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It was raining in Lestava that night, the night right after Phantom was resurrected. Only a small handful of the Chess no Koma had been gathered, but they were enough to put motion into the castle.

The constant pour of rain from outside echoed through the ceiling and was heard even to the lower levels of the castle. Suddenly, a shout of panic was heard, "What do you mean you can't do anything!? You're supposed to be the best doctor in Lestava!"

"But, Candice-sama," the healer squirmed, "I've done all that I can! The bleeding just won't stop!"

"Then find someone who can do something and quick," she growled.

"I- I think I might know of s- someone," he stuttered out. She glared at him to hurry up and the honorable doctor scurried out of the room. No later than he left did he come back with a girl being dragged behind him. "Here she is! Nikko do something!" he shouted. Anyone could finish what he wanted to say as "before my ass is fried."

Candice didn't even try to hide her lack of faith for the girl. "This is the one that can help?! She's not even a Bishop!" It was true. Nikko wasn't a Bishop, but she wasn't a lowly pawn either. She looked down and focused on a certain crack in the stone floor while muttering something. "Speak up! We don't have time for this!" Candice wailed becoming frantic.

"Is it about Phantom-sama?" she asked quietly, barely audible.

"Who else would I be panicked about!?"

"Then... maybe I could try to help?" Nikko asked. Her question sounded like she already knew the answer.

"What?! Why you-" she was interrupted.

"Candice! We need help! Phantom is taking a turn for the worse!" Ash yelled from the room two yards away. Her face became laced with sever worry and she dashed into the room. Nikko took this opportunity to follow silently behind her.

The room was one of the more royal chambers of the castle, decorated finely with expensive furnishings. There was a candle giving off its small glow next to the bed. She could see the faint outline of a figure lying in the bed with Ash and Candice were crowded close to the edge with concern. Nikko noticed some rare ARMs and a thread and needle next to the candle on the table as well as a pair of blood covered scissors. She could only guess about their uses.

A flash of lightening and a split second to take in the scene. It was Phantom laying in the bed, unconcious but bleeding heavily from his arm. It was bleeding because of what they were doing to him. They were sewing his favorite ARMs into his left arm.

Candice was trying to press the cuts to stop the flowing. As dead as Phantom was, he still had the chains of mortal blood and pain to hold him down. "Why?! Why won't it stop!?" she cried.

Ash looked up and saw Nikko. "Candice," he started, "Perhaps we should let this young lady try."

Nikko meekly stepped forward to Phantom's side as Ash tried to pull the hysterical Candice away. She surveyed the scene with what light that she had and placed her hands on top of each other and over his wounds. A soft green glow started to emit from her hands. Slowly the crimson liquid stopped gushing from the cuts and stitches. It was working.

Lifting her head from her work, Nikko looked up at Phantom's face. His pale skin covered by the dark of the night but was still seen in the candle light. His smooth hair covering his forehead and hiding most of his face, but still giving him a mysterious look. His long eyelashes curving his closed eyes. And his soft lips unmoving but seeming to whisper a thousand words to the viewers. Phantom was perfect in every way it seemed.

Ash watched her eyes as she studied Phantom's every feature. What a cruel, twisted game she was going to be put through. He was shaken from his concentration when she whispered, "I think I'm done. He will need treatment in two hours though."

Nikko stepped out of the way and allowed Candice to take her place. She was crying indistinguishable words as she held Phantom's hand. Ash nodded to her. "Good. I'll come get you when we need help again. Please send the doctor in though. He needs to continue his work."

Nikko nodded and turned around towards the door. She grabbed the cold metal handle with her left hand, which was shaking slightly. It squeaked loudly as it was pulled open. Peta was there resting against the wall next to the door, no doubt waiting to hear news about Phantom. She didn't look up at him as she walked down the corridor to her room even though she could feel his eyes watching her every step. Peta was too cautious when it came to people he did not know.

Time Skip of Two Hours

"Nikko-kun," Rolan called. Nikko looked up from the book she was reading to him. "It's been two hours."

"Alright," she whispered quietly. Slowly she walked towards the dark room from before. It was still raining outside, and the single candle was still the only source of light. Her footsteps were silent as she walked towards the edge of the bed. Candice and Ash were no longer around after the process finished.

Nikko looked down at Phantom's arm. It was full of ARMs stitched into his skin and there was dried blood here and there. Now treatment was just to make sure blood remained clotted. Nikko looked to Phantom seeing that he was now awake. Her lips moved with the intention of words but no sound was heard from them.

Phantom smiled giving her questioning look. "You're not supposed to be up right now. You need to rest," she whispered not looking directly at him. Then she activated her ARM, Healing Enchantment, as she ran her hands above his arm, never once touching him.

"I'll be fine," he said.

"Okay," she whispered again. Silence. No sound was made nor heard other than the pounding of the constant rain. Nikko tried to focus on her work, but the temptation of looking up was ever present. "That should be good for now," she said to herself, forgetting momentarily about Phantom's consciousness.

"Thank you Nikko-kun," Phantom said with his normal smile.

She blushed softly realizing she spoke out loud, nodded, and then briskly walked out of the room. He chuckled lightly to himself and sat up with his legs dangling over the edge of the bed. Then he heard a small gasp.

Phantom's eye shifted towards the door to catch the sight of Nikko quickly walking back to side with something in her hands. "You're not supposed to be up," she repeated.

"I'll be fine," he also repeated, wearing the same expression: a teasing smile. "You're not supposed to talk so quietly, Nikko-kun."

A blush covered her face again. "I'm sorry," she whispered while opening a small box. Nikko withdrew her hand from the wooden container with a roll white bandages in it. Then she proceeded to wrap it around his injured arm, lifting and moving his arm without even asking. Now this was a rather bold move Nikko, or anyone really. To be touching Phantom so casually? Perish the thought.

"I never knew you could be that forward," he commented while looking at her with half surprise and half amusment. Nikko's face became as red as a tomato, but she kept doing her work without saying anything. Slowly though, Phantom began to wonder if she was even paying attention anymore. "I think that's enough," he said, now fully amused.

Nikko snapped out of it and saw what she was doing. Now it felt like her face was on fire. She had been wrapping his arm in too many bandages that it now resembled a club of sorts. "I'm sorry Phantom-kun," she whispered and cut then knotted the end of it.

Phantom raised an eyebrow at her, but smiled. "It's fine." She nodded and then took the box with her out of the room, not rushing this time. "I will need your help again though," he said loudly for her to hear in the hall. She gave out a startled "eep" in response, leaving Phantom to dwell in his chuckles of amusement.

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A profile of sorts?

Name - Nikko

Age - 26

ARM - Healing Enchantment

Form - A blue band on her left pointing finger

It heals. To what degree depends on the amount of magic you use.