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Note: The story will follow through Harry Potter Book 5, 6 and 7.

Caledonia Lilia Snape

Part One: One

Supposedly, there was another mirror, much like the Mirror of Erised, but this one showed parallel universe. It would've been called The Mirror of Efillellarap, a mirror that showed you your life in a different event. At a chance, if Harry Potter happened to come across such a mirror, he would see different outcomes of his life if choices were made differently.

This is what took place when he took a glance and learned not only he made a different choice, but his mother did too and it leads to a very interesting result.

"I don't know if you could see the change that has come over me…" Harry sighed and switched the radio off. He wasn't in the mood to listen to any music, especially that one. The first line was more than enough to remind him what was happening to him that very night. He didn't want to listen to the rest of the song, afraid it would reveal his future like a scary bug eyed seer had done with his life up to now.

He lifted the parchment in his hand, its edge beginning to yellow with age and the ink in elegant loopy writing stood out, almost screaming at him. It had not arrived by owl or by person, but appeared like magic out of thin air in front of him at the stroke of midnight.

But magic, it was nothing new to him. He had warily took the letter out of the thin air and wondered if he should open it or not. But curiosity won and he opened it and read the content. He had to brace himself, nearly reeling over in shock the first time. His knees became weak and he nearly fell but managed to slump down on the bed, staring at the letter blankly. The words reeled in his mind over and over.

After few songs had shifted through on the radio, he finally had enough and lightly slammed the radio off and reread the letter.


Happy Birthday to you! By now, you're fifteen years old and wondering how the letter come to you. I know you have many questions, especially to why your mother would send you a letter beyond her grave on your fifteenth birthday.

Upon receiving this letter must mean that I am truly dead. Or else, you would have not gotten it and have a different life than you currently have now. I don't know what would become of you, where you are and what you are doing. But I do know this, you've become into a wonderful young man, a Gryffindor to boot despite your father's prediction.

You also wonder why your father would have thought you to be in a different house than Gryffindor. This truth I know that you believe that James Potter is your father, but I am telling you now, upon this night, he is not. James and I were good friends; rather, he was your real father's best friend.

Your father would never reveal himself to you and it is up to me to tell you the truth who he is. Because of his duty to the Order, he wished that you would not know, to protect you. But you must because the spell I had cast over you ends tonight. I made you to look like James Potter's son.

The charm was complicated and it could only be cast once and upon the hour of your fifteenth birthday, it ends, revealing your true appearance. You are someone else's son. You are Severus Snape's son.

Severus and I were truly married and we had you. We were so happy to have a son, but fate decided otherwise and it regrets me deeply that we are all parted. I am truly sorry that you might feel some confusion and possibly betrayal, but it was for your protection that you were led to believe James and I were married and he was your father. I love you so much and hope you had a good life despite what had happened.

I do not know how the future had turned out for you. I hope it turns out good, for that it was my wish. But if it didn't, I am deeply sorry and hope it would be better for you.

I ask you this, please trust Severus Snape. I believe in him and know he will take a good care of you from now on. If you wish, he should have my possessions and it all belongs to you.

I am sorry again. Happy Birthday, my son. I trust and know you will make us very proud. Good luck with your future.

With love, your mother,

Lily Snape

Since the beginning of summer, he had heard nothing from his friends or professor once. Then, strings of events began to happen; dementors showed up out of blue and he was forced to rescue his cousin Dudley and broke the rule, using his wand. From there, he learned his neighbor, Arabella Figg was a squib and upon the order of Albus Dumbledore to keep eye on him and then he received the letter from Ministry of Magic stating expulsion from Hogwarts and court date for using magic outside school.

He thought he had enough but more letters started to flow. There was one, from Arthur Weasley, imploring him to stay at the Dursley no matter what even if his Uncle Vernon tried to kick him out, and finally a howler from one Albus Dumbledore delivering a veiled threat. It was more than enough to learn that his guardians knew more than they were letting on.

That was when he thought everything was falling apart, going downhill. He was afraid he was on a verge of mental breakdown when he learned that his feature was changing before his eye on the eve of his birthday. Then, upon the stroke of midnight, a letter appeared out of thin air. He was almost too afraid to read another letter. But the letter revealed something much more shocking and he hoped against hope that he would not get any more letters. It was the last straw that broke the hippogriff's back.

He is Severus Snape's son.

His most loathed teacher, Severus Snape, the potion master and the supposedly acclaimed Death Eater under the great Albus Dumbledore's nose. It was beyond what he could dream of. His heart broke, having to get the letter from his own mother beyond the grave, timed to send to him that night from before her death.

Without letting the letter go, he stiffly went to his sorry piece of a desk and took out a blank parchment and a self-inking quill. He stood there, staring at the blank letter, unsure what he wanted or needed to write. He finally let go of his mother's letter and began to write. It was simple.

Professor Snape,

I got a letter from my mother.

Harry Potter

Then he decided to scratch out his last name, unsure what his last name truly was. And he shakily tied the letter to Hedwig and softly told her to take it to Professor Snape. With mixed emotions, he sat on his bed, his mind lost and mostly blank.

After one in the morning, it occurred to him; he had living relatives other than the Dursley. His father, the Death Eater spy, but and then again, he finally had a living parent. He looked up to the cracked mirror that hung on his wall. He had been afraid to take another look earlier and stood up, forcing himself to look in the mirror. His eyes widened at the change, the charm was gone and he stared at his true feature.

A soft crack sounded behind him and he looked through the reflection to find Severus Snape standing behind him. The man was dark and brooding, almost as if he were the shadow of his nightmare, staring at him. He could see the parchment in his hand, which was the letter he had sent. He turned around, unexpected for Professor Snape to show up so soon after he had sent the letter. He had expected a howler, screaming at him to wash the hogwash out of his mind and get on with his silly summer. The personal appearance was the last thing he had expected. "Sir?"

Severus whispered a spell and the candle beside Harry's bed came to life, giving the room a glow. He glanced around the small pathetic excuse of a room and his face, if it were any possible, set into a deeper scowl. He had expected Harry to live a pampered life as he always come to believe for the last five years but narrowed his eyes and snapped softly. "Get your things together. I am bringing you back tonight. They were going to send some Aurors tomorrow night."

Harry nodded silently. Severus stared at the teenager, he was almost as tall, and having grown several inches since the charm wore off. They had matching black hair, sleek and shiny, hanging down to their chins. They could have passed off as brothers except Severus was pale while Harry had a healthy sun-tan from being outside in the sun most summer. They had the same high defining cheekbones and lean body, though Harry was thinner, being half starved as always at the Dursley. The resemblance was uncanny.

Harry grabbed hold of his sweat pants, which were three times larger and good several inches shorter. Severus noticed this and glanced up into his son's eyes, which reminded him of Lily's eyes. His hard gaze softened slightly. Harry shook his head, "My trunk is in my old room… uhm. It's in the cupboard under the stairs." He gestured to the door.

Severus frowned, "You said your old room… bloody hell, they stuck you in a cupboard…"

Harry nodded, shrugging as if it was the most natural thing in the world, "until my second year, then they gave me this room."

Severus growled and with his usual dramatic swirl, he walked out of the bedroom and went down the stairs. Harry could hear the latch unlocking and unlatching from the cupboard and soon, Severus was back upstairs with the trunk. It fell with soft thunk as the levitating charm was removed. Harry quickly moved around his room, gathering his things and opening the window, to send Hedwig off. He paused and turned to Severus, "Where should she meet us?"

"Here, read this." Severus said offhand as he handed a slipmof paper to Harry and glanced around the small room once again. "We need to deal with your situation soon as possible."

"Grimmauld Place, number twelve?" Harry asked as he read the paper. "What is this?"

Severus gave a small noise before replying, "it is where you will be staying for the summer now. It is unplottable aout under Fidelus charm. Let's get going."

"All right, Hedwig, go on to Grimmauld Place, I'll see you there." Harry said and stroked his owl and she nipped in affectionate and flew off. Harry took the cage and placed it beside his trunk and went to his bed, kneeling to remove the loose floorboard and removing his wand, his invisibility cloak and photo album. He stopped as he held the album in his hand; Severus noticed this and gave soft inaudible sigh. Harry finished gathering his things and stuffed it in his trunk and closing it. He took hold of his trunk and the cage, unsure what to do. Needless to ask, Harry felt Severus' hand on his shoulder and they apparated, leaving behind Privet Drive, number four.

Harry blinked, having felt the uneasy feeling of being apparated, it felt as if his body was being suddenly crushed and popped. Then he found himself in the hallway of the Grimmauld Place and he felt his shoulder being released and saw Professor Snape striding ahead to the door and silently disappeared in the house.

He quickly followed after the older man and stepped into the dank landing. The place was quiet except for soft noises in the kitchen and made his way there. The clock chimed and he looked up to find it was three in the morning and knew, if everyone else were in the house already for the summer, they all were sleeping. In the kitchen, he found Remus Lupin, his godfather Sirius Black, Professor Dumbledore and his father, Severus Snape standing around the small narrow kitchen, discussing softly.

As he entered, they all fell silent, turning to him. Sirius's eyes went wide and then he stepped up, grabbing Harry into bone crushing hug. No words were passed between them.

Dumbledore spoke, breaking the silent reunion, "I see. We need to remedy the situation."

Harry looked to the wizened wizard and asked quietly, "What? Wait a minute!" He turned to his godfather and the werewolf, "You guys know too? I mean, about Snape being my father?"

Remus and Sirius nodded and the latter stepped forward, placing his hands on Harry's shoulders. "We knew because your mother and Snape here were indeed married, not James. James was a decoy, to fool the Death Eaters and Voldemort." He gave Severus a look when he heard the potion professor snarl slightly behind him.

Harry frowned. "Then, if you're my, uh, James' best friend, won't you be my godfather?"

Severus gave a small noise and said, "He is your godfather all right, that didn't change."

Sirius grinned like mad. "That's right! You see, not only James, Remus and I was your mother's best friend, she chose me because I'm the best."

Remus gave a small laugh and Severus rolled his eyes. The werewolf answered, "Actually, Sirius was more of a closest thing to a brother to your mother, always being there for her all through the years." He saw Harry's eyes glisten with some tears and gave a soft smile to assure him, "You can't go out looking like a Snape yet. We had decided to place a charm on you to make you look like you were before the charm had faded."

Harry tilted his head, "But mom said," He paused for a moment, swallowing, "The charm can't be placed again."

"That is indeed true. But we have another option." Dumbledore replied.

Harry glanced to Severus Snape, hope diminishing in his eyes. Snape caught it and looked away. He sighed and turned to Sirius, "What's going to happen now?"

Sirius frowned, having caught the exchange between his godson and the professor. He growled softly and said, "You're going to stay here for the rest of the summer. We can't make the same charm your mother did. She was very good at making you look like James Potter and extend the longevity of the charm for fifteen years!"

Severus snorted lightly, "I am amazed you know some big words."

Sirius snarled at Severus and opened his mouth to give a wisecrack but Remus held his hand up to Sirius, "All right. I think we need to keep our focus on Harry right now. The others will be waking up soon. The noises you two make will bring them down sooner. Harry, there is one problem with the charm, you have to recast it every night to ensure your look, at least until after Voldemort is defeated then it's up to you afterward."

Harry sighed tiredly as he rubbed his face, he had forgone using the glassing after the change, and he had no longer needed it. "Let's get this over with. I am tired."

Severus narrowed his eyes to the young teenager and turned to Dumbledore, "I agree it's late. Get it over with."

Dumbledore gave Severus a wry sigh and waved his wand and did the incantation and Harry felt the magic settle over him and he opened his eyes to see Sirius smiling at him. "Well, that's the good ol'Harry we know. Well, except a bit taller."

"That's all right. I'll just go to bed now.." Harry said and turned around, not wanting to be around the men. All he wanted to sleep and settle his confused mind and emotions, he allowed himself to be led by Sirius to his room. The older man quickly came back downstairs to the kitchen.

Severus turned to Sirius and growled, "At least you didn't tell that boy any earlier. Leave it as it is, as it always been. Nothing changed, except the charm wore off."

Sirius bared his teeth and snapped back, "He wanted family. That Dursley lot didn't give it to him. You never cared! He wanted a father, a mother all his life. Thanks to you, you have to go off and spoil that for him back in second year! At least do him good and give him a home, a family he wanted."

The potion professor sneered. "How? Voldemort will request me to bring him up and have him marked! Put him in full frontal danger? No. Things stay that way." With a quick turn, his robe snapped and he stormed out of the room, leaving the three men to themselves.

Dumbledore shook his head, "Things will settle and make a turn pretty soon." With a wink and a tap on his nose, he turned and disappeared into the fireplace, green fire roaring as he said, "Headmaster Office, Hogwarts."

Sirius gave the fireplace an odd look and shook his head, "Crazy old coot as usual. Never know what he is sprouting up next." He sat down and accepted the bottle of butterbeer from Remus and plopped his feet up on the table.

The werewolf shrugged and sat across from Sirius, "I am guessing Professor Dumbledore meant to let things run its course. What's important we need to be here for Harry now. He's got it tough this summer now, with the court date upcoming about using magic outside school."

"Yeah, I know. At least he's here now, away from those lots, Dursley." Sirius said with a sigh.

Harry walked into the room where the Black family held family tree tapestry and stood there, studying every faces and names. Since he had come to the Grimmauld Place, he and his friends learned that the house was headquarter of the Order of the Phoenix, the secret society Dumbledore formed to fight Voldemort and the Death Eaters. To his surprise, Professor Snape was a member as well.

Since then, all he had done with Ron and Hermione was to help clean the place up, try to sneak in to listen to the Order's meeting. There had been things going on as Percy abandoning the Weasley family, Dumbledore fighting with the Ministry and struggling with Sirius's mother's screeching in the house every time somebody walk in the front door. So far, he had not heard anything interesting or of the importance.

He didn't tell his friends of his change on his birthday, afraid that his friends would judge him. Perhaps, someday he will tell them. All he wants to is to forget it and resume his life as usual as it could be.

The court date was horrifying for Harry, to sit before the full Wizengamot and chaired by Cornelius Fudge himself. Dumbledore had appeared as witness for defense. But luckily for him, he got away for self defense and was given a warning. He had learned that they tried to do hearing without him but Dumbledore wouldn't allow them. He was very glad to return to Grimmauld Place after it was all over; he never wanted to experience that again, ever.

Sirius found Harry in the room and leaned against the doorframe. "Hey."

Harry looked over his shoulder and a small smile crept on his lips. "Hey."

"What're you doing here?"

"Just thinking of what my life would have been if mother didn't die or Snape kept me after she died."

Giving a heavy sigh, Sirius pushed himself off the doorframe and entered the room. "That's something you can't go back into the past, even for all the time turners in the world. Snape couldn't keep you because of his place in the Order and Death Eater, there was too much danger. All children in the Death Eater's circle experience bad thing in their lives and Snape didn't want you to be exposed to that."

"I know." Harry sighed and sat down in one of the chair in the room. "I just… all my life, I wanted family, to be part of something then, at eleven, I was thrown into this world and still I'm learning a lot of new things after five years. What more is there?"

Sirius shook his head and sat down as well in another chair. "A whole lot more. Here," He reached over and pulled a book out of the hidden drawer in the side table. "When your mother first came here and saw the family tree, she was horrified by the burn holes. She spent a whole summer once, writing this book." He handed Harry the book. "It's magical, it adds on whoever is born and it also includes muggleborns as well."

Harry took the book and opened, surprised to find page after pages of family tree documented and came to a page where he found his own name. "Harry James Snape." He looked up to Sirius, "It said Snape, not Potter."

"That's right, keep going." Sirius gestured to the book.

Harry returned to the book and found that despite the family that put holes on the tapestry, there were names included and there were symbols on the sides of their names showing which sides they fell on. Severus Snape's name was symbolized under the good side, not the bad. It made Harry feel a little bit better. He turned the pages and saw a blank page with a single name on the top, "Hermione Jane Granger."

"A page for her, she has no previous record or lineage with magic. She is the first in her family, thus she begin her own family tree. It will record the names of who she marries and her own children and after that. It was Lily's gift to me for my birthday. Take a look at my page."

Harry did so and looked to find it was several pages long of a very long history of Black Family tree. He found Sirius' name at the bottom along with his own brother, Regulus Black. He noticed another name, a sister of Sirius and looked up, frowning. "My mother was your sister?"

Sirius smirked. "Yes. You see, my father had an affair with a muggle woman and we never knew until years later. It was her eyes that made us realize it. Regulus had the same eyes and we made a potion to find out. She was my half-sister and I'm your uncle for real."

Harry's eyes welled up with tears. "Why did you guys tell me before?"

Sirius shook his head. "We couldn't until now. It would have brought too much questions and your mother made it clear to not reveal anything to you until after your fifteenth birthday. Now on, anything you want to find out, ask. Dumbledore can't hold anything back now; he has to tell you whatever you need to know."

Harry frowned as he closed the book and gave it back to Sirius and waited until he put the book away and asked, "Then, why can't I be in the Order?"

The older man rubbed his face. "They're talking about that now, deciding if you should or not be part of the Order."

"Oh." Harry said as he stood up and Sirius stood up and went over to him, clasping the boy's shoulder.

"You should rest, in a few days; you're going back to Hogwarts and its OWL this year for you guys."

"Yeah. Hermione's already planning out all the study dates." They both laughed.

On the train Harry sat in the compartment, with Neville and Luna Lovegood, a girl Ginny's age from Ravenclaw. Hermione and Ron became perfects and had to do their duties on the train.

He glanced at the picture in his hand, the picture Mad-Eye Moody had given to him, the original Order of Phoenix. His mother was in it along with James, Sirius, Remus and Severus and many others. Only few had survived to this day and it made his heart hurts. He couldn't help but feel angry that a single man had worked to destroy many lives in the past several decades. Shaking his head lightly, he placed the picture away in his book and looked out of the window to find that they were approaching Hogsmede.

Rubbing his slightly aching scar, he had been having strange dreams at night lately, of the door and hallways. Sometime the dreams were nightmares from the past few years, with every encounter he had with Voldemort. There were also nightmares of his parents and how things could have been with Professor Snape.

He was allowed to get in the Order meeting and learned that the Order would not let Kreacher go, despite how horrible the house elf is. He knew too much to be let go. Then, he learned that Voldemort was building army and the Order hinted about Dementors and Werewolves. Things were not looking pretty. The Dark Lord is becoming more and more active since his resurrection.

He had not seen Professor Snape except during the meeting of the Order and not one word had been exchanged. It was as if Professor Snape still thought of him as James Potter's son and nothing had ever changed. It was like a stab in the heart, just one moment to find out that he has a living father then was turned around to learn that his father wouldn't want to do anything with him. He pushed those feeling down deep, ignoring and trying to move on, to live as Harry Potter, as if nothing changed. Yet, every morning, early before anybody woke up, he would get up and look in the mirror and see a different boy staring back at him.

There was great sadness and diminishing hope in that boy's eyes. Harry felt like he was killing that boy every single time he cast the charm over himself to look like Harry Potter.

The night before they were to board the train to Hogwarts, he had a strange dream:

Harry found himself in the room where he first found the Mirror of Erised. The mirror stood there like before and with curiosity, he went up to the mirror. He stood before the mirror, watching the reflection and found himself looking back. His feature as Harry Potter then melted into one Harry Snape, the son of Lily and Severus and his parents stood behind him, their faces held humbled pride.

Then suddenly, the mirror fogged up and he found himself moving toward the surface and it rippled around him, transporting somewhere else beyond the glass. The landscape was fogged and then began to fade and he recognized the scenery to be on Hogwart's ground, the courtyard with rose garden. The ground was blanked with snow and the garden was lit up with fairies lights, giving off beautiful idyllic scenery. Music unfamiliar to his ears was playing softly and he turned around, searching what he assumed he needed to see.

There, a couple danced together in the clearing. He walked up slowly, trying to see who the couple were and gasped softly as he recognized a younger Severus and his mother, happily dancing.

He watched them dance to the soft music for a while, a smile upon his lips. Then, the fog descended down and the couple transformed into different people. He narrowed his eyes, trying to see who were dancing, but the fog was obscuring his vision. The boy had pale blond hair, tied back and the girl had long raven tresses and he couldn't see who they were. But what remained with him when he woke was the emotion he had felt in the dream was love and desire that ran deep that he couldn't shake.

Blearily waking up to Ron's yelling at him to get up and get ready. The dream remained in his mind like a memory and he couldn't help but think of it through the day and nearly entire train ride.

"We're here." He blinked and looked up to find Luna smiling at him and he got up to follow her and Neville off the train.