Title: The Fourth
Genre: Kingdom Hearts, AU
Rating: PG
Pairing: Axel/Roxas, Zexion/Demyx
Summary: A Fourth of July with Roxas, Axel, Demyx, and Zexion. Oneshot.


Blond hair stood stark against the dark sky. The vibrant contrast was broken by the colorful flashes, sky matching the pale and painting both in bright colors.

Two contented sighs sounded in between the bangs and explosions of gunpowder and thunder.

"Fireworks…" Axel rolled down the chair, nearing a puddle of satisfied flesh and bones.

Roxas let out a sound similar to a purr and laid his head back. "Shut up," He said without feeling, watching the sky light up with heat lightning and roman candles.

Another blond walked up the driveway, eyeing the two in foldable chairs who looked ready to melt with pleasure. The blond ran a hand through his hair—a strange mix of mullet and Mohawk—a snort from behind startled Demyx into whipping around to face the slate-haired man.

Roxas peered out of half-closed eyes, pausing to listen to a firecracker going off a few houses down, then musing aloud, "Dem, Zex, what're you two doing here?"

"Watching you two get high off of smoke from fireworks apparently," Zexion rolled his eyes.

Roxas sat up with a protest hot on his lips, but Demyx cut him off as he watched the sky, "Better hurry up then, a storm's coming."

Axel, who hadn't moved the whole time, perked up at this, "Bad one?"

Green-blue eyes watched something unseen to the others, "…Yea. Rain's coming in a few minutes."

Roxas nodded with a frown, "Better get inside then."

Axel groaned but pushed himself up from the chair onto lime-green converse sneakers. Roxas quickly folded up the two metal chairs and stuffed them into the van behind them. Shutting the trunk of the car, he turned to the two who still stood, watching the sky. "You guys want some cake?"

Demyx didn't take his eyes from the sky, his nose widening to draw in the scent of incoming rain. Zexion spared him a glance, then turned to face their friends, "Sure, but he'll be water-logged for awhile still."

Axel rolled his eyes, "I've dealt with him during storms before. Leave it to me."

"You're useless when the rain hits." Roxas pointed out bluntly and Axel scowled.

"Here it comes," Demyx said in a breathy tone—and the first drops hit their skin a moment later.

"Happy Fourth of July," Roxas muttered, yanking the sputtering Axel through the door—both mourning the last of the fireworks.

Zexion shook his head ruefully as he silently sat at the feet of the blond, who was still staring intently at the sky as if spellbound. Both were soon soaked as the sky lit up with nature's own fireworks celebration.