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Chapter 27:

Draw Your Swords

"Enough, Delio. You will move out of my way."

Inuyasha jumped awake at the sound of his brother's voice. Even in his half-awake state he was able to hear the anger threaded in it.

"Please, my lord, you must not awaken him. He very much needs to sleep." Delio replied before allowing his voice to drop to a quieter tone that the now fully awake half-demon could just make out. "We spoke of this before, my Lord. He needs rest before you…"

"No. I tire of dancing around this matter. We, he and I, are going to solve this problem. Now."

Inuyasha's breath caught in his throat. 'Solve this problem? He's going to send me away now?' He forced himself not to growl at the thought and stood to move to the window. 'Fuck him.'

"But he needs to…"

"Hold your silence, Delio, for your council is not what I seek. I have made up my mind. This ends tonight."

'What about Raion? I'll never get to see…' Inuyasha shook that thought from his head before diving out of it to catch himself in the high branches of the closest tree. As soon as his foot touched the branch, he pushed off for the next tree and the next until he was at the wall surrounding the western palace. It was only when he was on top of that wall that he stopped, and not by choice. Sesshomaru's mokomoko was wrapped around him, pinning his arms to his sides and lifting his feet from the wall, and behind him stood the Western Lord himself.

He struggled from the grip of the fur, his claws attempting to slash at it but failing miserably. Sesshomaru stood silent, watching his brother struggle until, at last, the boy fell limp. The Lord took a deep breath to speak then froze at the salty scent of tears. He turned his brother to face him and, sure enough, tears ran from those large, golden eyes and down tanned cheeks to drip carelessly from his chin.


The boy began to shake. "What! What the FUCK do you want from me? I'm leaving, alright? I'm fucking leaving so just let me go! I won't fucking bother you anymore!" He began to struggle again, baring his fangs at his brother as his eyes began to bleed red and his irises flickered blue. "Or do you plan to beat the shit out of me first?" He growled out, his fangs elongating as his demon began to take hold. "To kill me to make sure I don't come back for Raion?" His eyes flashed dangerously as he fought against his brother for freedom.

"YOU WILL RELEASE ME!" The demon howled out and Sesshomaru obeyed, dropping the angry demon to the top of the wall and dodging when he dove forward, claws extended. Inuyasha cursed and attacked his brother again only to miss once more.

"Inuyasha! Come to your senses!" The demon did not pause in his attacks at his brother's words nor did he hesitate when the garden below them filled with guards, royal guests, and his friends. No one dared step forward, the guards for fear of angering one of their lords and their friends and allies for fear of catching Inuyasha's claws themselves. He did pause, however, when Naoki and Kurando came running out of the castle for in the human's hands was Tetsusaiga.

Inuyasha growled at the boy, his demon recognizing the blade and what it meant. Sesshomaru took immediate advantage of his brother's moment of pause and dove forward to grab the angry demon. A low growl left Inuyasha as he managed to twist out of Sesshomaru's path and dive off of the wall and into the trees beyond the Western Palace.

"Inuyasha!" Sesshomaru moved to follow his brother only to stop at the sound of his son crying out. He looked back to the baby in Delio's arms, alarm passing over his features. A growl touched his throat as he turned back in the direction his brother had fled.

"Lord Tengu…" The golden eagle of the east was in the air and following Inuyasha before Sesshomaru had to say anything further.

"My Lord, please…"

"Fuck off."

Tengu paused, his eyes widening in shock at the young Western Lord's words. "That's the first time you've spoken to me in a fortnight. Perhaps you are changing your mind? Have you grown weary of running? If that is the case, I would be more then happy to…"

"No." Inuyasha finally stopped and looked Lord Tengu in the eye. The Eastern Lord forced himself not to wince at Inuyasha's feral appearance. He was in control of his demon but a two weeks of running about in the wild without bathing did not do the young prince any favors appearance wise. Tengu himself had to wait until Inuyasha allowed himself to fall asleep before he could bathe and even that had been thrice.

"Fuck off means leave me the fuck alone. Quit fucking following me. You go back and play lapdog for my bastard, son-of-a-bitch, rapist, fuckhead of a brother 'cuz I ain't doing it."

The eagle only smirked and dared to put his hands on Inuyasha's shoulders making the younger man stiffen though, Tengu noted, he did not push the hands away. "You are in my lands, if you hadn't noticed, Lord Inuyasha. I have allowed you to wander freely through my lands before because the deeds helped me keep my people safe. Now, on the other hand, I see you as a threat."

Inuyasha rose to meet the trap Tengu left for him without thinking otherwise. "A THREAT? What have I done to make you consider me a fucking threat to your lands? I'm fucking running in goddamn circles and you're saying that I'm a threat? I haven't even killed any animals for food or picked a berry or nothing and you…"

"Calm down, Inuyasha." Tengu gently soothed the half-demon's rage. "You, as you are now, pose no threat but you as you were when you attacked Lord Sesshomaru is a threat and without your sword, you are far more likely to fall into such a state once more."

Tengu smiled gently at the boy as he swayed on his feet, his eyes falling shut before he dropped to sit where he stood.

"Come with me, Inuyasha." The Eastern Lord said, after a long silence. Inuyasha's head shot up, his confusion evident by the twisting of his features. Tengu's smile grew. "Not back to the west, my friend, but to my home. Stay with me and you will be safe to… organize your thoughts and do… anything else you need to do before…" He trailed off, unable to elaborate further without saying something that would no doubt anger the half-demon further.

"I could… why would you…"

"I am a very close friend of your father's, little Inuyasha. He was someone who took great care in selecting his friends and those he chose were well taken care of. On your naming day, I swore to protect you as you are his son."

Inuyasha shook his head, still staring up at the golden eagle. "I didn't… I thought…"

"Your father loved you, Inuyasha. He has proven that many times over even in his grave and still you do not believe it to be true. Your naming ceremony was unofficial because you were unborn and only those he truly trusted were present but there was a ceremony. Even Lady Izayoi was not there. I swore to your father that I would do everything in my power to aid and protect you. Why else do you think you had such freedoms in my land?"

Inuyasha fell back onto the ground. Slight, maniacal laughter bubbled past his lips as he lay still, waiting for it to sink in. Tengu frowned at that.

"And what, may I ask, is so amusing?"

The younger man shook his head, still chuckling though his bright eyes began to water. "Raion… he still hasn't had a naming ceremony. I have not given him the very first thing that I should have… what my father gave to me, even if…" A tear fell and he shot up, wiping at it furiously.

"Goddamnit!" He barked out, turning from the Eastern Lord. Another laugh managed to choke out of him disguising a sob. "Maybe staying with Sesshomaru…"

Tengu sighed as the young demon began to rub angrily at his face, trying to force away the tears that only fell harder. "Inuyasha…" He lowered himself to his knees beside the boy, gently wrapping his arms over his shoulders as he tried to move away.

"Inuyasha, please. I have neither children, nor siblings, and my mate is far more frigid then even the ice of the north. I do not know what I must do to help you." The boy froze at that, turning slightly to meet the golden hawk's eyes, his own eyes wide with shock.

"You… you have a mate?"

Tengu's green-brown eyes narrowed a fraction, his grip around Inuyasha's shoulders tightening. "And what is that supposed to mean?"

Inuyasha tried to pull away as the grip tightened around him. "What?"

The hawk demon leaned in closer, his pride wounded. "I am capable of getting a mate, Inuyasha. I'll have you know that I had females, demon and human alike, from miles around that were after the opportunity to be my mate."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "I wasn't saying it like that, Tengu, it was just a shock. Nagamaru and that Amami woman brought their entire families. I just figured you were a loner or something…" He trailed off as Tengu's grip loosened and pulled away. "I…" He scoffed, rubbing at his face with his haori sleeve until the tears were gone before looking up at Tengu with red-rimmed eyes.

"I'll come with you, Lord Tengu. Just… don't…" He trailed off, looking away from the Eastern Lord at nothing in particular.

The golden eagle nodded slowly, as if understanding Inuyasha's plight. "You will be treated as a guest to my house, little prince. I expect nothing from you and wish only to ensure that you do not come to harm. Don't glare at me like that, I'm not doubting your ability I merely wish to pay my respect to the Great Dog General. You will allow me that, won't you?"

Raion screamed bloody murder making the servants and caretakers assigned to him scramble in attempt to calm him. They tried everything. They checked everything. They changed his clothes countless times and brought in his wet nurse who declared him a monster after his claws had lacerated her stomach and chest. The damage was minimal for a demon to take but still she stormed through the castle and complained to the first person with some sort of authority who was unlucky enough to cross her path. He passed the message to Delio, who had been trying to avoid baby duty by assigning the caretakers in the first place, and Delio dragged Casca from the kitchens to help him with the angry prince.

Even with the two familiar dragons standing over his crib hours after tearing into his wet nurse, Raion still cried just as loudly as he had before and showed no signs of stopping.

"What should we do, Delio? Lord Sesshomaru will return any minute now and he will not be pleased…" The blonde gave a distressed moan as he moved the screeching baby from one shoulder to the other to give his ringing ear some rest.

Delio shook his head and buried his face in his hands, cursing his sensitive hearing. "He misses Inuyasha but we are incapable of bringing them together." The elder sighed and collapsed onto the chair set beside Raion's crib for the wet nurse. "We are not enough. Lord Sesshomaru will have to be the one to calm him. Bring him to the Master's quarters. Perhaps the scent that lingers there of both of his parents will be enough and I will sit here and pray for an end to this insanity."

Casca glared at his brother. "And if Lord Sesshomaru could hear you now?"

"Then I suppose he would be mildly disappointed with me but I'm sure that the child would benefit from his presence seeing as his hasn't held his own child since Inuyasha left us." Delio snapped back with an angry shake of his dark head.

"Brother…" The blonde dragon's brows furrowed between his soft eyes, "You should not speak of Lord Sessh…."

"I know, Cas, I know. I just…" Crimson eyes fell to the child in Casca's arms as his tongue froze behind his teeth. "He's stopped…" He whispered after a moment of silence, as if fearing that speaking too loudly would kick start the dog prince into crying once more.

The blonde took in the sight of Raion, whit a slobbery fist in his mouth and his sleepy eyes staring up at him, and smiled. "He's worn himself out." He shifted the little prince in his hold before handing him to his elder brother.

"You're right. We should bring him to sleep in Lord Sesshomaru's chambers tonight. It will do them both some good." He smiled and touched a hand to the downy white hair covering the boys' forehead. "You've earned it with all that screaming, no?"

The expression on their Lord's face kept them silent but the three brothers knew they would be laughing later. The Western Lord wiped the foul smelling liquid from his face, his brows twisting down in disgust. A snort left Gambel and Casca coughed to cover his brother's slip.

They had brought Raion to Sesshomaru's chambers once their Lord had decided to settle for the night. It would be the first time for Sesshomaru to be alone with the little prince for an extended period of time and Casca thought it was time form the Western Lord to learn how to change a diaper. Raion had expressed his excitement at being with his sire by promptly peeing on him as soon as his soiled diaper was out of sight.

The elder dragon cleared his throat, silencing his brothers as Sesshomaru finished with the dressings. "I am sure you have everything under control here, my Lord, should we bid you good night?"

A curt nod dismissed them but a slight wrinkle of Sesshomaru's elegant nose drove Gambel into fits of laughter as soon as he was out of the Lord's chambers.

"What do you think, my Lord, overkill?"

Inuyasha winced at the title Lord Tengu's guards refused to drop. A hoard of demons lay dead and rotting before them after a relatively short battle. He cracked his knuckles before shaking the blood from his claws.

The smell of miasma had drawn Inuyasha to the demons in hope of finding Naraku. He could practically hear his brother's voice in his head reprimanding him for his foolish attempt to defeat the dark half-demon practically alone. After the battle, he found himself thanking whatever Gods were listening that Naraku had not been present for as strong and agile as Tengu's men were, they would not be enough. He would need his Tetsusaiga back to defeat Naraku… and he would need Sesshomaru's strength as well.

The thought made him freeze.

His demon, the part of him that had kept him alive all those years he was alone, went on edge every time his thoughts drifted to the Western Lord. It had spent so long seeing him as a threat and then, so suddenly, he was this giant pillar of support. Just as fast though, he was a threat again leaving his wild side weary of the powerful Western Lord.

"He's a threat and he always will be." Inuyasha grumbled miserably as he tried not to think back to when he was pregnant and the comfort his elder brother had given him.

"Conniving bastard." He growled out a bit louder, drawing curious glances from his temporary guards.

He mumbled continuously the entire way back to the Eastern palace and up to the chambers Tengu had given him and did not stop his ranting until he collapsed on his bed.


"I am terribly sorry, Prince Inuyasha, but I do hope that was not directed at me."

The half-demon shot up from his bed to find the Lady of the East standing over him, her expression as impassive as ever.

"Lady Hoshiko." Inuyasha stammered, startled at the demoness' presence. She had greeted both Lord Tengu and himself when they arrived and then proceeded to ignore him entirely from that point on. In fact, she seemed completely oblivious to anyone but the Eastern Lord himself and even he received nothing but an aloof consideration when he was around her. It was little wonder why they did not have children.

"No, I wasn't… I didn't mean… fuck…"

She only stared at him as he floundered about for the right words with an expression on her face that made Sesshomaru seem like an emotional wreck. Inuyasha sighed and attempted not to glare at the woman for once more bringing Sesshomaru to the forefront of his mind.

"Did… did you need something with me?"

Lady Hoshiko considered him before turning her back to him as if he was some lowly being incapable of inflicting any damage on her. "You do realized that you only bring danger to these lands by coming here…" She said in a tone absent of any accusation or resentment, "particularly without your father's fang, Tetsusaiga." She moved to the door of his sleeping chambers and cast a glance at him over her shoulder, her empty eyes making her appear more like a doll then a demoness.

"Return to the West and your mate. If you do not, we will surely lose to Heikichi."

Kurando pushed through the tree line holding on tightly to the apparently old and useless blade at his hip. The young retainer was still in shock that he had managed to leave the palace with Inuyasha's sword completely unopposed. Granted, he had not told anyone he was leaving, but he had been sure when he snuck into Inuyasha's bed chamber and took the sword, someone would have noticed. Surely Lord Sesshomaru, in the very least, knew that the blade forged from his father's fang and wielded by his little brother had been taken.

He pulled his coat over the blade as he reached the main road, still praying to whichever gods were listening that nobody would pay any attention to a human boy wrapped in a slaves garb and smelling so strongly of the Western Lord and his mate. It was normal for slaves, servants, and merchants alike to walk the road between the Eastern and Western lands.

He lowered his eyes obediently to the ground and bowed his head when caravans and patrols passed him by. He walked at the edge of the road in the mud and the filth where the other slaves walked to avoid truly being noticed though his Lord Inuyasha had freed him of the shackles of slavery.

A smile touched the corner of his lips as he thought back to the letter Lord Tengu had sent directly to him. It was a request, from the Eastern Lord himself, to come to the Eastern Palace with a package for Inuyasha that only he had access to and could carry. A vague letter, yes, but obvious in the right hands. His room was directly across from Lord Inuyasha's and, though guards were posted, nobody suspected a thing when he came and went from his lord's chambers. Plus, Kurando was human and could touch the blade where as demons could not hold it.

He stumbled on, his feet occasionally catching in the heavy muck he walked through. Still he smiled though, glad for a task that only he could do for his Lord Inuyasha.

Sesshomaru, Lord of the Western Lands and son of the Great Dog General Touga, scowled at the kappa cowering before him. Sango smacked both Miroku, for a wandering hand that he was still trying to convince her was possessed, and Gambel, for his inability to contain his mirth. Shippo snickered in delight only to squeak and hide behind Sango when Sesshomaru's attention flicked to him.


He turned his gaze back to the toad just in time to see him dive to the ground and prostrate himself before his lord's feet. "Please, mi'lord, please don't send me with this bunch. They are humans and not worthy to even be in your presence and Gambel is a monster and…"

"Hey!" Shippo jumped up onto Miroku's should with a offended pout. "I'm a demon, I'll have you know, and so is Kirara." was the start to what would have been and a long speech to defend the kitsune's pride had Sesshomaru not chosen to look at the kitsune again making him freeze then shoot down into Miroku's arms. Gam snickered as the Daiyoukai turned his narrowed eyes onto his prostrated retainer.

"You dare think to tell this Sesshomaru what should and what should not be done? Know your place, fool. You will go with them and you will return with both Inuyasha and Kurando."

Jaken was nodding his head so vigorously that his forehead was slapping against the ground with each movement. Gambel choked on his laughter and Sango groaned about the idiots she was stuck with.

"You will go with them, Jaken, and if you fail in this task, it is you who will be punished. Do you understand?"

The toad demon somehow managed to wilt further into the floor with a barely audible, "Yes, mi'lord…"

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