She sat on the edge of her bed, staring off at nothing.

She looks about 15 or 16, but she is in actuality 18. Her soft purple eyes hold an innocence many lost upon entering high school. Her brown hair, usually in a low ponytail, now lay down over her shoulders, blending to a deep red by the middle of her back. She had a few curves, but she was nothing extra ordinary.

When she smiled though, it was as bright as the sun itself. Many of her friends felt she was fairly attractive, but when she was laughing she glowed.

But Kaori hadn't smiled in quite some time. You see, she had other features about her that were special, such as her red-tipped brown fox ears that matched her 3 fox tails perfectly. She was a fire kitsune, captured now by some fanatic who knew the rarity of such a species. He was a demon who worked with a few humans that owned a club in the human world. She was going to be their main dancer, the new addition that would make millions of dollars. Everyone knew how seductive kitsunes were and how much money could be made.

Except for Kaori. Sure, she was a good dancer, but she didn't enjoy simply showing off to some humans who wanted nothing more than her to take her clothes off for them.

This was why she was sitting in a cage-like room in the demon world, chained to a bed. Every time anyone tried to get her to perform she would only try to fight and run. Many a demon met fiery death or were eaten alive by her ravenous plants. Only by dousing her with untold amounts of water were they ever able to subdue her enough to fight back, and there were still plants to worry about. It took enchanted chains to hold her without them melting off, for they were the only thing to control her power.

So here Kaori sat, in some house or castle, she didn't know which. It was just way too cold and she was way too lonely. The guard was late for his daily chance at beating her. She usually put up a good enough fight that he had to call for help or abandon his trophy. Kaori prized her body, not wanting it to go to anyone who would not treat it well.

This angered the guards and her "owners" even more, meaning less food and more beatings.

Kaori just sighed and began to hum a song to herself, wishing for the day her rescuers would come and set her freeā€¦