE EYES OF YOURS! AS FOR YOUR MOM, SHE'S HAVING A SERIOUS 'CONVERSATION' with the President! However, she nor you may not make it alive if she doesn't bend to please him!" The guard laughed eerily.

Jase looked so scared at this point that he went into the corner and cowered. He started crying when he actually fell asleep.


Rinoa woke up dizzy. She had bruises from where Seifer punched her and kicked her. But she was free to move now. As she woke up the president came in.

"Good morning, beautiful." Deling said.

"Good morning." Rinoa said. "Where am I?"

"Why you're home. I'm your husband. Remember?" Deling said. "Rinoa, you had a terrible accident and the doctor said you would have temporary amnesia."

"I thought I was married to…what's his name?" Rinoa questioned.

"Honey, it must have been those dreams again." He said as he kissed her.

"Yes. Of course the dreams." She said as she smiled but still unsure.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of you, my beautiful wife." He said looking at her hungrily.

He kissed her again, then deepened the kiss. She seemed to reciprocate it and was getting hot all over by his touch. He moved on to the bed and stradled her hips and took off her gold silk camisole exposing her bare chest. He was eager so he moved down to her core and started rubbing against her sex through her red lace panties that she had on. Her breathing was getting shorter and shorter. She was begging for him to be inside her.

He must have read her mind, and got up and got undressed rather quickly exposing his rock hard erection. She looked at him and was anxious for it to be inside her. He got down and ripped off her panties and positioned himself so he could enter her.

He rammed into her with great force making her scream so loud it made the chandelier above shake. After a minute it started to feel…AMAZING! She was enjoying every minute of Deling raping her, even though she never realized he was. With every thrust he hit her spot making her beg for more.

The more she was going to orgasm, the more her sorceress side sent euphoric electricity through Deling making him shake in ecstasy!

"Omf-RINOA! BABY! OH MM! God! I always wondered what it would be like to fuck a sorceress! NOW I know! God! I can see what the commander saw in you!"Deling grunted as he got his release then pulled out and cummed all over Rinoa's body!

"Oh Honey! You are a delicious piece of ass!" Deling breathed heavily! "Simply the best piece of ass I've ever had!"

Rinoa kissed him deeply and started again.

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