Part Three Deleted Scenes:

Voldemort's Intention with Caledonia

Voldemort stood waiting in the foyer where the others would arrive soon. His plan had hitched and he was pleased to see that the cabinet had worked several hours ago. He could feel it in his blood that the great Headmaster Dumbledore had fallen.

The noises of apparitions popped and he looked up from his musing to see Bellatrix smiling like a wild panther. The others begin to pop in as she slithered up to him, her hands creeping up his arm in familiar ways. "The boy failed… Sevvy dearest had to do it." She whispered and crackled, "but Dumby is dead." She moved back and watched gleefully as Voldemort turned to face the apparition spot in the foyer with wand out.

Severus appeared and his black eyes met the Dark Lord. It was instant and Voldemort saw it in his mind, his memory that indeed he was the one who killed Albus Dumbledore. As fast as Voldemort was in his mind, he withdrew, bowed, stepped away, and waited in the shadow across the room.

Draco and Caledonia appeared and Voldemort snarled, ripping the couple apart, throwing the pale shaken girl across the floor and shot painful and deadly spell upon the boy. The boy had failed him in every sense and was useless. He held the spell, relishing in the scream of pain that rented from the boy's throat. He saw in the boy's mind that it was finite, that his family was done for and wishing for swift death.

"You've failed," Voldemort said as he finished the Cruciatus curse. He raised, ready to kill the boy off but something caught his attention as a metal glinted. He lowered his wand as his eyes fell to the boy's hand, on his left hand was a ring on the fourth finger. His eyes snapped to the girl cowering against the wall, pale and shaken, her eyes glassy. He narrowed his eyes as he saw the similar ring on her left hand. They matched… wedding bands.

"You and her?" He asked and he saw Draco nod, just barely. So they had married. He let out a deep laugh, "You married her… I should've seen it coming." He had known of the plan that the two would marry in few weeks but they had already done so earlier than expected. He turned to Severus and gave a huff, "This changes things."

"My Lord?" Severus bowed his head, "how would that be?"

Voldemort turned his head toward the girl and frowned, seeing that she was still huddled in the corner like a demented patient in the asylum. "What's wrong with her?" She appeared almost lifeless, like a doll.

Draco stammered, "She was stunned before I was able to apparate here." He turned his head away.

Voldemort didn't care and wanted to have some time alone to rethink his plan for Caledonia. "Very well." He turned to the other Death Eaters, "At least the job's done as I wanted. Take her away and see to her." Draco stood shakily, gathered Caledonia, and moved to leave the room. "Severus… Caledonia may have saved Malfoy family from their failure, but she has her uses with them."

He strode past the dark wizard and left the foyer, going deep into the manor to his favored room and closed the door behind him. He went to the wingback chair and sat down, rubbing his forehead as his great snake coiled up around the back of the chair to settle its head on his shoulder.

"Nagini… this changes things."

"How so, mi'lord?" The snake hissed.

Voldemort reached up and caressed the snake's head. "I once long time ago wanted a heir. But I couldn't do so with my mistress…"

The snake closed its eyes in pleasure under Voldemort's ministration. "Bellatrix has more uses to you."

"Yes… But she could not give me a child. I am infertile. But when I saw Caledonia for the first time that night in the Ministry of Magic Atrium…" Voldemort said as he stared in the fire before the chair, his mind recalling the memory. "I was astounded to see a child of Severus Snape. Even then, I knew she was his daughter when he lied to me. I know he lied to protect her. She is powerful, strong and pure. I wanted her to be the one to be my heir. She has every making in her to be the most powerful Dark Lord, or so, Lady."

"And this changes with the marriage, how?"

Voldemort smirked. "The Malfoy has their uses to me and tonight, with Draco's failure, I expected to be the last uses. However, there is one more. They will bear me the vessel for my soul."

The snake moved its head toward her master, her eyes questioning. Voldemort gave a wry chuckle and patted the snake's head. "This body has been weakened and has its limitation. But with Malfoy's pureblood lineage and Caledonia's immense power, together they will carry a strong generation and I will gather what's left of my torn souls and be reborn again through their child."

"That is a good plan, mi'lord."


Mother and Daughter's Bonding

Caledonia traced her finger on the cold-fogged windowpane as she sat on the window bench in Draco's room. It had been a week since they came to the Malfoy Manor. It was a cold dreary summer and she shivered, pulling the blanket around her.

She opened her mouth and breathed, fogging up the window once again to trace doodles on the windowpane. Sighing, she leaned her forehead against the cool glass, watching as her tracing faded with the mist. The door opened with a soft click and she looked over her shoulder to see Narcissa come in. She watched as the older woman strode over to her with grace and air of superiority.

Narcissa sat down across from Caledonia and patted her hand on the younger woman's ankle. "We're worried about you, dear."

Caledonia sighed and shook her head. "I am fine."

"On the outside, you are fine, but on the inside, you are not." Narcissa said and shifted to make herself comfortable. "You're not alone here. My husband and myself have to put up with the vile man in our house far longer than you can believe. But we have come to hold onto the hope that one day, we all will be free."

Caledonia looked up to Narcissa. "How can you put such faith in that while serving the bastard?" She hissed.

"We never signed up to serve him. Unfortunately, Lucius was born into the servitude. Abraxas Malfoy had taken liking to the old Tom Riddle long time ago and served him. Lucius, at one time, was much like Draco, raised to believe in such philosophy and trained to serve the Dark Lord. It wasn't until when he was in Hogwarts that his belief changed."

The younger woman frowned, "You knew what you were getting into when you married him, didn't you?"
Narcissa gave a soft sigh, "Yes."

"But you could've backed out."

The older woman looked over at Caledonia and gave a sad smile. "You're right, I did have a choice to back out, but I didn't."


"I loved Lucius. Granted, we were betrothed since birth, but I came to love him very much when we met in Hogwarts. He was kind, sweet and honorable. He admitted to me when we were young that his family were serving the Dark Lord and gave me the chance to opt out."

"And you didn't."

"That's right." Narcissa smiled fondly. "Tell me," Caledonia looked up again, "Why did you and Draco marry?"

Caledonia opened her mouth to answer but saw the knowing look in the older woman's eyes and closed her mouth. Narcissa nodded and replied, "Love. Draco fought hard for you, didn't he?"


"He believed in you. Now, believe in him as well."

"I know, but I don't know what to do now. I feel like I am trapped here, with him down the hall and I can't do anything." Caledonia whispered, shaking as she tried to fight back tears of frustration, desperation and anger.

Narcissa reached out, took hold of Caledonia's hands, and noticed they were cold, ice cold. "You're a Malfoy now. Our strength has always been family. We stand together, supporting each other and believing in each other. You and Severus are part of us and we're part of you. I may not know you very well, but you're my daughter now."

Caledonia's eyes filled with tears and spilled down her cheeks. It kept on coming, she cried, and Narcissa gathered the weeping girl into her arms and rocked her, soothingly whispering to her for a while.

It was a long time before Caledonia was able to calm down and Narcissa smiled, brushing the ebony hair, "Shh, love. We're here and we're with you. Now, with all that cried out… are you ready to be a Malfoy Mistress?"

Caledonia sniffed and detached herself from the older woman. Narcissa stood up and faced the younger girl with her hands folded onto her abdomen, her stance straight and proud. "Being Lady Malfoy is three things; pureblood, proud and poise."

"But I am not a pureblood."

"Matter not." Narcissa snapped softly. "It's not the blood that is pure, it's who you are that make you a pureblood." She gestured sharply for Caledonia to stand up and walked around her in a circle. "First, you must hold yourself in high regard, stand straight and tall." She snapped her fingers and Caledonia stood straight, her head high. "Good. Always keep in the forefront of your mind that you are a strong witch and proud of it, that will reinforce your poise and in the end, you will flaunt the purity of the witch in you."

Caledonia inhaled and held her stance, schooling her face and fortifying her mind. In mere second, she transformed into a woman worthy the title of Lady Malfoy. Narcissa smiled as she came to stand in front of her. "Now, I know you do not care much for your wardrobes. I've taken care of that for you, careful to find your style. They're all in the wardrobe cabinet here." She gestured toward to the said furniture in the room. "Dresses, gowns and more, all for you. Draco has approved of a few and I kept with the style from the ones he had approved. I believe you will approve too." She withdrew her wand and swished it, out came from the wardrobe cabinet were several dresses dancing in midair toward them and came to stop around them in a circle.

Caledonia glanced around, taking in the clothes that her mother-in-law has gotten her. She had to admit that they were tasteful, at the same time, not so overly done. She reached out to the soft green velvet gown and rubbed the sleeve, feeling its softness. She glanced and was impressed at the styles, they screamed of wealth, yet humbleness.

"I see you approve too." Narcissa smirked. "Go on, clean up and I'll have an outfit ready for you. It's nearly dinner time."

Caledonia nodded and retreated to the bathroom and soon, she came out feeling refreshed and clean. Narcissa helped her into a simple dark blue A-line cut gown with square neck and long sleeves. To Caledonia's surprise, the gown wasn't constricting as she thought they would be but comfortable and the skirt flowed like water around her legs.

Narcissa brushed Caledonia's long ebony hair, pulled half up in a clip, and turned the girl around. "Remember, the strength comes from family in this household. We stand together, for each other. Take strength from all of us."

"Thank you," Caledonia softly said, "Mother."

Narcissa smiled and kissed the younger woman's cheek fondly, "my daughter."

The two women left the room, heads high and their stance proud, worthy of the title they bore.

Wilderness Men

On Hunting:

"Here's the plan, stun the rabbits and we kill them." Draco whispered crouched under the bush and watching the small clearing in the forest. Ron was next to him, crouched as well.

"Won't that spoil the meat, using magic?" Ron asked as he held his wand, watching as few rabbits came into the clearing, nibbling and sniffing at the grasses.

Draco rolled his eyes and glanced over to the redhead. "It'll spoil the meat if you leave them stunned after you kill them."

"Run that by me again…" Ron spat, scowling, as he could not grasp the concept.

"It's simple, dunderhead. Stun, grab, finite and kill."

"Right. How many do we need?"

Draco turned and glanced at the small rabbits hopping counting and doing the math in his head. "Don't want too many, don't want less than we needed. There are four of us, one rabbit can feed two for dinner and breakfast."
"Two then," Ron replied as he salivated at the fat rabbit that came in the clearing. "I just had enough of rubbery mushrooms and wild beets."

"Me too. We're going to make our women proud of us, men of the woods." Draco nearly crowed.

"Damn right!" Ron agreed whole-heartedly.

The two young scraggly men turned and held their wands out, the spell upon their lips as they poised to attack. Then, all the sudden, the rabbits scattered and disappeared from the clearing in a blink of an eye. They shot each other a look, befuddled and turned to see a wild boar screaming, crashing through the clearing from another side heading toward them. They scrambled apart, shell-shocked as the boar darted past them.

"Manly? My ass!" They heard Caledonia scream as she shot through the clearing, chasing after the boar with a knife in her hand waving about.

Hermione came crashing through and shouted gleefully, "We're having pig for dinner!" She ran past them laughing wildly.

All Draco and Ron could do was stare flabbergasted.

On Fishing:

"I am so glad we found a river…" Ron muttered as he sat down on the rock and peeled the shoes and socks off his feet. "It's hot, I am hungry and thirsty."

Hermione dropped the bag and plopped down on the soft grass beside the small trickling river. "Me too… I wonder," she sat up and looked at the river, "if there are any fishes in there."

Draco and Caledonia sat down, peeled their shoes and socks off, and started to wade in the water. They splashed water at each other and laughed.

Caledonia shook the water off her and glanced around, "plenty of fishes here. Fish for dinner?"

"Sound good!" Draco commented as he went over to their bags and started to dig around, pulling out twines.

Ron came over with several long sticks he had found within the area. "Fishing sticks. Leave it to us; we'll get you ladies fishes for dinner!"

"Sure, one each." Hermione said as she grabbed a stick.

"We'll get the biggest fish you've ever seen!" Draco boasted as he begun to cut and tie the twines to the sticks.

Caledonia and Hermione rolled their eyes and gave each other a glance. They giggled and moved to the other side of the river.

An hour later, Ron grumbled. "Not a bite!"

"Me too," Draco frowned as he threw his bait in the water and held the sticks. "There are fishes, I can see them and they're not biting."

They heard splashes and looked up to see Caledonia and Hermione walking toward them with string full of fishes, big as their arms. "We caught some. Have you gotten any?" Hermione asked as she held up her string, clearly there were five fat long fishes hanging from her twine.

Caledonia held her twine up, "I got six, they were biting pretty good."

Draco and Ron stared at them flabbergasted. The redhead muttered, "How the hell?" Draco nodded in agreement.

Hermione and Caledonia looked at each other and laughed before replying together, "Magic."

They walked past them while Ron and Draco glanced at each other, dumbfounded.

On Game of Wit:

"Fancy a chess game?" Ron asked as he pulled out the chessboard from Hermione's bag. "I am eternally grateful you had in your mind to pack this, luv." He told the bushy-haired witch.

The girl rolled her eyes, "I just knew you can't live without chess, Ron."

Draco perked, "I'm game!"

"Your choice," Ron replied as he set up the pieces and sat down on the bench.

Caledonia looked up from her reading to see Draco had chosen the white pieces and made the first move. Shaking her head, knowing it would be a long game. She went back to the practically thick tome; 'Life ad Lies of Albus Dumbledore'.

Several hours later, she sighed and closed the book, having finished the most fascinating book written by Rita Skeeter. She had to laugh at some part and wonder at most of it. She placed the book down and looked up to see Ron and Draco still sitting at the end of the table, chess in between them.

Hermione heard the book close and look up, "oh, how long has it been?" She got up and stretched.

Caledonia looked at her watch and her eyes widened, "four hours." She stood up, went over to Draco's side, peered over his shoulder to the board, frowned, her eyes flicking up to Ron's face, and saw the scowl, his lips set in a snarl and eyes not blinking but bloodshot. She leaned over to find similar look on Draco's face. Her eyebrows shot up and glanced up to Hermione, whispering, "They didn't make more than a move each." She gestured to the board.

"What?" Hermione asked and went over to Ron's side and looked. "They're…. oh." She stepped back and rolled her eyes.

Caledonia nodded, "My thought exactly. They went into a staring contest."

"Wonder how long that would take." Hermione muttered as the two women entered the kitchen area to start dinner.

Draco and Ron stared at each other, growling softly under their breath, refusing to move a muscle or blink.

The pieces on the chess rolled their heads and muttered to each other, wondering when the players would move them and agreeing that it had been the most boring game they've ever played in.

Nightmares #3: Draco

Draco leaned over to his side, seeing the dark hair that cascaded the pillow he shared with Caledonia and smiled softly. He reached over and stroked her hair, "Love…" She hummed in response and shifted, but didn't turn to face him. "I think they're asleep."

"Draco." Her voice was barely a whisper. "I am tired; we've been walking all day." He ignored her pleas to be left alone, his hand stroked down her arm and over her curvy hip. He then pulled her flush against his chest and she gasped softly. She then turned to gaze at him with her emerald eyes.

He leaned down, kissing her pouty lips and licked along her lips, asking for entrance. She obliged and they shared passionate kiss. Her arms reached up to wind around his neck and he shifted, moving to lie over her. He smirked as her shapely legs moved to hook over his hips. He sighed in bliss as her hips ground into his.

"Oh, Caledonia…" He groaned as he closed his eyes.

"Draco." Her voice was louder than a whisper, but rougher. He frowned in confusion and looked down, gasping as he stared into the eyes of one Harry Potter and yelped.

Draco shot up from the bed, sweating and panting. He glanced around, seeing that he was still in the tent and turned over to see the black hair spilled over the pillow and he reached over, pausing, his hand shaking as he recalled his dream. He swallowed hard.

"Mm… Draco?" Her voice was soft and she turned, blinking her long eyelashes and sat up, seeing Draco pale and clammy. She reached over and stroked his cheek. "What is it?"

He sighed in relief as he saw her soft feature, her long ebony hair. "Nothing… it was a nightmare." He reached over and pulled her to his chest, burying his face into her hair. "A nightmare. Nothing to worry about."

"It helps to talk about it." She told him as she stroked his shoulder length pale hair. "You know that, after all those times you've helped me."

He gave a wry chuckle. "I dreamed, we were going to make love, and then you changed."

She pushed herself away from him, confused as she peered into his face. "Changed? How?"

His face flushed, "You changed back."

Her eyes went wide as she realized what she meant and shook her head. "As much I used to want to, but not anymore. You know this is permanent, thanks to you." She gestured to her well-endowed chest and gripped his hand, bringing them to touch one of them. "Let me show you…" She leaned over, kissing his lips and he sighed, succumbing to the lust and love.

Faked Memories

Caledonia gasped and sat up quickly and regretted doing so, grabbing her throbbing head. She peered between her fingers that had pressed on her scar and saw Draco, Ron and Hermione staring down at her, dripping wet. She realized she was wet and cold as well.

Draco reached over and pulled her hand away gently, taking in stock of her scar and scowled. "He got to you, didn't he?"

She blinked in response and remained silent for a bit before replying, "He was angry. Really angry. He knows now that we've been hunting for his Horcruxes. Actually," She turned to Hermione and Ron. "Just you two with Harry. That's all." She accepted Draco's help to stand up and the four proceeded changing their clothes as Hermione handed over the dry clothes she had in her bag.

"What does he know exactly?" Hermione asked as she handed shirts to Draco and Ron who proceeded to strip off their wet ones.

"He was really angry, you know. Made a massacre at the Gringotts. I don't feel sorry for Griphook, he swindled us." Caledonia replied and huffed as she unbuttoned her corset and peeled it off her body with distaste on her face. "He was thinking of all of his Horcruxes. He knows they've been destroyed. There's two left and seeing his thought really confirmed what I had guessed was the last of the two."

"So, what's he going to do now?" Ron asked.

Caledonia met his eyes. "He knows that we'll be able to kill him once the Horcruxes has been destroyed. I reckon he'll stop at nothing to make sure we don't find the rest."

"So, we have the cup. What's next?" Draco asked as he finished buttoning his pants.

"Draco, you know as well as I do. He's going to call us soon." Caledonia told him.

"He's going to know you've been there with us." Ron concluded as Caledonia nodded.

"I have an idea..."

Hermione swished her wand, casting drying spell on their wet clothes while they huddled together and asked, "Why am I afraid that idea might backfire?"

Draco gave her a look, "Give her a chance..."

Ron gave a little laugh, "You still got a lot to learn about three of us. Any idea we get into, it usually backfires. Go on, Cally, what's your idea."

Caledonia smirked and leaned forward, "We need polyjuice and the last of the hair of Harry Potter and Draco's."

"What!?" Ron stepped back and gaped.

"Sh!" Hermione slapped Ron's arm and with a swish of her wand, the now dry clothes disappeared into her bag and she pulled out the bottle of the polyjuice. "Are you sure? This is just it."

"We only need few minutes of the juice to make this look real. Here's what we're going to do." Caledonia started and they whispered and went over the plan for few minutes before they agreed to go with the plan. They were going to create two different memories.

"Alright, let's get this cracking." Ron muttered as he undressed and put on the clothes he was going to wear.

Draco glared, "Don't look so thrilled... You're not going to be the only one."

"You both shut up." Hermione snapped at the two and held up the polyjuice. "We better not put this to waste!"

Soon, they all stood in place, Ron held the small vial of the murky polyjuice, and Draco mirrored him, looking at his own with disgust. Ron whined, "Why can't I be Harry Potter?"

"Ron, it won't work that way!" Hermione told him.

"I know how to be Harry Potter better than you do." Draco said with a smirk,

Ron scowled and snapped back, "But I know Harry Potter longer!"

"It doesn't make me feel any better that you're going to be me!" Draco sniped.

Caledonia sighed and rubbed her forehead, "Come on guys, we don't have time for this! Let's go. Draco, you have an hour of the juice and Ron, your will only last few minutes. So, you both know what to do?"

"Yes." They all replied.

"Alright, let's get going." Caledonia took a deep breath and closed her eyes, facing the lake.

Ron grimaced as he drank the juice and felt his body change and opened them, seeing that his skin had taken on a pale tan tone and silver blond hair hanging down in his eye. He glanced over to see Harry Potter standing before Caledonia with Hermione on his right.

The pseudo-Harry Potter gave a nod and Ron moved to touch Caledonia on her shoulder. She opened her eyes and she looked at him. "You told them where we are!" She nearly flinched at the tone and turned to face Harry. She felt pseudo-Draco's hand draw across her shoulder, moving behind her. She kept her eyes on pseudo-Harry entire time, taking in his furious accusing look.

As Ron moved behind Caledonia, he had quickly shed off the shirt he was wearing and his body changed back, the effect of polyjuice faded and he moved to Harry's left, whipping out his wand to point at Caledonia.

She took the cue and cried, "No! I got you in the vault! You got what you want... let's go to the Headquarter and we can figure out what to do with the cup there!"

Pseudo-Harry shook his head. "No. It was supposed to go as we planned; we were supposed to get out without anyone noticing. Now they know I am here. He's going to know I am already here. You gave away my place."

"Give that here!" Hermione spat, grabbing Caledonia's bag.

Ron shot a spell, "Stupefy!" toward two dummies that was behind Caledonia and it fell over, giving two loud thuds. Caledonia fell to the ground at the same time, watching as pseudo-Harry, Ron and Hermione took off running toward the forest and apparated, hearing three popping noises. She closed her eyes and waited a minutes before she got up.

She turned and swished her wand, making two dummies disappears from the ground and turned thinking of the Shell Cottage and disapparated.

She appeared, looking around on the beach and saw the sun was beginning to set over the horizon and saw pseudo-Harry, Hermione and Ron waiting on the beach and went to meet them.

"Let's get the next part of the memory done." She told them and waved her wand, changing pseudo-Harry's shirt color. "Alright, let's get this done with."

Draco nodded, standing with his back to the setting sun, facing Caledonia. She looked at him and closed her eyes, allowing her mind to blank first.

As soon she felt confident enough she had given the memory a blank space, she opened her eyes. She saw pseudo-Harry in front of her, mostly shadowed with the sun behind him.

"How should I trust you?" Harry's voice carried over to her over the crashing of the wave. He gestured to her. "You're a Snape and a Malfoy to boot."

"Hermione's my friend, so is Ron. Let me help you, please."

The shadowed Harry crossed his arms and looked away. "I don't know. You have to prove to me that I can trust you."

"You want the Horcrux, right?"


"Let me help you hunt for one."

"There is one... in the Lestrange's vault. Help me get in and I can trust you."

Caledonia stalled, looking away in the opposite direction where Harry had looked. "I don't know... I don't even have the access to the Malfoy's vault."

"Get me in and I can trust you."

She closed her eyes, allowed her mind to blank out, and remained for a long minute before opening them and she saw Draco standing before her, having returned to his self as the polyjuice faded. "I think it will work."

"It's almost fool-proof..." Hermione said as she walked up to Caledonia.

"I hope so."

Mirror of Efillellarap

"Who are you?" The young man in glasses asked as he stared in a strange mirror that he had came across during his wandering in Hogwarts. Lord Voldemort had finally beaten and everyone began to move forward, albeit slowly into a shaky new future, unsure of themselves. Every wizards and witches had their whole lives honed and trained for battle and now it was all over and every one of them were unsure of their future. Including the said raven-haired young man whose green eyes held things that no man his age should've seen.

The woman, tall and lean, with beautiful feature upon pale skin cocked her head; she had familiar eyes and long raven hair. He wondered if she was any relative of his mother, but to his surprise, her eyes were much like his own. She looked confused at first then her lips curved, wickedly sensuously into a smile that made him hitch his breath. "I'm Caledonia." She began to look up and down and around as if looking at a frame on the other side of the glass. She reached up, touched the glass, and mused, "Interesting… The Mirror of Efillellarap. Does yours say the same on the other side, eh Harry?"

He frowned surprised she knew his name. He looked up and read the carved letterings above the frame of the mirror. "Efillellarap ruo yuoy wohsI."

She chuckled and he found her voice sensuous and velvety, yet familiar on a different pitch level. "I show you your parallel life… Harry Potter, this mirror show you what life would've have been if things had taken a different path." She grinned at him. "I am sure, if I go away and come back, I'll see a different one. Universe has many possible outcomes."

"So, you're saying, if something happened along the line of my life, and if I made a different choice, my life would've ended up somewhere like yours?" He asked and saw her nod. He whistled the heaviness of the concept and shook his head. "So, who are you? Why would this mirror bring us together? If I understand correctly, I should be seeing a version of myself, not you."

She laughed and reached up to push her long bang that coyly hid her left eye. He gaped in shock as he saw the lightning bolt scar upon her face. She nodded, "Yes, I am a version of you…"

"Holy… bloody… blimey…" Harry became speechless, lost on which curses he wanted to curse as he stared at his female counterpart. He imitated a fish for a good while before he snapped out of it and asked, "How?"

She sighed and rolled her eyes. "Long story, really…" She narrowed her eyes, peered closer to somewhere off the right of the mirror, and mumbled to herself before she righted herself. "Put your hand on the glass."

"What?" He asked confused, she sighed in irritation, and he shook his head. "All right, all right." He muttered to himself, "I swear you act like Snape."

"You're closer than you think." She replied, grinning.

He placed his hand flush on the glass and saw she did the same, their hands merged, passing through the glass and gasped as their flesh met flesh. Suddenly, everything shifted and twirled in their eyes and closed them, their minds going on a strange and thrilling journey, visiting each other memories.

They didn't know how long they were in each other's mind, revisiting every little detail down to pat. It seemed a whole lifeline, but in reality, it was only a blink long. Their eyes shot open and they were thrown apart from the glass to the floor.

Harry breathed hard, grasping his neck as if he had drowned and blinked for a while, it was a lot to take in. He looked up and saw she was in much same shape, slowly standing up. He followed suits and faced her. "Whoa… shit! I'm married to Draco Malfoy!?" was the first thing came to his mind as he boggled at Caledonia.

Caledonia gaped at him, "And it doesn't bother you a bit that you turned into a girl over here?" She gestured to herself.

Harry became red and shrugged, "If that what it would take to have a father." He sighed, "Wow… what a life you had."

"I could say the same." She replied, her feature going soft. She had seen everything though Harry Potter's memories. He had never gotten a letter from his mother on his fifteenth birthday; he was James and Lily's son in that life and suffered more than she had anticipated. "Strange how life would've been different if one little detail had changed…"

"Yeah." Harry replied. "Seem that little details between yours and mine were our mother; her choice in who she loved."

She smiled in response. "You're right."

Harry shook his head. "I can't change what had been done. I am happy now, now that Voldemort's dead and I might have a normal life after all. You're well on your way to a good life as a Malfoy."

She nodded. "Yeah, and a child on the way." She reached down, rubbing her belly, she was only three months along and she couldn't wait to meet her son or daughter soon.

Harry's eyes held hint of enviousness as he watched Caledonia rub her belly. He wanted children as well too. She saw the look in his eyes and softly said, "The whole world's wide open for you now. You can go and find a girl, marry her and have children."

He laughed, "Yeah, but I got to find one first and it's going to be hard, with every single female throwing themselves at my feet now."

"What about Ginny?" Caledonia asked. "She loves you. She did in my part of life. I would've gone for her if it weren't for this." She gestured to herself, indicating to her feminineness.

"I suppose she does here too." Harry mused.

"Go for it. I wouldn't think differently."

"You're happy, with Malfoy, aren't you?"

"Blissfully," Caledonia smirked.

Harry heard noise and shot his head toward the door and went over to check, he peered his head into the hallway and glanced around. Nothing and he shook his head, returning to the mirror. He swallowed, seeing she was gone. Their connection broken and he knew, he would never see her again. Universe has many possible outcomes and the chances of him finding her were infinities to one. He picked up the cloth that he had pulled from the mirror, thinking it was the Mirror of Erised and threw it over the Mirror of Efillellarap, covering it up again. He didn't want to see the outcomes of other lives that could've been.

Nevertheless, it was bloody interesting, to see how his life could've been if he had turned into a girl.

Caledonia and Draco's Baby Announcement

Caledonia placed the feathered quill into its holder and closed the inkbottle. She blew gently on the letter she had been writing. She glanced up, the fire burning merrily in the fireplace and a small smile played on her lips as she took in the scene.

They were at the Prince Manor. The Malfoy had moved in after the battle upon Severus' invitation. They didn't want to return to their manor, it was in a way, tainted and they wished to not live among the memories until the place was either destroyed or remodeled. Until then, the Malfoy elders moved in, given their own small wing and Draco remained with his wife as they slept in her bedroom. Sirius also moved in, having nowhere else to go and finding himself lonely at the Black manor.

It had been a month since the final battle and the wizarding world was slowly mending. The Ministry of Magic had been left in shamble and Kingsley Shacklebolt and many others had taken upon themselves to reorder the MOM. Friends, families and many more had been laid to rest, funerals ran high and it was a somber dark June for everyone and the nature wept, it rained nearly the whole month.

July came around, the sun peeking, warming up Britain and giving hope for everyone. However, as much as everyone strived to move on, not a hair or hide of Harry Potter had been seen and rumors started to spread like wild fire. Where did Harry Potter go? Did he have a wild affair? Was he sowing his seed over in America? Did he disappear off to the Down Under? There were so many questions and those who were closest to Harry Potter didn't budge, refusing to give a ounce of clue.

Then, Kingsley Shacklebolt, the newly appointed Ministry of Magic wrote a letter to Harry Potter, asking a question. He understood Harry Potter's desire to disappear, never wanting to show his face. He knew the boy had gone through enough and requested the owl to deliver the letter wherever the young wizard was.

The owl, confused, flew around London, then farther out, flew around England and decided to spread farther out, nearly going to Ireland. Then it finally returned to Scotland and nearly gave up, settling at the Prince Manor. In frustration, the owl, trained to hone in the person's magic signature, was befuddled because one Harry Potter was nowhere to be found and only could find the next closest trace of magic, even an iota. It decided to give up and deliver the letter to the person who happened to be Caledonia Snape-Malfoy.

Caledonia had allowed the owl in after it batted against her window and took the letter. The owl had hooted in indignation and left in a flurry. She saw the letter was addressed to Harry Potter and opened it, to find a short letter.

Harry Potter,

I understand you wish not to be found. You've gone through enough. I have investigated and saw that you closed your account at the Gringotts a long time ago and the fund disappeared mysteriously.

I will not ask but wish you the best and thank you for your service to us all.

There had been talk and plan to honor you at the celebration that will come at the six month mark after the battle. I believe you deserve to have a voice in how you wish to be recognized. They wish to erect a statue of you in place of the old fountain that was once destroyed in the Atrium.

This is all I ask, is for your opinion on this.

Your old friend,

Kingsley Shacklebolt

It was a simple, informal letter and Caledonia had to smile and scowl at the same time. She decided to consider the former Auror's query and reply when she had an idea.

And indeed she did and thus, she ended up in her father's large study writing a letter. The routine at the Prince Manor had fallen into comfortable semblance of a peaceful life. The seven of them, Sirius, Lucius, Narcissa, Draco, herself and Severus dined together at every meals, did their own things during the day. They gathered each night in the study to unwind from the day with tea, cognac and some small talks. Sometime they would read, write or play a quiet game. It was peaceful.

She smirked as she watched her godfather twitch on the floor in his dog form before the fireplace, dog napping. She supposed sometime being an animal is relaxing for their mind were simple, or it could had been a force of habit from years of being in the form to keep sane in Azkaban.

Her father and Lucius were sitting together, their heads together as they battled silently against each other at chess. Narcissa was sitting on the chaise lounge, doing embroidery. Draco was lounging near her, reading a book, much to her amusement, a muggle romance novel.

She glanced back to the letter she had written. It was the last thing Harry Potter would do. She rose to her feet silently, went to the window of the study, and opened it. An owl came to her almost immediately and held out its foot, waiting patiently as she tied the letter to it. She stroked the tawny snowy owl and softly told it, "take it to Kingsley Shacklebolt. Don't wait for reply."

The owl gave a soft hoot and flew off. She watched as it disappeared in the dark sky. She stood there, allowing the cool summer air wash over her as she felt the last bit of Harry Potter fade from her. She rubbed her belly, it was nearly four months and she had been hiding her pregnancy, biding the time to announce. She knew within few weeks, she wouldn't be able to hide it any longer.

Smiling as she felt the small round bump on her abdomen. It was unusual, but she couldn't help but feel it was a magical feeling, to have a child grow in her body. She felt a solid body flush up to her back and leaned against the comforting presence.

Draco leaned his head down to nuzzle his nose into her silky hair and asked softly that only her ear could hear, "Everything all right, love?" He asked as he reached around, resting his hand onto her belly where she had rubbed.

Nodding slightly, "Yes. I think we should tell them now."

"All right, whenever you wish." Draco smiled and held his hand out for her to take and guided her toward the center of the study.

Sirius woke from his nap, his tail wagging as he saw Caledonia and Draco come his way and watched them bemusedly. Narcissa looked up as she heard the heavy thumping of Sirius' tail on the rug and shot a questioning look at her son when she noticed they were standing there in front of the fireplace.

"We have something to say." Draco said, drawing attention. He held Caledonia's hand to his side and watched as Severus and Lucius moved from their chess game to sit closer. Sirius transformed and settled himself on the armrest near his cousin. "Caledonia wishes to announce something…" Draco turned to his wife, gave her a loving smile, and kissed her temple.

Caledonia swallowed and glanced at each person in the room and finally rested on her father's face for a long moment before turning to Draco and said, "Well, I'd like to announce that we're pregnant."

Narcissa threw down her embroidery as she got up and nearly squealed, giving Caledonia and Draco a hug. "How wonderful! A grandchild!"

Lucius stood and clapped his son's shoulder and gave Caledonia a kiss on her crown. "What a blessing. Congratulation!"

Sirius leapt to his feet, "Excellent, that's what we need, a pitter-patter of tiny feet in the house!" he bounded to Caledonia and gave her a squeeze.

She laughed, as Sirius looked almost ready to burst and wag his tail in his human form. She then turned to find her father standing and staring at her with serious look on his face. She swallowed again and stepped up to him, "Father?"

He looked down at her and then took her in his embrace, holding her. "Congratulation love. I am happy for you."

Tears spilled from her eyes as she burrowed her head into her father's warm embrace and held onto him. "Thank you father."

He drew back, held her at arm length, and smiled, "When is the child due?"

Draco replied, "Around Christmas time."

Narcissa squealed and Sirius cheered while Lucius shouted, "Indeed! This calls for a celebration!"

Severus's face darkened as he stared at his daughter. Draco watched with concern realizing his father-in-law wasn't joining the celebration. Caledonia began to pale as her father's face scowled and his hands gripped her shoulders a bit harsh.

The room became deadly silent as everyone turned to them. Severus closed his eyes, let his daughter go, clenched his hands to his side, and said with deadly tone, "You mean to tell us… you're four months along?"

Lucius glanced to his wife with bemusement and saw something clicked in Narcissa's eyes as she gasped. Sirius' eyes widened stepped back.

Caledonia stepped back, only to fall into Draco's protective arms. "Yes."

"You…" Severus stared at her, "You were pregnant since March. The entire time during the battle…"

Tears fell from Caledonia's eyes as Draco gently pushed her to stand behind her and stood up to Severus, "yes. We never knew until after the battle. We only found out after she fainted."

Severus scowled and snapped, "The risks! She could've died! Along with the child! Voldemort," Everyone flinched, "Could've used that against all of us if he knew! For all we could've known, he could have imprinted the last bit of his soul in the child!"

Caledonia stepped around Draco and shouted, "There's nothing evil about my child. I would've known! Voldemort's gone, he's dead. I know this because I've seen it myself when I crossed over."

Severus closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "You're right. I am sorry. Just the thought of you being in such condition, battling the Dark Lord was too much."

She stepped up to him and placed a hand on his arm and softly said, "I would've been frightened too if I knew then. But I didn't. Madame Pomfrey mentioned that there was a powerful shield spell surrounding the womb at the time, protecting the baby." She drew his hand down from his face and placed it on the small swell, "Your grandchild is in there, safe and sound. He will be loved very much by all of us. That's what he deserves. He is an innocent soul."

Severus nodded, his hand remained on her belly, feeling the hardness of the womb and then he shifted, gathering her into his arms once again and said, "I apologize, love. I am happy that I have a grandchild now."

She smiled up at him. "Good."

"Let's celebrate!" Sirius barked as he swung around, handing out glasses of wine and paused at Caledonia, "ah, an apple juice for you." He handed the golden liquid in the crystal to her and held up the glass high in the air, "To Caledonia and Draco, for their new addition to the family. Cheers!"

"Cheers!" Everyone chorused and clinked their glasses together and drank, smiling and laughing.

Narcissa excitedly grabbed Caledonia's arm and drew her to the chaise lounge, "We have to plan for the baby's nursery!" Caledonia laughed as she listened to Narcissa prattle on about the colors, themes and clothes. Draco rolled his eyes as he settled down next to her, picking up the book, smirking as he listened to his mother's chatter.

Lucius rested his arm over Severus' shoulders, watching his wife chattered excitedly. "My friend, we're all luckily to be blessed despite our past. One can say we do not deserve this."

Severus bowed his head in a small nod, "Indeed."

Sirius joined them, sliding up next to Severus' other side and nudged, "The fates had given all of us a second chance." He gestured toward Caledonia, "with that wonderful woman."

Severus smiled and Caledonia looked up to him, smiling.

Sixteen Years Later

"I want to go!" A young girl whined all too familiar and his mother rolled her eyes and glared pointedly to her handsome husband.

She then smoothed the girl's silky curl, brushing away from her face to reveal shining emerald eyes that seemed to almost water. "It won't be long, darling and you will go too." She told her.

"But it won't be for five years!" She pouted and crossed her arms in a very much same fashion, giving his mother a flash back from twenty-three years ago when she first met her husband on the staircase before the Great Hall of Hogwarts when they were mere eleven years old.

Quiet annoyed with her attitude, "Lily Narcissa Luna Malfoy," She sternly said and the girl sighed, dropping her arms, looking up at her mother. "Darling, think of all the time you get to play by yourself without your brothers pestering you." The girl seemed to lighten up at the idea and cheerfully ran off to find her friends. "Don't get lost!" She called after her, turned to her husband, and smiled.

"What if I end up in Hufflepuff, father?" Draco looked down to see his second son looking up at him, his eyes wide and he was biting his lips.

He knelt beside him, brushing his black that fell over his pale blue eyes. He looked so much like his mother that he felt his heart swell. "I don't think you will end up in Hufflepuff. Maybe Gryffindor or Slytherin."

He narrowed his eyes and Draco knew what would come next. "You and Mom were in Slytherin, why would I want to be in Gryffindor? I want be like you two!" He pouted.

Caledonia chuckled over Draco and he glanced up to her, "Perhaps, it's your turn." He said standing up.

She knelt to level with her stubborn and mischievous son, he had been much more handful than her two other children and the middle child of the three. She knew in her heart where her son will end up. "Your grandmother was in Gryffindor. I was in Gryffindor at first, remember…" She tapped her forehead, she had long gone swept her hair back in simple half coif, her scar had faded to faint line over the years. She had told tales of Harry Potter and how he became into Caledonia to her children as if it were fairy tales. Though her children knew better not to reveal to anyone for a long while, it was their favorite stories that they kept in their hearts.

Scorpius Albus Sirius, named after the two men that his parents had come to respect higly, nodded as he latched onto his mother and then turn to hug his father, "You will write to me?" He asked.

He had always been his mother's boy but had special spot in Draco's heart and his father smirked, kissing his forehead before standing up. "Go on, you will miss your train." Scorpius bobbed his head, ran to aboard the train, and turned back, waving to his parents who replied with their own waves.

Draco glanced around, seeing few kids and growled, "That boy is going to be the death of us!" Caledonia turned her head to find her oldest son, sixteen years old, in his right handsome mixture of his grandfathers with long silky black hair that fell down to his shoulders and smoldering green eyes and fine feature. She covered her mouth, attempting to stifle her chuckles.

James Severus Lucius Malfoy was kissing, more rather, snogging a pretty curly red-head girl, Rose Weasley. Draco made move to break them apart but was stopped when Caledonia laid her hand on his arm. He glanced at her with question in his eyes. She shook her head and the whistle blew, announcing that it was leaving the station. The two young lovers broke apart and scrambled to board the train before it started to move.

James then stuck his head out, waving to his parents, smiling the blasted aristocratic smile that belonged to Lucius Malfoy. "I'll be sure to watch over Scorpius." He shouted to his parents. "Love you mother!"

Draco sneered toward his son, "You keep your hands to yourself!"

"Yeah, right father!" James cheekily shot back and disappeared in the train.

"Remember when we were sixteen?" Caledonia asked, turning to her husband of seventeen years of marriage.

He glanced down, pulling her flush to his body, even after seventeen years, his heart beats wildly for her. He lifted her left hand and caressed the rings with his thumb, "we married then, didn't we?" She gave him a sly smile and kissed his lips.

"Oi! You two, don't you get tired of public display of affection?" They turned to see Ron approaching them, gangly and tall with hint of receding hairline, but he still had same youthful shine in his face and Hermione at his side, grinning.

Draco drawled, "What's to you? I can snog my wife anywhere, anytime I want to." He let her go and they shook hands.

"It's sickening to watch you two snog, it's like seeing gay porn." Ron retorted with teasing bite in his tone. Hermione gasped and swatted him. "What? It's true!"

Caledonia reached over and bopped him on the head with her small purse. "Idiot. I haven't been able to stand and pee in over eighteen years! In no way it is gay porn to you!"

Ron chuckled, "Just kidding." They turned and walked together to the end of the station where few fireplaces were lined up for floo. "Seeing Scorpius off to Hogwarts this year?"

"Yes. He was upset because James told him that he would get in Hufflepuff." Draco replied.

"Hufflepuff? That boy?" Hermione asked, shaking her head. "Not likely." She recalled how many troubles the boy had gotten himself into over the years. He was born with nasty streak of mischief that she suspected inherited from Sirius Black, seeing he is his great-uncle.

Caledonia smirked in a true Malfoy fashion, "he'll be in Slytherin for sure."

"No! Every kid of yours got to be in Gryffindor!" Ron said, turning to them. "We need more Malfoy in Gryffindor!"

Draco rolled his eyes, "What of your kid?" He retorted. To their surprises, Rose ended up in Ravenclaw with a streak of Slytherin and a heart of Gryffindor.

The redhead shrugged, jerking his thumb toward his wife, "comes from her. All smart and bookish…"

"Are you sure she's spending her time in the libraries like Hermione did?" Caledonia asked, "We just saw James and Rose sucking at each other's tonsils just before they boarded the train."

Ron's eyes bugged and became red, "Why! You control your son! I won't have him defile my daughter!" He rounded onto a laughing Draco who stepped into the floo. "Not like you did to Caledonia when you were sixteen!"

"We were married!" Draco shot and said, "Prince Manor!" and he was gone in green flame, laughing.

Ron paled, turning to Caledonia, "Please, don't tell me that they've married in secret?"

Shaking her head, she stepped into the floo with her daughter, Lily. "We would've known first. See you Friday at the Malfoy Manor for dinner?" She saw Ron and Hermione nod, holding their youngest, Hugo between them. Hugo and Lily waved at each other; they were of the same age and best friends. She smiled, knowing Lily and Hugo would end up in Gryffindor when the time comes. "Prince Manor!" She said and the green flame washed over them.


Year 2248

"Well, we've found it." A woman said as she stood on the top of the hill with another man. The forest behind her and the site in front of her, people going about busily digging and extracting artifacts.

"You're absolutely sure this is it, Julie?" The man asked.

"Yes, Skyler. Godric Gryffindor's ancient town, the Godric Hallow. The town disappeared in that eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano over a hundred years ago. This is exciting because it is also the hometown of the once famed wizard, Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter."

"Yes…" Skyler glanced down at the book in his hand and read the notes of the archeology data. "I wonder what we will find."

"I don't know!" Julie laughed, "that's what make this exciting… I wonder if anything is intact…" She trailed off and spotted a streak of red light going up in the air. It was a sign that one of her worker had found something. "Come on! Let's go and see what they've found."

The two ran down the hill and through the site, careful to not step on anyone or anything until they reached near the center of what once was a town.

"We found something." Another man said swishing his wand to clear off the dirt at his feet, "apparently this was once the gravesite." He gestured to the area that he and his co-workers had marked the area. "We've uncovered many tombstones… You want to look at a few of them."

"Please…" Skyler gestured, panting from his run.

"Well… Here's Ariana Dumbledore's gravestone." He led them over to a broken gravestone and on the top, worn from age and erosion, carved name of the said girl.

"Oh! Ariana, the tragic young sister of Albus Dumbledore!" Julie gasped as she peered closer to the gravestone, caressing the worn stone.

"Well, there's more…" The man said, "Over here, is Ingnotus Peverell…"

Skyler gasped, "The Deathly Hallow brothers…"

Julie looked as if Christmas came early. "Yes… the one fathered the Potter generations! Oh, this is so exciting!"

A woman shouted, "Here it is!" She stood up and waved them over. She brushed her forehead of sweat and pocketed her wand. "James Potter." She gestured to the lone gravestone. "He's here."

Julie ran over, knelt before the stone, and drew out her wand, carefully casting spell to blow away the dust some more. "That can't be right. This is stone for a single person… the record state that he was buried with his wife, Lily Potter."

"Could it be his relatives of the same name?" The woman asked.

Julie shook her head. "No, look at the date. It is him, the father of Harry Potter."

"Look…" Sklyer said as he gestured to the next gravestone.

Julie stood and went over to the next gravestone; it was bigger and held two names with the years on them. She gaped. "This changes the very history we know. Severus Tobias Snape and Lily Rose Snape…"

"Harry Potter never was a Potter." Another man appeared and handed an ancient book. "We found this not far from here in a house…"

Julie looked at the book; it was a journal. Surprisingly it had survived the destruction of the town and kept very well with magic. She could feel the magic embedded in the very pages of the book and opened it revelry. She read the neat spidery loopy scrawl.

"What did it say?"

Julie looked up to her co-worker, pale. "We've just discovered wizarding history's deepest secret."

My name is Caledonia Lilia Snape. I didn't always go by that name, but I was also known by another name, Harry James Potter. This is our story…

The End