Ok, so my parents got the complete first season of WKRP in Cincinnati and I have been watching it like crazy. I LOVE IT. Especially Johnny. He's my all-time favorite, followed by Venus, then Jennifer. So I really wanted to write fan fiction for it, since it's archive is mostly deserted (sees a tumbleweed roll by) SEE WHAT I MEAN?!

The setting is right in the beginning of "I do, I do...for now," where Johnny and Jennifer pretend to be married. I watched it again today and was thinking, "I wonder what's going through Johnny's head at this time..." So I wrote stuff.

Enjoy! - Please give me constructive criticism, but don't flame me. This is my first fan fic ever. I don't know if Johnny is OOC, so if he is, I'm sorry.

I don't ask for much, y'know? Just a simple life with no complications (and no cops). Man was I in for it this morning.

I put on a long record to give me enough time to grab some more coffee and the sports section. Jennifer probably had it, so I walked out to the lobby to borrow it.

Usually she's pretty happy in the mornings, maybe still thinking about the date she had last night or just happy to be away from a flirtatious Herb. But not today. There was this other guy with her, about twice the size of me and a head taller, wearing a cowboy hat and holding a guitar. Something told me you did not want to get on his bad side.

Jennifer was smiling but stuttering, looking around as if trying to find something. She kept clasping her hands together, trying to stall. Maybe she's trying to break it easy to this guy that she doesn't go out with his type. Good luck. I thought. I slipped in between them to get to her desk, excusing myself, asking her if she had the sports section.

"Because...because..." she stuttered, hardly paying any attention to me. Or maybe not. The next thing I know, she's right beside me. "Because I am already married to this wonderful man right here!"

Whoa whoa whoa...married?! I looked at the big cowboy, my eyes widening behind my sunglasses. I gave him a look, a "She's-gotta-be-kiddin'-right?!" look. She place her hands on my shoulders and spun me around to look at her.

"Hello sweetheart!" she exclaimed. Before I could even ask her what the hell was going on, she wrapped her arms around my neck, and mashed her lips up against mine, kissing me hard.

You know how people say that when they kiss someone special, there's all these fireworks and bells and flying babies everywhere? Well, take that, multiply it by a hundred and you get how I was feeling at that moment. If I could replay those 5 seconds over and over again, I would be a happy man.

It was over too soon. She let go of me and stepped back. I reached for the rest of the paper as if kissing Jennifer was normal. That's when it hit me: Jennifer. Kissed. Me. Beautiful. Jennifer. Kissed. Me. The whole room started spinning, and I fell sideways. I tried grabbing the edge of the desk to steady myself, but that didn't work so well.

Then I could feel Jennifer and Andy trying to pull me up and set me in a chair. I was a happy fool, just smiling my face off. Andy and the cowboy were talking but I couldn't hear a word they were saying. All I could think about was Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer.

I didn't feel like talking a whole lot, just smiling. But I did say one sentence that pretty much summed up all the feelings inside of me.

"This is the happiest day of my life!" Heh heh, man is Herb gonna be jealous.

Yeah, so that's pretty much it. It kinda sucks, but this is my first fan fic EVER. Like for anything. Mainly I write with my original characters and settings. Most of my fan fictions won't be like these poinless little one-shots, but I'm starting small.

Like I said before, please give me constructive criticism, not just, "I hate it, it sucks"

Thanks for reading.