This is my first ever Twilight attempt, so I hope you like!

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"Edward!" I cried to him.

"Edward, you have to do it!" I could hear Alice frantic in the distance.

I stared into his golden eyes, sadness and confusion lurked in them. He grabbed my hand stroking it softly.

A weak smile spread onto my face. I could feel my body becoming weaker with each passing second.

"Edward, you love her! You can't let her die!"

Death. It had never crossed my mind until Alice was breaking into hysterics. I was dying. Edward was letting me die. Tears began to overcome me but I couldn't force them out. He was going to let me die.

"What about eternity?" I turned away from him, I didn't know if I could bare the answer.

"Bella, I love you. You know that. I am just afraid, I won't be strong enough to…"

"Stop." It was all I could manage.

"I'm getting Carlilse! He is going to do it if you don't Edward!" Alice was gone before I could even blink. Why didn't she see this coming? Why doesn't she know the outcome?

I let the sounds fill me. How ironic for it to begin and end all in the same place. Edward clinging onto me in our meadow, I never thought it would be the last place I would ever see. Why wouldn't he change me? He can't live without me, so why would he let me die?

"Edward…" my voice faint.

"Yes my love?" His voice was smooth but had a sense of panic in it.

"Please. I beg you. I don't want to lose you."

I looked at him. If he could cry I'm sure he'd be uncontrollably sobbing. He was shaking slightly as he held onto me.

"I can't live without you, you are my life."

Everything was starting to go black as I hung onto his words. I looked into his face, if it was the last thing I was going to see, I wanted to remember everything about it.

There was a faint voice in the background.

"Carlisle, we might have been to late."

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