Return from the Cupboard

Return from the Cupboard

(This story is a multi universe crossover. It crosses Indian in the cupboard, Marvel Zombies, The Justice League, Dragon Ball Z, Terminator, Tenchi Muyo (OVA), and Spawn. The original Indian in the Cupboard took place in the 1980's according to the books so this takes place with Omri's children rather than Omri himself. With the exception of Regan, and Jackie, I don't own any of these characters, please don't sue, this is a tribute to these great works and a small tribute to their honor.)

Nearly twenty – two years had passed since Omri had used the cupboard and brought Little Bear and Boohoo Boone to life. He had learned so much from the two and carried it with him into adulthood. He had become a good and honest man and married a wonderful woman. They had two children Regan and Jackie. Both of the children had been fraternaltwins and both where as different as night and day. Regan was a complete trekie who devoted her life to collecting Star Wars figures, Star Trek figures, and various space related anime figures. Jackie was a comic and super hero nut. He collected everything from the Marvel Zombie figures that came out to the old school Justice League of America figures. As with all things that are fated to happen Jackie found him self rummaging through the attic for his limited edition Zombie Spiderman with Mary Jane figure that Regan had hid again because she was pissed that he kept those damned things out in his room.

"Stupid Regan, damn it I hate it when she does this stuff. Dad has told her a million times to leave my figures and comics alone." He said, as he looked through the boxes of old clothes, his dad's old toys, and some of his mom's old books before he came across his figure sitting on top of an old white cupboard. It had a small plain lock and a strange looking key in it. He picked up the Spiderman figure and made sure that nothing was missing off of it. He then picked up the cupboard and carried it down stairs.

"What do you have there?" his mom asked as she was passing by him.

"My zombie Spiderman figure and this cool little cabinet thing that I found I the attic." He said.

"I remember your father talking about that cupboard when I first met him. You know he won a prize for writing a book about that cupboard and his Indian figure that he put inside it. He wrote about it bringing the figure to life." She said, as she grinned and walked into the room.

For a moment Jackie had a passing thought of what if; what if this cupboard could bring his figures to life, he could bring all of the Xmen, Avengers, Even all of the Z fighters from Dragonball Z to life with this thing. Then he shook his head. "Naw it was a story and not something that could actually happen." He thought as he walked into his room. Once inside he sat the cupboard on his make shift desk that his dad had built for him and then he unlocked it. When he unlocked the cupboard he noticed something. There was a note inside of it that seemed to have been written some time ago.

"I Omri and I Patrick do promise not to use the cupboard again. Our friends Little Bear and Boone have been hurt too much because of the magic inside the cupboard and the key. If someone else is reading this note please don't use it. It can do great things, but it can do awful things too." The note stated.

Jackie looked at the cupboard with renewed interest again and shrugged his shoulders. "What was the worst that could happen?" He thought to him self as he put the zombie figure of Spiderman in and locked the cupboard. When he unlocked it a strange smell hit his nose. He had smelled blood once a long time ago. But he smelled it strong here. He looked down to see his figure of Spiderman laying Mary Jane down and screaming at what appeared to be no one.

"Mary Jane! God what have I done? Please, Please forgive me…" He said as he looked at her corpse.

"Woah way cool!" a booming voice said over him. Suddenly he looked up to see a huge being there staring down at him. It appeared to be a child and the child was holding the door open to some huge building, or perhaps a huge box.

"Who are you? What am I doing here?" the Spiderman figure said as he looked at the boy.

"I brought you here through magic. How could you do that to her?" The child asked him.

"I couldn't help it. The hunger was so terrible that I can't help myself. I didn't want to kill her, I don't know why she's in her wedding dress, but I didn't want to kill her." He said as he looked back at her. Suddenly he grabbed his stomach and walked toward his beloved wife.

"I'm sorry, but I can't help myself." He said as he bit into her intestines.

Suddenly Jackie felt sick to his stomach and began to close the door to the cupboard. No sooner had it nearly closed but the zombified Spiderman clutching his beloved Mary Jane jumped out and ran off into the his closet.

"Oh Shit." Jackie said out loud.

He realized what he had just unleashed into this world. Spiderman might have been only a hundredth of his real size, but he was still Spiderman. Not to mention has far as he knew the zombies from the marvel universe couldn't be killed unless their heads where completely separated from their bodies.

He knew at that moment that he needed to find help.

"Crap who could take down a zombie Spiderman right now?" He wondered and then saw his Justice League of America figures sitting on the shelf on the wall

"Man I hope that none of them gets bit." He said as he placed Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, and Aqua Man into the cupboard. Unknown to him Spiderman watched from the darkness of the closet. He saw the cupboard close and then suddenly there was several small people appear from where statues had been.

"That boy is going to kill me." He said, when suddenly he felt movement behind him. He looked back to see Mary Jane setting up. She shook her head and then she backed up from him with a frightened expression on her face.

"Sweetheart, no… Please Mary I'm so sorry I didn't mean it, The hunger was too much I couldn't stop myself." He said as he walked toward her.

"Peter… Our baby… We where pregnant did you know that?" she asked through sobs.

Suddenly Peter hit the ground. Even with the rising hunger he suddenly felt a larger sense of loss.

"Mary I can't help what happened, but maybe I can change things. Before everything went to hell there was this guy called Ash Williams. He said that there was a book that he thought was the cause of all of this. Maybe I can find the book and him and he could set it right." He said with the first thought of hope in hours.

Jackie looked at the confused expressions on the faces of the Justice League.

"Where are we?" Superman said as he stepped out of the cupboard.

"I've brought you here to ask for help. I don't know how to explain this to you since none of you know about the different universe yet." He said. That's when the Green Lantern stepped out.

"As a member of the Green Lantern Corps I know about several universes including a parallel universe where none of us where ever born. The leaders of the corps discovered the formula some time ago and decided that there was no need to cross into it since it seemed to have heroes of its own that would protect it." He said.

"Yes, but something terrible has happened in a different dimension of that universe. There was a virus released there that caused everyone who was infected to become flesh eating zombies. I know that it sounds beyond belief, but it is true and one of them has escaped into this world. The truth is that he is in this very room and if he manages to escape he could infect this world and every other world with that virus. It wouldn't take long before he was able to infect your world if he could get there." Jackie said hoping that the little scare tactic would get their help faster.

Superman turned toward the others. "We should help him, but if this thing has the ability to infect anyone then we may be in serious trouble. This thing could infect us and that would mean that those infected could be a serious danger to everyone else and to our own home world." He said.

"It stands to reason then that the only one able to go against this thing would be you Sups." The Flash said with a standard cocky grin.

Superman turned toward Jackie and looked at him a moment. "We'll help, but if any of us are infected then don't send them back. Do you have somewhere that you can put them?" he asked.

At that moment Jackie thought about his Dragonball Z play set and remembered the suspended animation containers for the androids. He could use it and put any of them into it. Once inside he supposed that the person would simply be like the androids and sleep until they could be woken up.

"Yes I have something." He said feeling a little bad about what would basically happen to them once inside of the container.

Spiderman had watched everything that happened and then pieced together what was actually going on. This kid had found a way to bring people from their universe and world to this one through that cupboard. If he used it as a sort of portal then it was possible that he could bring help not only to save his own skin, but to also find a cure for this. He looked at the walls in the room and right away he spotted his help. There was Wolverine, Capt. America, and of course Dr. Banner. With the three of them he could stop these other people from finding him and perhaps even feed on one of them.

Suddenly he stopped. He felt a sick realization building inside of him. He was thinking of those other people, even that kid as food. And to make matters worse he was going to bring even more infected into this world to help insure it. But it was slowly coming into focus that sooner or later his need for food, and Mary's need for food would take over and it would better to have help than to just rush out and attack without any kind of back up.

"Peter…. God I'm so hunger… I can't stop thinking about eating and it sounds horrible but I want to eat raw meat. I mean the rawer the better." Mary Jane said as she sat there thinking about words coming out of her mouth.