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May 27, 2007: Junior Year

"You're what?!"

" I'm leaving."

Pogue Parry ran a gloved hand through his hair. This was not happening.

"You're serious? You're just going to go?"

He watched as the girl in front of him sighed in frustration. Her auburn hair blew as the chill spring wind hit their faces. Piercing gray eyes slid over his hazel ones, a raised eyebrow quirked to accompany her soon-coming acerbic response. He could practically see it in her frustrated face, the comment dying to fall from her pretty lips. "Stop pushing." But he was Pogue Parry. One of the favored Sons of Ipswich. He didn't back down. So he was going to shove as hard as he could and as much as he had to, just to push her damn buttons and push her back into staying.

" I'm not 'just' doing anything, Pogue," she shot back. "I told you I'd move if I got the offer. Do you know how hard it is to get an internship with a Broadway play? They take maybe three people every five years. I can't pass this up." There was a note of echoing finality in the period. Discussion over, argument over. She won. He, on the other hand, could stick his arguments where the goddamn sun don't shine.

Pogue scoffed, crossing his arms. This was far from freakin' over. He couldn't believe she was doing this. It was selfish. Unfair seemed like a good word too. She had always done what she needed to do for herself, but this was insane. New York? That was definitely not Ipswich and not where he wanted her to be.

"So what?" he said, his voice heated. "You're just gonna be pushing papers until some talent guy gives you a chance?"


"Then what?"

"I'll be observing. Learning. That's what you do during internships."

Pogue's eyes narrowed at her tone. She was being condescending and snarky. He could figuratively hear the claws come out, as well as the "dumbass" that she had implied but didn't say. What the hell was she mad for? He was the one with the right to be angry. She was the one driving off into the damned sunset following after a long shot.

"And where are you gonna stay? You're barely seventeen--"

"What are you? Seven months older--"

"--and you can't buy a freakin' apartment. What are you gonna do? Crash with some guy?"

She huffed, eyes flashing. Oooh, how she wanted to say yes just to piss him off. She could not believe he was being such a drama queen about it.

"My parents, Parry." She snapped. "They've paid for an apartment."

Shocked, Pogue stopped looking angry. His eyebrows, formerly furrowed, evened out and he shifted his weight from one leg to the other, surprised.

"Your parents are letting you go?"


"Without a fight?"

Another huff.

"Yes, they love me. They want what's best for my future."

"What? And I don't?"

"No. You want what's best for your present."

Pogue's ire rushed back into his body. His stance became defensive as his hands clenched into fists, the leather of the riding gloves stretching. His eyes flashed, she saw, not with anger but something else. She swore there was a glimmer of something other than the usual hazel. Black maybe? She brushed it off as Pogue yelled.

"You're the one who's been weird these past couple of weeks! It's like you've been afraid of me or something!"

"I didn't know how to tell you about the internship. I was trying to keep you from freaking out on me," she retorted, vexed. She gestured wildly at him before muttering sarcastically under her breath. "Behold my success."

Pogue balked, his seemingly back to normal (though still irate) eyes widening.

"You just throw this at me and think I'm gonna be cool with it?"

"You're throwing a full scale bitch fit on the sidewalk. That qualifies as over-reacting!"

He shook his head, backing towards his bike. The paint on the Ducati gleamed in the glow of the streetlamps, as if on fire.

"Screw this, Leah," he threw at her. His words were like knives. "Do whatever. I'm outta here."

Then he threw a leg forcefully over his bike and the machine tore down the street accompanied by a ripping sound Pogue wasn't too sure came from the vehicle as opposed to the beating organ in his chest. In less than five seconds, he had jetted off angrily into the night.

"Damn," Leah half shouted. She ran her hands over her hair. She was...angry? Sad? Ugh. Both sounded good. But she determined not to cry. If she cried, that meant he won and that he had a point. And he didn't have a point, she told herself. She was completely and totally in the right. It was her life and her career, and if he couldn't face the facts of her job choice, then maybe it was best they ended their relationship. There was, after all, a saying about standing the heat in the kitchen that pertained quite well to the issue.

"Damn," Leah muttered. "How am I going to get home?" she pulled out a sleek black phone out of her purse. "Kate? Yeah. Can you come pick me up?"

January 3, 2013

"New Years is over," Reid Garwin pouted, sinking down onto the plush couch of a suite in the Ritz Carlton. "What parties am I going to go to now?"

"Regular ones," sighed Tyler Simms, looking up from his phone. "The guys are on their way up. Get your coat."

Reid rolled his eyes and didn't move.

"Yes, mother."

Shaking his head, Tyler rose and walked to into his room. The sound of drawers opening and shutting punctuated the gunshots coming from the television Reid was watching.

"I hate this movie," Reid mumbled, raising an eyebrow as Danny Glover delivered his famous Lethal Weapon line. "They made too many."

"Then stop watching," Tyler answered, walking back into the room. He was holding a gold wrapped box in his hands, a sparkled bow on top. "Where's your gift for Pogue and Kate?"

Reid turned off the TV and pushed himself off the couch. He shook his blond bangs out of his face and scoffed, his eyes holding an emotion that Tyler couldn't place.

"Just 'cause Pogue and the trophy girl," he sneered the nickname, "are taking the plunge, it doesn't mean I have to celebrate."

"That's just because you don't like her even though she's never done anything to you. Besdieds, she's nice…ish."

"Yeah," Reid said, voice slightly hard. Tyler could tell he was trying not to get overly angry; even though it had been a while since his Ascension, Reid still had a little trouble reigning in his powers if he got too angry. But Tyler couldn't fathom what about Kate had Reid so incensed. Before he could ask, like he had many times before, Reid continued, the blonde's voice not as icy, but still sounding irked. " Nice-ish isn't enough if he's going to be her slave for the rest of his life."

Reid walked over to the closet and grabbed his scarf and jacket. "Designer Dingy" was how Caleb's girlfriend Sarah described his winter wear. It was, as Reid often rebutted, "just seriously but expertly worn looking," and he had no clue how it kept him warm, but it did. He only barely felt the New York freeze.

Knock knock.

"Baby Boy, they're here."

"Then get the door. You're right there."

Reid groaned and threw the door open before promptly turning his back on the arrived couples.

"Come in or whatever."

Caleb entered first, always the leader. Sarah was snuggled into his side, her blonde hair damp from snow. Kate followed, long ebony hair pressed to her neck by a gray D&G scarf and the ivory wool coat she wore that matched her leather gloves. She was, per usual, decked out in all the season's trends like a model, right down to her stiletto boots. Pogue came last, leaning coolly against the doorframe in his leather jacket and black scarf. His jeans covered the tops of boots that, unlike his fiancée's, were not a fashion statement. One dangerous looking motorcycle boot crossed the other as Pogue crossed his arms.

"We ready to go?"

"Whose night is it to pick where we're eating?" Reid inquired. "Mine, I'm sure."

"Nope, mine" Sarah declared, smiling. "And I've picked a place where even your hobo-chic will be acceptable."

After catching a cab to a trendy part of the NYC, the group stepped into a restaurant named Fran's. It was a funky bohemian place with a variety of background music and great food. The walls were either a light magenta with gold-sponge designs over it or a solid ethereal ivory with the same designs. The hanging lamps were bright colors—orange, blue, green--and the tables were either wooden pieces that looked like they belonged in someone's kitchen, diner-esque booths, or sleek black bar furniture. It was a tornado of styles thrown into a spacious room, but it worked. As the group walked in, the speakers were playing Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" under all the chatter.

"This song is so old," Reid complained for lack of something to do.

"So circa 2007" Kate added.

"No one asked you," Reid bluntly told Kate, but she wasn't paying attention. She was too busy flipping her black tresses like a superstar. Reid looked at her, then at Pogue, and didn't even try to conceal his expression of disgust from his brother. Pogue opened his mouth to say something, but before he could, he was interrupted.

"How many?" the hostess asked, having come up to the group. The voice was lilting, the owner sounding like an eternal dreamer.

The group blinked in surprise. The hostess was only a kid. She looked to be eleven, maybe twelve. Her stick straight red hair accentuated a pale face with green eyes and a Cupid's bow mouth.

"Six please."

The girl grabbed the appropriate number of menus, which were multicolored and creatively decorated. Without a word, she turned around and bounced off lightly with no more than a subtle head flick in the direction they were going. Weaving in between packed tables with trancelike grace, the girl reached a table in a sort of room-in-a-room that already held one decent sized party.

"Your server will be here soon," she said. Before leaving however, she stopped at the other party's table. Looking day dreamingly thrilled, she hugged a woman who's back was turned to the Son's table. Her long hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail. Dressed in stylish gray pants and a puff-sleeved blouse, she had the aura of an old movie star. She laughed as the red-haired girl clung to her.

"What's up, Kennedy? You seem strangely enthusiastic to see us today."

Kennedy shook her head, scarlet hair swishing with the slight movement.

"Not everyone. Just you, Dee."

"Ouch," a man at the table commented. His face was arranged into a comically pained expression, hazel eyes dancing with mischief. "Methinks I feel an arrow pierce mine heart."

Laughs came from around the table as the man was playfully hit on the arm by Dee and given a tiny and genuinely impish smile by Kennedy. Dee rolled her stunning eyes in good humor.

" You're a constant drama king, Oliver."

Oliver smiled, raising his chin and puffing out his chest.

"Well, I am an actor on the legitimate stage."

"Besides Ollie," Kennedy said calmly, "I still love you."

"Thanks, Strawberry."

Kennedy giggled, the sound light and tinkling.

"So doll," Dee asked. "What's the excitement?"

" I got that gift for Jam. Y'know, the one he was looking at in the vintage store, but you told him he had to wait to get it."

Smiling, Dee hugged the girl. The Sons noticed that these people seemed very close, like a makeshift family. Caleb wondered idly if this was how their group looked to others. Reid hoped they didn't look as Gap-commercial like.

"He'll be so excited. He's been eyeing that shark's tooth necklace forever. I tried to tell him that no one wears them much anymore, hence it being in a vintage store, but you know James."

"Is he here?" Dee nodded. "Can I give it to him now?"

"Sure. He should be back soon. He went into the back to bug Denton for one of his imported melons. You know how James loves melons."

The table laughed.

Melons? Pogue thought with a chuckle. Kid's definitely different.

"I love Jam," Oliver said, stretching back. "He's a cute kid. Smart as an encyclopedia, that one."

Dee smiled sadly. "Yeah, well, he does have so much free time. I'm always at the theatre. Sometimes I worry that I don't take proper care of him."

A chorus of disbelieving sounds came from her companions.

"Rubbish," Oliver assured her. "He gets loving attention as well as his fruits and veggies. That's all a kid can ask for."


Both tables in the room whipped around towards the sound. A very startled waitress and a small boy were lying on the floor, covered in spaghetti and various drink products after presumably colliding. Dee rose out of her seat and walked over to the child, kneeling beside him and calmly checking him for injuries, her back still turned to the Sons. The little boy, after looking surprised, burst out into giggles, shocking the room. His dark hair covered his face as he bent over in laughter.

"Look Mommy! I saved my melon!" He held it out like a trophy before hugging it to his chest like one would a teddy bear. " And it's perfect! The exact volume and circumference of the other ones I got. And it didn't even get any noodles on it!" Overcome by the hilarity of the situation, the boy broke into fresh peals of laughter.

Dee smiled.

"So it seems once again my son has not only inherited my awful coordination, but my odd sense of humor as well." Shaking her head, she grabbed some napkins off the table and wiped James' face. "Are you okay, sweetie?"

James nodded and straightened up, pushing himself off the floor but still very protective of the melon.

"Yes Mommy." He turned to the waitress who was still on the floor. "Sorry, ma'am. I shouldn't have been running into you. I'd help you up, but my hands are too tiny."

Everyone in the room laughed. Sarah aww'ed. Suddenly, a beeping was heard. Dee jumped a little at the sound before reaching into her purse and pulling out her phone. After looking at the time, she slipped her phone in her pocket and picked up the little boy.

"It's time to go, guys. We need to go get ready for the show."

As all the occupants of the table rose and gathered their things, Oliver laughed.

"Yes. It would be rather tacky if the star of the show was late."

Kennedy, who had been helping pick up the spilled mess, nodded with a pixie-ish grin and slipped the neckalce into Dee's hand.

"Especially since it happens to be The Phantom of the Opera, the most popular play on Broadway."

Sarah gasped. Caleb's head turned to her in concern.

"What's wrong?"

Sarah shook her head, her eyes not leaving Dee.


"Who?" Caleb asked, looking from his girlfriend to the woman across the room.

"The best actress on Broadway. Her na...Oh! She's leaving! I have to go say something to her. She's amazing." Sarah jumped up without any further warning and quickly walked over to the actress who was now leaving the shop, the little boy in her arms. The blonde, who hoped she didn't come across as a manic fan, tapped the woman on the shoulder. Dee turned around, curious, and smiled modestly at Sarah after listening to her.

"What's the big deal?" Kate asked. "Why did Sarah run up to that woman like some sort of drama nerd?"

"Didn't you hear?" Reid drawled, his negative opinion of Kate's intelligence obvious. He was looking down at his cell phone, aimlessly scrolling through the contacts. "The woman's famous actress. That means she's well liked. Like you've been deceived you are."

"Can it, Reid." Pogue growled, finally geting a chance to respond to Reid's previous glare. If nothing else, Pogue was fiercely loyal to Kate.

"Or what?" Reid challenged, trying to look bored and still focused on his phone. Only Tyler saw that his friend's blue eyes glinted like deadly icicles.

"Or I'll kick your ass."

Before Reid, could snort in disbelief, Kate cut in smoothly, running a perfect hand over Pogue's arm and up to his bicep.

"It's okay, baby." She reassured him, her voice saccharinely sweet. "Reid's just upset because we're getting married and you won't have as much time to play Hotwheels with him anymore."

Reid jerked his head up to look at the mocha-skinned beauty, who looked to him like the Devil in skinny jeans. His pale, slender fingers almost grabbed the tablecloth in anger. It was not Kate's place to mock the hobby Reid and Pogue had recently started participating in.

In an effort to bond in a way that wouldn't involve near-death experiences or pouring their hearts out like wusses, Reid and Pogue had begun to car race each other whenever they hung out. And yeah, Reid admitted that it wasn't the most mature activity in the world, but it was fun and undoubtedly masculine and it served the bonding purpose. Reid rather thought that Kate, with all of her oh-so-adult activities like mani-pedi night, had no room to talk.

"Shove it Trophy-bitch."

Before anyone could say anything else, Caleb rolled his eyes and stopped the argument. He had no clue where the animosity between Reid and Kate had come from and at the moment he didn't want to find out. Although, if he remembered correctly, Reid hadn't been this hostile to Kate in the beginning.

"Stop," he ordered, his deep voice quiet but serious. "Let it go." With that said, he turned his attention to the less stressful blonde in his life. Sarah was still amicably chatting with the woman at the door.

The two talked for a few minutes, Sarah getting visibly excited, before Dee walked out, giving Sarah a wave and a genuine smile. Sarah rushed over to the table, a wide grin on her pretty face.

"Guess what? She invited us to the show tomorrow!"

Blank stares met her all around until Tyler managed to make a sound of confusion. Sarah rolled her eyes, but the pleasant expression never left her face.

" She invited us to go see Phantom of the Opera tomorrow night. She's going to have tickets for us waiting at will-call and she told us to come backstage after the show!" Sarah sat back down in her seat with a dreamy expression on her face. "This is like getting to meet a rock star."

Reid scoffed.

"Except considerably less cool and entertaining. I mean, c'mon Sarah. The rest of us have no clue who she is."

"That's true." Tyler nodded. "We didn't even get a look at her face."

Sarah sighed like the boys were missing something vitally important.

"Like that even matters when you have the chance to meet acting royalty." She turned to her boyfriend, smiling at him sweetly. "Please go?" She asked. "I'll love you forever."

Caleb laughed and nodded his head. "Like you weren't going to already?"

Sarah patted his arm before turning to look for a server.

"Minor details."

The next night, the group dressed in their formal wear and set off to the theatre. Sarah had looked disapprovingly at Reid's fingerless gloves, since tonight of all nights was not the time to suddenly wear them again, but he had just shrugged and said wearing them felt right.

After getting their tickets, they settled into their seats, which Sarah was pleased to see were amazing Orchestra seats with a fantastic view of the stage.

"How'd we get such good tickets?" Tyler questioned.

"She said the critics who were supposed to sit here came for an earlier show, so these seats were empty and needed to be filled. Since I wanted to come see the show and had a large group of friends, I volunteered us to help solve the dilemma."

"Lucky us," Pogue grumbled. Sighing, he tried to relax and not pull at the tie he was wearing. He just…didn't like plays. Caleb noticed Pogue's anxiety and was about to say something, but the lights of the theatre flickered and dimmed. The opening announcements were read, and the play began.

Surprisingly, the group, even Pogue, was enjoying themselves. The chandelier crash was an effect that had them all in awe, and Reid had to admit the music wasn't horrible. So their eyes were fixed in interest on the stage when the lead actress began her first line with practiced professional skill. And at that moment, the Sons of Ipswich, plus Kate, collectively gasped in shock as they saw whom it was. Four pairs of eyes flickered to Pogue as he stared dumbstruck at the woman in the spotlight. And none of them dared breathe as Leah Delilah Montgomery Grace, "Dee" to her cast members, gracefully commanded the audience's attention.

Pogue wanted to slide down in his seat and sink to the floor as he averted his eyes from his actress ex-girlfriend. Only one thought ran through his mind.

Holy shit. I knew there was a reason I hated plays.