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(Last time on Return of the Cupboard)

(Metropolis near Monument Park)

Ash, 'Henry', and Morgan stopped near Ironman and Steel. Ash looked at them and seemed to question where the others where.

"We lost the other two. The Lanterns cut them apart. We managed to destroy some of them before some kind of vortex opened up and swallowed several of them." Steel said.

Ash looked at Morgan who merely smiled and seemed to turn her attention to her nails.

"Not that I am complaining but where did that vortex go to?" Ash asked.

"The vortex opened to the entrance of a world of death. A place where creatures much like themselves are already at, but I would assume that because they are Lanterns it will only be a matter of time before they return." She said.

(Alternate DC Universe Gotham Central Park)

Alexia Asher flashed into existence along with Spiderwoman, and her husband Marv James Watson. The girl known has Access stood for a moment before she leaned against a tree. Spiderwoman looked at her and pushed the strand of brown hair up from over her eyes. She knew what Alexia had been through. The recreation of Onslaught had nearly destroyed their earth. Now Alexia had come once again to this world hoping to find help only to feel the complete destruction of their earth.

"Alexia it isn't your fault." Patricia Parker-Watson said has she looked at the girl.

"Everyone is dead because of me. Gene Gray, Sky Summers, Captain America, Felix Hardy, Terri Stark, Danni Banner, Stephen Storm, Rene' Richards, Bentley Grimm, Jane Storm, and all of the other Avengers are gone because I couldn't convince them to come with us." She said while looking straight at the ground.

"Alexia you didn't condemn them to their fate. They didn't want to believe that there wasn't a way to stop Onslaught. You did what you had to do in coming back here to get help. I'm just sorry that it took so long for Onslaught to lose interest in us so we could transport." She said while looking at MJ.

"Patricia is right Alexia. If you hadn't of transported us here then we wouldn't be alive right now. Our unborn child would have died, and besides Gateway was with them. There is a chance that she was able to transport them into a parallel universe. If that was the case then they are alive somewhere else." Marv Watson said to the girl has she finally stood up and nodded.

"Do you think that they might have ended up with Alex?" She asked wondering about her Alternate self that she had met once in the cross fabric of time and space.

Both Patricia and Marv looked at each other. They had heard the story from both Alexia and Dr. Strange that an Alternate collection of parallel universes existed. In those universes Patricia had been a man and Marv had been a woman. It was hard to believe, but for the moment both seemed to silently decide to agree with Alexia.

"It does seem possible." Patricia said has she stood up.

Marv looked at his wife as the light from an overhanging park light caught her in the spiderwoman uniform. She had always been somewhat fit, but it wasn't until after that 'genetically' altered spider bit her that she seemed so sure and unquestioning of her abilities and own strength. It was beyond logic that she allowed him to domainate in their 'normal' life.

He stood there considering what they were going to do and where they would go when a shot rang out. Patricia motioned for them to hide and she jumped into a nearby tree. The gunman ran past her laughing psychotically. She noticed that the woman had a badly scarred face on her left side. The woman stopped and looked behind her to see another woman dressed in a Jester outfit holding her shoulder.

"That imposter you're with has doubled his chances of dying!" She spat.

"Mr. J is the real deal Miss Dent!" Harley shouted to back to the deformed woman.

"Real deal or not no one comes into our club and poisons my guests except for us!" Two Face shot back to her and this raised her gun. She also took out a coin and flipped it into the air.

"Let's see if you're as lucky as the Bat!" She said has the coin landed. Before a shot could be fired webbing struck both women's hands. They looked in disbelief has another woman dropped to the ground and proceeded to knock them on their collective asses.

"Alright 'girls' and I use the term loosely what is this all about? Do we need to kiss and make up?" She asked using her usual wit and banter.

"Is it Halloween already?" Harley asked before she did a back flip and kicked Patricia in the face.

What the hell was that? Patricia thought as she looked at the girl dressed up a jester.

"I got to say that you are a little funnier than that bat broad, but right now I am busy with Miss Dent here. So why don't you go and climb up a water spout somewhere?" Harley suggested as she finally managed to squirt a little acid on the webbing that bound her hands.