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It was one of those situations where you look back and go 'I can't believe that happened'. I was so embarrassed that I couldn't even look at my friends, let alone Fate. My best friend since childhood was sitting next to me in Hayate's van, so close that we were literally crunched together to have room for everyone to fit. Along the way here she had her arm over my shoulders, or mine over hers. We went from sleeping on each other to sitting in laps to just plain cuddling during the long hours spent in the van. Now, however, we were looking away from each other, trying our best not to touch. Once again I think back to what caused the awkwardness over us and my cheeks color darkly. Moving forward, I put my face in my hands and fought back tears. No comfort came from my friend next to me, as we both knew any contact would make us both feel even odder. I closed my eyes and thought back to what exactly had put me in this situation...

Vegas Stakes



"Be good while we're gone okay?" Fate requested of Vivio in her soft motherly voice while smoothing out the small girl's hair. "Be sure to listen to everything Zafira tell you, and Aina is in charge so while we're not here act like what she says comes from us alright?"

"Yes, Mama." Vivio replied simply, hugging back when she was embraced. "You will be back soon, right?"

"A few days," Nanoha knelt down to her daughter and got a tight hug as well. "You're a big girl; I know you will be just fine without us. Don't stay up all night watching T.V. Okay?"

"Yes, Mama." Vivio nodded once more.

Fate looked at her for a few more moments before turning to Nanoha again. "Maybe we should take her after all?"

Nanoha glanced at Fate and then Vivio but their maid, Aina, put both her hands over the smaller girl's shoulders. "I will take good care of her, don't worry. I'll be sure she's ready for school and does all her homework. Enjoy your vacation, gods know you need one."

The two girls gave their daughter one last look before nodding. "Bye-bye, Vivio." They spoke the words at the same time, making each blush lightly when they heard giggling behind them.

"Everybody in!" Hayate called out with a smile as she climbed into her van. Subaru and Tia, still in their military uniforms thanks to a morning practice, immediately got on the middle seats, followed by Vita- in a red sun dress, and laughed nervously at the tight fit. The back row was filled up with Hayate- in a skirt and casual shirt, Fate- sporting jeans and a casual tee, and Nanoha- in a pair of shorts and a tank top. Signum- in tight jeans and revealing top, took the driver's seat while Shamal- in a simple green dress, sat navigator.

Subaru fidgeted lightly as the doors closed. The trunk area of the large van was overly packed with luggage and a small cooler was next to the sliding door filled with drinks and snacks. "Are you sure this is okay?" She asked nervously, reaching up to move some of her hair from her eyes. "Us going with you and all?"

Nanoha laughed to herself. "Don't mind, don't mind. This is a military holiday and the lightning squad is on call at the base in case anything goes wrong. Relax and enjoy it."


Nanoha smiled to herself, not sure if she would be able to make the two girls any more relaxed while taking a vacation with the three legendary aces and highly ranked body guards. After all the time they spent together on the base, the Stars team became a little famous as well. Subaru was, more than just a little, focused on by Nanoha. Tia was known to be friends with not only Fate but Hayate as well, making her a target for military magazines and interviews. "We're all friends here," Nanoha spoke to them calmly. "So just have fun."

Hayate brought up a monitor and looked through it, a red circle appearing on the top left of it to show that she was recording. "And here we are," She began while making sure to get everyone for a few seconds. "Hayate's lesbian army has-"

"Hayate!" Fate blushed darkly, shocked that her friend actually used the term that many people referred to them by because of the vast majority of females in their division.

Ignoring the laughing, Hayate smiled and continued. "We are just now leaving the base." Turning the screen that followed her hand, she looked out the window. "Five days, four nights on a road trip to escape our worries. With us we have..." She moved to look to her other side and waved at her best friends, who smiled and waved back. "Nanoha-chan and Fate-chan along with me in the back position." She moved to the forwards and Vita. "In the middle we have Vita-chan, Tia, and Subaru. Wave guys." Her request was accepted by the two older ones, making Hayate move forward to get a close-up on Vita. "Vita-chan, say something?"

"It's annoying," She spoke into the camera, frowning.

"Vita is still upset that she can't fill out her sun dress," Hayate commentated, getting a furious blush. She moved forward to bend over the people in her way and reached out to get the front seat. "Signum is driving and Shamal is map holder. Say hi, girls!"

"Hello," Signum glanced to the camera and waved lightly to please her mistress. Shamal, Signum's other mistress, waved as well, smiling happily.

"Where are we going first?" Hayate asked them.

Fate looked down at Nanoha while her friend continued to record their vacation. "Ne, Nanoha?" She got a hum and the brown haired girl's attention went to her. "Will you be alright? Being cramped inside a car for so long?"

"Nya-ha, I should be fine. Shamal gave me some medicine to take if I need to."

Tia looked over the seat to see the pair. "Are you feeling alright, Nanoha-san?"

Hayate took the chance to reply, moving back to her seat and zooming in on the red tinted face of her friend. "Nanoha-chan gets heavily car sick." She revealed, much to the blue eyed one's dismay. "Sitting in a still area while things zoom around her makes the birdie sick to her stomach."

"I'll be fine," She insisted with a small glare. After a few moments of looking at Hayate's grinning face, Nanoha looked to the side embarrassedly. "Vita-chan, could you pass me a drink?"

Hayate grinned. "The Ace of Aces is going to pop her first pills of the trip."

Fate glared at Hayate. "That's not really funny," her words lost their effect when she too, let out a repressed chuckle. "Ah, sorry, Nanoha, I-"

"Mou, even Fate-chan." Nanoha pretended to pout while accepting the bottled beverage from Vita. "Let's see, where is my purse?"

Subaru faltered. "Um, Sorry Nanoha-san, I put it in the back with everyone else's. It should be on the top I think..."

Nanoha nodded and turned around, reaching back to root through the piles of bags. "Let's see... No...no...Hey, here is the snack bag...no..." Turning more, she had to put her knee on the seat and reach back fully, moving things out of the way. Her tight shorts slid lightly as she bent over, fabric caressing her skin tightly. Fate, being right next to her, felt her cheeks color as the posterior wiggled a few inches from her face. Her eyes darted to look just briefly before she blushed and turned away. "I can't...find... it..." Nanoha muttered to herself, moving to look more. Red eyes guiltily looked once more before catching Hayate's grinning face. Her camera was still on, catching Fate's shy glances on film.

"Hayate!" Fate reached forward, gripping the floating screen and squeezing it, shutting off the recording device.

"Hm?" Nanoha looked over her shoulder. "Fate-chan is really red; do you need some pills too?"

"Our first stop," Fate commented to the recording screen softly as she held up her hand to guide what was being taped. "We made it about three hours from the base before we realized that we needed gas." The doors to the van opened and she recorded everyone stumbling over each other to get out. When her turn came, she accepted Nanoha's offered hand to brace on while stepping over the cooler blocking her path. "We are off I-55, at some little gas station/tourist trap it seems." She spoke more, trying to get everything on film. Her gentle voice followed the group as they all filed into the store. "Tia, could you be sure to get a bag of ice on the way out please?"

"Yes ma'am." The girl saluted briskly, stopping to clip her heels.

"At ease," Fate replied simply, lips turning up into a small smile. "And here we are," the cool air greeted her as she walked through the doors. Her cheeks tinted slightly when people looked at the group of girls coming in all at the same time while recording. "We have some snacks already so we shouldn't get too much." She zoomed in on Subaru, who was trying not to walk over to the small ice cream section of the freezers. "Looks like Subaru is fighting an urge." Fate kept the camera there for a few more moments, zooming out when Vita walked over to the blue haired girl. The pair talked for a few moments before they each got some ice cream together. "Vita makes her first ice cream run of the trip."

The red head glared at Fate but continued along her way, smiling more as she let go of the comment. At that time Hayate moved in front of the blond and waved to her. "Hello future people," she greeted playfully.

Nanoha giggled lightly before yawning as she came up behind Fate, who turned around. "Nanoha, you seem tired." Fate continued her current role as trip documenter.

"Mmm, the pills I took to settle my stomach have a side effect of drowsiness." She rubbed her eyes to try and wake up more. "I want to get an energy drink but I don't think it would be wise."

Fate let the screen fall, talking to Nanoha directly instead of looking through the recording window. "You should eat a little something to ease your stomach. Try some baked chips or some crackers? We should eat soon but it might be better if you get a small snack to tide you over." The Flight Instructor sighed but nodded, looking at the treats lining the shelves before picking up a small bag of chips to nibble on. "Ne, Hayate?" Her words made the short girl turn and smile. "How long before we eat?"

"There is supposed to be a place just up ahead, maybe an hour or so."

"Hmm," Nanoha mused, placing her chips back. "I'll wait then."

"But," Fate lowered her camera again. "Its better if you snack now so you won't get a full stomach on a meal that might make you sick. You skipped breakfast too..."

"Nya haha, I'll be okay." The girl smiled and tried to cover a yawn. Once everything was paid for and their cooler was loaded up with ice to re-chill their drinks, the group filed back into the van to head on their way again. Fate stopped her recording and put an arm around Nanoha's shoulders when the tired girl started nodding her head sleepily. Taking to the offered embrace, the girl rested against Fate's shoulder and closed her eyes. "Wake me when we get to the restaurant..."

Subaru glanced over her shoulder and then looked at Tia sideways. 'Ne?' She sent mentally, making the gunslinger's eyes glance in her direction. 'Isn't it weird? They're... acting just like regular teenagers.'

Instead of pointing out the fact that the Aces were, in fact, teenage girls, Tia couldn't help but agree with her partner. 'Yeah. It's really kind of funny. Seeing them in casual clothes and acting like there isn't a care in the world.' She looked at Subaru fully and placed a finger to her chin. 'But then again, we're the same.'

'Think so?' Subaru smiled at her, moving to place an arm around the girl.

'Don't even try it,' Tia warned with a small glare, getting a nervous laugh.

"One chimichanga with extra cheese sauce and an hour later, Takamachi Nanoha spills her guts for the first time." Vita documented playfully as cars drove by them. Their van was pulled over to the side of the road with Nanoha on her hands and knees. Fate was next to the girl, rubbing her back and talking to her soothingly while Hayate was trying her best not to look, in fear of getting sick herself. "Oi, Nanoha, should I say 'I told you so' now?" She grinned, remembering their bet at the restaurant. Dinner was going to be courtesy of Nanoha now. Although feeling bad for her friend, the redhead was used to this act. Traveling together over the years had given her plenty of chances to know how Nanoha was in cars.

Fate rubbed her friend's back once more in a small circle and waited for the small nod to come. "Here, easy does it." She urged the weak girl to look at her and wiped Nanoha's mouth off with a napkin. "Good...here, blow your nose..." She held it for her friend, who did as requested before being cleaned and given water to get the taste from her mouth.

Subaru blushed at seeing the actions, nudging her friend lightly. "Wow, talk about close. I don't think I could ever hold a tissue for you if you needed to blow your nose, let alone after throwing up... No offense."

Tia shook her head. "I wouldn't let you." She got back in the van once Nanoha gave them a small peace sign and weak grin. The others followed and Fate sat with her back against the window behind them. A pillow was passed and the blond put it against her front so Nanoha could lie against her. The girl's legs were lifted lightly to be placed on Hayate's lap and were treated to a small rub courtesy of her friend. Now all set again, Signum slowly got back on the road and began driving. "How long until we get to Sagev?" The forward asked lightly.

Shamal calculated the trip while looking at the GPS navigator system in front of her. Although she could have simply asked the device the question directly, she rather enjoyed doing it herself. "Three more hours. By then Nanoha should be fine."

Vita took a sip from her drink nonchalantly. "Ah. I've been with her many times when she's gotten carsick. After a nap and getting out to stretch her legs she will be as good as new."

"Well, if Vita-chan says so," Hayate smiled knowingly, getting a sharp, embarrassed look from the redhead.

Fate wrapped her arms around the girl in her arms and felt Nanoha's head turn slightly to rest against her more. "Hang in there, okay?" She whispered softly so no one else could hear, but got Nanoha's hand placed on top of hers to offer a small squeeze to let her know she heard the words. "Sleep," She farther encouraged, giving her a gentle kiss to the temple and making a few people in the van look away from them in the process. "I'll wake you when we're there..."

"Nanoha. Nanoha, wake up." Fate's quiet words made the girl in her lap stir slightly. "We're there."

"Already?" Nanoha asked sleepily, slowly moving to sit in the seat properly. She heard the excited chatter around herself but it took her a few moments to wake up enough to fully understand what was going on. "Oh, hey, we're there." She mused, looking out the window Fate was by. The blond was rubbing her leg ruefully with a slight grimace on her face. "Fate-chan? Your leg hurt?"

Hayate poked Nanoha's side. "It's because you were sleeping on it for the past three and a half hours."

"Oh!" She looked back towards Fate quickly. "I'm sorry."

"Its fine," Fate put on a smile for her. "Besides that, how do you feel?"

"Fine," she answered back honestly. "I'm sorry I made you worry." She moved to put an arm around her friend and leaned over to look out the window at all the flashing lights and people walking around. "So this is Sagev huh?" Her lips turned up into a smile. Known as the gambling capital of the world and also as 'the city that never sleeps', Sagev was the first stop on their trip. Not being able to help her smile, Nanoha beamed at all the people, signs, billboards, and general excitement going on around her.

"Here we are," Signum told the group as she pulled into a parking space at a very large hotel. The group filed out of the van in order, only faltering when Hayate almost fell on her face after tripping over the cooler by the door. Being caught by Vita, who quickly toppled over under the weight, the girl was left unphazed and even gave her red headed friend a hug as a thank you. Once Fate was out as well the group started dividing up their luggage while Signum and Shamal went inside to get their rooms.

Subaru took a few steps from the van and looked around, amazed at all the towering buildings and fancy designs. "Wow," she breathed out happily. "Everything is so huge and packed together. It's like a large amusement park disguised as a city."

"A park for adults," Tia agreed with her, also looking around while passing around suitcases as well. "I feel bad the Lightning team couldn't come..."

"Maybe in seven years," Hayate teased them. "Nanoha, you doing okay?"

The brown haired girl nodded. "Just fine. After my nap and knowing that I won't be cramped in that van anymore, I'm peachy." She took her suitcase when it was handed to her and chuckled to herself when Hayate made their camcorder screen come up and loop around her hand. "Oh boy, here we go."

Hayate zoomed in on her friend. "Nanoha-chan, after spewing her stomach all over the side of the road-"

"And Fate-" Vita chipped in.

Fate blushed. "She-she didn't really..."

"And Fate-chan," Hayate picked back up. "Has made a complete recovery in time for..." She trailed off and turned around, zooming out to take in all the themed hotels around them. "Sagev! We are at the MS-LN Grand Hotel and Casino right now, and Signum is inside getting our key cards." She spoke while trying to get everything on film for a few moments before going back to her friends. "I reserved rooms for everyone specially. Tia and Subaru have a luxury suite."

Tia's eyes widened. "You shouldn't have!"

Subaru jumped up, pumping her fist in the air. "Woohoo, a suite!"

Hayate turned to Vita and smiled. "For Vita-chan and I, a themed suite with a Jacuzzi." Her guardian had a hard time repressing the sudden urge to hug her mistress. "And for my two very best friends..." She trailed lightly, grinning at them as they both tilted their heads lightly in question. "Well, you'll see when you get there. Ah! Here come our room keys." She got the two older women on the screen and smiled. "Signum and Shamal return victorious. No problems, I'm assuming?"

Shamal shook her head, handing Hayate a card. "They were delighted that we chose to stay at their hotel."

Hayate smiled and nodded, cutting off her recording device and calling everyone's attention. "Okay, listen up girls." Instantly everyone was focusing on her, even getting saluted by the two of the three Stars members. "This is a direct command: I want all of you to have the time of your life here. We're only staying for one night so be sure to waste no time. We can take turns driving tomorrow so don't worry about sleep so much. We do, however, need to be out of town by no later than eight so we can get to our final location for our vacation. With that being said, have fun everyone!"

"Ma'am!" This time everyone saluted her, more from habit at being given an order than actually having to.

Nanoha took Fate's hand and started pulling her towards the building's entrance, smiling brightly at her. "Come on, I want to see our room!"

"Okay," Fate allowed the energetic girl to pull her along and waited patiently during the long elevator ride up to their floor. "I'm sure these rooms must have been expensive. We need to thank Chrono and Carim for supporting our vacation."

"Mm," Nanoha nodded and smiled once the doors opened. "We're so high up; I bet we have a great view." She watched the numbers pass by her before getting to their own. "Nya-ha, Look, Fate-chan, our room number has a heart around it." She pressed her key card against the reader and walked through the door when it slid open. The two took a few steps in before stopping and having their cheeks color. "This...this is..."

To their immediate left sat a large bed with leopard print sheets and pillow covers. Next to it, their nightstand had a lamp that illuminated the room dimly. When Fate clicked the lights up again, she found the room to slowly increase in brightness to reveal a table with 'complimentary' condoms and heated body lotion. Several sticks of incense to 'enhance the mood' were placed on the table as well, next to -to their horror- leopard print covered fuzzy handcuffs. Fate felt her heart race, looking to the bed and glancing upwards, seeing a large mirror cover most of the ceiling. "Lover's Honeymoon suite." She finished Nanoha's sentence.

The blue eyed girl got over her shock and slowly began to giggle to herself. "I bet Hayate-chan is laughing her tail off right now."

Encouraged by the giggling, Fate felt the tenseness leave her shoulders as well. "That girl..." Walking past Nanoha, she simply placed her luggage down on the dresser next to the TV and unzipped it to get out a change of clothes. "What do you want to do first?"

Nanoha smiled, placing her bag next to Fate's and bumping her lightly with her hips to scoot her over. "I want to hit the game floor!"

The sounds of the casino enveloped both girls as they looked around in amazement. Having never been to one before, the two were a little taken aback from the noisy slot machines and cheers from different tables. Nanoha, now in a stomach revealing pink short sleeve and blue jean shorts held up with a belt, felt her eyes trail along after a bunny girl who was walking in front of them. The girl noticed the look and smiled, offering her tray of mixed bottles to the two girls. "Drink?" She offered them.

"Um, thank you." Fate answered for them, reaching out to pick up a bottle filled with a hazy white-ish liquid. Nanoha followed the motion and chose herself a lemonade type flavor. The tops were popped for them and the bunny girl went along her way. "Well," Fate spoke softly, voice almost not heard over the noises around them. "Cheers?"

"Cheers." Nanoha tapped her bottle to Fate's and the each took a long drink from them. "Oh wow, alcoholic." The two looked at each other and giggled. "Our secret?"

"Our secret." Fate blushed and took another drink as they walked down the carpeted gaming floor. "What do you want to play?"

"Something simple first; I've never gambled before."

"Me either." Fate paused as they passed an almost empty card table and caught the back of Nanoha's shirt in a small pinch to get her to stop as well. The dealer of the game smiled at them and before the blond could second guess herself she found Nanoha sitting down and urging her to as well. The stool was comfortable to her and she felt a little less nervous when Nanoha scooted closer to her. If not for the outgoing personality of her friend, she knew that she probably wouldn't have sat down to play.

"The game is twenty-one, ladies." The man told them with a chipper voice. "Blackjack to some folk." He held a distinct accent that added to his easy-going personality. "Care to get some chips?"

"Oh! Chips." Nanoha nodded, opening her purse and laying down some money along with Fate. The man counted it quickly, slid it along the table to make sure nothing was double-stacked, and gave the girls several stacks of casino chips.

"Bets," the man asked politely, getting people around them to slide chips forward. Fate shyly picked up two of hers and placed them on the circle in front of her. Cards were dealt around and the people made their calls until Fate was looked at for hers.

"Um," Fate blushed, looking down at her cards. "Um...ah... hit me?"

"Hit," The dealer tapped his knuckles lightly on the table. "Stay," he moved his hand in a waving motion.

"Oh!" She looked down, embarrassed, and tapped her knuckles softly, getting another card. Nanoha waved her hand next to her and the dealer went to flip his own down.

"House shows twenty-three." He stated cheerfully, getting his chips and moving them around the table to everyone who didn't bust.

Nanoha pulled her suddenly doubled stack back towards herself and grinned, nudging Fate playfully at their win. "Hey, how about that? Sure beats waiting for a paycheck every month huh?

The blond looked down at her sudden gain and nodded, taking a long drink from her bottle and smiling at the taste. "This is refreshing after sitting in a van for several hours." She got a small giggle and they placed their bets once more. Encouraged by their win, each placed an added chip in front of themselves. The cards came again and both girls managed to beat the dealer, doubling their bets and laughing. Fate took another drink from her beverage and smiled, placing a large stack of chips in front of herself now while Nanoha sank back to a more reserved wager. The cards came again, busting Nanoha but leaving the blond on her third win and now having almost double what she started with.

"Keep on," Nanoha warned her, poked her friend's shoulder. "And you will bet it all and lose."

Fate nodded to her and held back, only putting one chip forward and busting her hand after trying too hard to get to her target number. The now humbled girl finished her beverage and bet again, eyes working the cards around herself and mentally tallying them together to check her odds on busting again. An hour and a few more drinks later, Nanoha finally called it quits, giving Fate a pat on the back and pointing across the casino in the general area where she would be.

Walking around, Nanoha took another bottle offered to her from a roaming bunny girl and scanned the casino floor. Lights flashed all around her, paired with lots of noise and cheering. Naturally looking for the most fun, she walked over to a Craps table and watched with interest. Before long she found people making room for her and heard excited cheers all around to make her stay. Blue eyes watched the dice roll and the chips fly all around the table. The person running the table was talking fast but after only a few rolls and observing she figured out how it was being played. The dealer flipped the button to ON and she reached out to place a few chips on the pass line.

Almost an hour passed before Fate found her friend again, who was jumping up in place while clapping her hands. The blond walked over to her and touched her shoulder, quickly being pulled to stand next to her. "I'm on a roll!" Nanoha told her best friend excitedly. The dice were given to her again and she looked at Fate happily before holding them up. "Blow for luck?"

Fate felt her cheeks color but still leaned forward shyly, closing her eyes and blowing gently on the two see-through dice in her hands. "There you are," she smiled to herself when Nanoha tossed them and cheered out again at her win. "Are you doing well?"

"Very!" Nanoha held up the dice again and had them blown on once more. "I've almost tripled what I started with-awwwww."

"What happened?" Fate looked at the dice. "Oh, an eleven means you lose right?"

"Yup." Nanoha took what chips she had in front of her and pouted. "Mou, I had a lot on the table. Fate-chan is bad luck."


"Nya ha, I'm kidding." She took her friend's hand and began walking through the maze of people and tables. "How did you do?"

"I'm down a little," She admitted with a smile still. "But I'm having a lot of fun. I am getting a little hungry, though."

"Me too," Nanoha agreed while looking around. "I wonder if I can find Vita to finish my bet..."

"Probably have to wait until tomorrow." Fate walked along with her friend hand-in-hand as they weaved through the mess of people. "Where do you want to eat?"

"As much as I'd like to go out on the town and experience 'The city that never sleeps', I think we would get more bang for our buck if we just eat at one of the restaurants here." After walking a little while more they came to a rather nice sectioned off area with elegant looking marble floor and designs that rivaled the best five-star restaurants. "Oh wow, this may be a little out of our price range..."

"I have a coupon," Fate reached into her purse and pulled out a slip of paper. "A 'comp' they called it. The dealer gave it to me for playing for so long, said I could use it anywhere at the hotel for a discount."

"I see..." Nanoha looked it over and nodded. "Well... Hey, we're only here one night, let's go all out! We haven't been out together in ages."

"Y-yeah." Red eyes averted shyly but she still walked alongside her friend up to the small podium where the maƮtre d' was standing. "Hello," she spoke to him softly. "Table for two, please?"

"Why certainly, madam." He lead the two across the floors and to a small booth illuminated by candlelight with a small inside water-fall lightly trinkling behind them. Soft music played from speakers they couldn't see and fancy menus were offered after they were situated. "Your waiter will be with you shortly," He spoke to them politely before bowing.

"Wow," Nanoha breathed out, flushing at everything. "It's like a date." Her word made her friend's face light up slightly but brought a blush to her own. "Nya-ha..." The menu was looked over before a hum came from the flight instructor. "Everything sounds so delicious..."

Fate nodded to herself, skimming the pages before pausing on one that caught her eye the most. "I think I'll go with the Filet mignon and lobster..."

"I could have guessed that," Nanoha peeked over the top of her menu. "I knew you would get it as soon as I saw it."

"Oh?" Fate felt a little smile come up. "In that case... would you like the... smothered grilled chicken with mashed truffle potatoes and stuffed mushrooms?"

Nanoha closed her menu and nodded. "Mmmn."

"You keep telling Vivio to reply correctly," Fate accused playfully. "And yet you still reply with 'mmn' as well."

Once their orders were taken they found a salad given to them shortly as well as a bottle of wine that the two decided to splurge on together. "We're breaking a lot of rules tonight," Nanoha mused while filling up their glasses with the red liquid. "We let our subordinates go have fun on their own, we're gambling under the age limit, and drinking alcohol." She couldn't help but giggle.

"Military personnel are allowed to," Fate reminded her, smiling as her glass was half way filled. "What shall we drink to?"

"Us," Nanoha replied instantly, raising her wine glass to gently clink against her friend's. "To us?"

"To us," Fate replied, taking the offer to tap it against Nanoha's rim. Their eyes met briefly before they each took a small sip.

Nanoha coughed lightly, blushing and covering her mouth. "Strong," She wheezed out, puckering. The blond across from her could only giggle and sip once more before placing her glass down and going to her salad.

Hayate giggled to herself when she saw her two best friends sitting side-by-side at some slot machines and pounced on them playfully, looping an arm around each of their shoulders. "Hi girls!" She greeted happily after the small yelps of shock died down. "Your reactions are slow," Her words were a little shaky but smile held strong. "I think you're drunk."

Nanoha gave Hayate a lopsided smile. "You're the drunken one, Hayate-chan." Her friend nodded quickly and hiccupped.

"Firs' time," She replied, plopping down next to them and cheering as she put some money in the machine. "Oh? Fate-chan?"

The blond covered her mouth, snorting and giggling. "Hi."

"She's wasted," Nanoha told Hayate, giggling as well. "We've had a few drinks and an entiiiiiire bottle of wine." Her wavering body told the other brown haired girl that she was not fairing much better than her other friend.

"You only live once!" Hayate called out, pumping her fist in the air and having the movement repeated by Fate, who almost fell off her stool in the process. The three giggled at each other and congratulated one another on every small win on the slot machines before finally Nanoha, under the pressure of the other two, bet the remainder of her coins on a single line spin. To their surprise, a row of triple 'bars' came up, turning on the small siren above her machine and making loud sounds for them.

Nanoha stared in confusion before she finally realized that she hit something big. Fate hugged her tightly and cheered out a congratulations as Hayate moved around to do the same. "How much?" She asked, overly excited.

"Um," Nanoha looked at her machine and hit the cash out button and waited for her receipt to print out to tell her how much was deposited into her bank account. "Oh wow!" She let Fate look and then Hayate, unable to believe it. "That's almost two months worth of pay!" She hopped on her stool happily. "We can put this in Vivio's college fund!"

"Yay!" Fate threw up both her hands and had to rely on Hayate not to fall over. "That will take some stress off our budget!"

"You know," Hayate pointed out to them after a hiccup. "You two have a daughter but you're not married. You're not even dating!" The two looked at each other and Nanoha hiccupped while pondering this earth-shattering declaration. "We should fix that!" Hayate suddenly got really excited. "You should get married!"

"Married?" Nanoha asked Fate, who looked back blankly a few moments before grinning stupidly. "Married!" Nanoha repeated again, hopping up and almost falling over. "Let's get married!"

"Okay!" Fate almost forgot to cash herself and Hayate out as well, getting their printouts. "Where?"

"Um, um," Nanoha thought fast, or at least as fast as she could while intoxicated. "I dunno!" She giggled at herself.

Hayate saved the day by taking both their hands and pulling them along. "I saw a place by the casino," She swerved her walking but kept going. "Right outside!"

"Right outside!" Fate called out, making people look oddly at the girl. "Oooh, my head's spinning." They stopped a moment to let Fate collect herself and ended up all taking a cocktail from a passing bunny girl. They raised their glasses together and drank it quickly before continuing along their way. Together they made their way out of the casino and into the warm night, looking around at the lights illuminating the now dark city. "There!" Fate pointed at a small cathedral across the huge parking lot and busy road.

"Taxiiiii!" Nanoha waved her hand over her head excitedly and got a car to pull in front of them. "Take us to the cathedral, we're getting married!"

"Congrats," The taxi driver grinned at the three drunken girls and sped off to get them to their destination.

"Married!" Fate cooed out, suddenly hugging Nanoha and nuzzling her neck like a kitten.

"And then honeymoon!" Hayate realized happily.

"Honeymoon!" Nanoha repeated, nodded and hugging Fate back. "Hot fiery love-love!" To prove her point she kissed Fate soundly, making Hayate squeal out in delight. The kiss went deeper, making Fate fall over into Hayate's lap with Nanoha on top of her.

"Hurry up!" Hayate requested to the cab driver. "I don't think they will last much longer." She laughed and giggled as the two squirmed on her. Fate's hands were rubbing Nanoha's back hard and wet sloppy kissing sounds could be heard between their gasps for air. A few moments later and the taxi stopped. Hayate paid the man and pulled the two out of the car, laughing at them when they went back to kissing before running off together to the small imitation church.

"Can I help you?" A receptionist asked the group when they stumbled in the door.

"Married!" Nanoha informed her contently, pulling Fate closer.

"Need rings?" The person offered them a two page brochure that held several different wedding bands.

Fate and Nanoha quickly looked at it along with Hayate and chose which ones they wanted after only a few minutes. "This one." Fate pointed at two simple golden bands that had 'forever in love' engraved on them.

The receptionist nodded and rooted through her desk. "Sizes?" They were given quickly and she produced two rings. "Total comes to two-hundred and fifty three dollars."

"I got it!" Nanoha tapped in her code on the screen that came up and confirmed the purchase.

"Please go through the door on your left," The person requested of them as two more people ran into the door asking to be wed as well.

Hayate stood back a little as the two girls approached a preacher while giggling and hugging each other. "Hey there pretty mamas." The man greeted them with a small dance move. "You two wanna tie the knot of-" Her spun his arm around and looked at them quickly. "Holy matrimony?"

"Yes!" They both called at the same time, smiling and hugging each other again.

"Well all righty then." The man pointed dramatically at Nanoha. "Do you take this hot babe to be your wife? Do you promise you'll never be cruel or step on her blue suede shoes?"

"I do." Nanoha nodded.

"And do you," The man pointed to Fate. "Do you take this sexy fox to be your wife? Will you give her hot muffin lovin' and make her all shook up?"

"I do." Fate laughed and hugged Nanoha again.

"By the powers invested in me by the city of Sagev and by His Holiness next door, I now pronounce you," he shook his leg and spun his arm around before looking at them again. "Wife and wife. You may now kiss."

Both girls hastily slid the rings over each other's fingers and kissed hard, hugging tightly. "Yay!" Hayate interrupted them with a tight hug. "Congratulations!"

"Honeymoon!" Nanoha declared, pulling Fate along with her and Hayate to the doors as the next couple went in. The taxi they left outside was still there, making them grin as they got back in. Nanoha found Fate's arms around her neck, pulling her into another kiss. Hayate was left to give their new destination and pay once more as the girls quickly stumbled out. Together they ran into the lobby and waved goodbye to Hayate when she said she was going to go back on the floor to play some more.

The elevator came slowly, making each newlywed give each other quickly glances and grins before finally getting into it and pressing their floor. Alone, it was only a few moments before Nanoha pressed Fate against the wall and kissed her again. A small moan escaped her mouth as her legs were parted slightly, just enough for Nanoha to slide hers in between and press up against her. Fate's hands grabbed her wife's rear, pulling on it to draw her closer. Their tongues met quickly, purring at each other until they arrived at their floor.

Stumbling along, the girls quickly ran to their room where Fate pinned Nanoha to the door. Her mouth claimed her wife's again and her hands started working under the shirt. Nanoha desperately tried to find her key card in her purse and finally slammed it against the reader, making them both stumble into the room. The blonde scooped Nanoha up and carried her to the bed quickly, dropping her down and claiming the spot on top. Her button up was fiddled with briefly before Nanoha finally gave up and ripped the rest open, struggling to get the shirt off.

Nanoha rolled them over quickly, undoing Fate's bra and tossing it blindly behind her. Wet lips crushed together again as Fate's soft hands scratched at Nanoha's shirt, pulling it upwards and grabbing the bra as well, tugging it forcefully over Nanoha's head and slinging it off the bed. Their mouths met again, hands trailing quickly. The blue eyed girl slid away briefly, kissing down Fate's front until she reached the skirt, which was tugged off without unzipping and dropped to the floor. Now with the sight of her soon-to-be-lover mostly naked, she grabbed one of Fate's boots and jerked on it.

Fate laughed happily, feeling her body rock with each hard tug Nanoha made in an attempt to rob her boots. Finally it slid down enough that one more tug made Nanoha stumble backwards and almost fall on her butt. Taking the chance, Fate reached down and unzipped the side of the one left on her foot and felt Nanoha easily twist it off before throwing it away and jumping her. "Mmngh!" Fate rolled them over quickly, hands working Nanoha's shorts and tugging them down.

"I'm on top," Nanoha demanded, rolling them over once more but quickly found Fate repeating the motion and pinning her hands down forcefully above her head.

"I'm on top," Fate challenged her sternly, getting a low husky purr before her lips were claimed roughly. Nanoha bucked her hips hard, wrapping her legs around Fate's waist and jerking to the side, rolling them over once more and making them fall off the bed.

Laughter rang up from each as they quickly tried to stand and hop back on the soft bed, hugging each other close and kissing frantically. Nanoha moaned out as she felt her hand taken and moved above her head. She felt something furry around her wrist and after several clicking sounds were made, realized that she had just been cuffed. Fate grinned down at her prize. "These," she grabbed Nanoha's shorts again and licked her lips while fumbling with the belt. "Are coming off." the shorts were pulled down with a few quick jerks and thrown carelessly, knocking the lamp over and plunging them into darkness.