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Tech Savvy



"So by passing Carbon Dioxide through a solution of Calcium Oxide" Kagome read out loud to herself, "the solution turns milky because of the insoluble Calcium Carbonate that gets formed"

She repeated the sentence a few times in her head in order to memorize it. The modern day miko had an important chemistry test in a few days. So, she begged her hanyou to let her come back home to cram for the test and after Inuyasha eating dirt a few dozen times, she finally found herself sitting at her desk learning the different equations that might be asked.

'Goodbye papa, please pray for me'

She could hear the words currently floating around her room originating from the stereo she had turned on before hitting the books. She was listening to her mixed CD, the one that she had recorded all her favorite songs on.

'I was the black sheep of the family'

She started humming along when the next line of the song flowed out from the speakers. Kagome would do this every time she had an important test to study…or cram…for. She found that soft soothing songs helped her concentrate better.

'You tried to teach me right from wrong

Too much wine and too much song

Wonder how I got along'

She turned the page and started reading out loud again. This was going to be one long night.

Tap tap tap

Miroku was in the middle of meditating when his eyebrow twitched.

Tap tap tap tap

Sango clenched her teeth and closed her eyes in a vain attempt to muffle the noise.

Tap tap

Shippou glared at the person responsible for the annoying sound. Said person continued making it, oblivious to his friends' irritation.

Sango opened her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh, "Would you stop tapping the floor with your claws Inuyasha"

"Keh" he grunted, but stopped the incessant tapping.

"Perhaps he is not comfortable with Kagome's absence" Miroku ventured, cracking his eyes open to regard the sulky hanyou across from him.

"Ha" Shippou rolled his eyes, "As if that's anything new"

"Ow!" the kit whined moments later, clutching his head where Inuyasha had hit him.

"I think it would be better for all of us if you go to Kagome's time for a little while" Sango suggested, she was fed up with Inuyasha's childish attitude.

Inuyasha glared at the demon slayer before getting up, "I'm just going to check whether she's really studying" he snapped. The hanyou pushed open the flap covering the door to Kaede's hut and sprinted towards the well.

"Peace at last…" Sango sighed before turning beet red, "Pervert!" she slapped the lecherous monk hard enough for him to possibly get a concussion.

She was never going to get that well deserved relaxation she wanted.

Inuyasha slid the well house door open and did a quick sweep of the shrine grounds with his eyes before stealthily making his way to the tree that was nearest to the open window on the first floor. He jumped up and landed on the branch that was level with Kagome's room window and looked inside.

There was Kagome hunched over her textbooks at her study table, seemingly deep in concentration. He saw her chew her bottom lip, her eyebrows were scrunched together as her eyes darted across the page. She brushed a stray lock of her ebony strands behind her ear. The hanyou sighed; he could never tire of watching her.

His ears twitched suddenly, as they picked up on a foreign noise.

'Goodbye Michelle, it's hard to die'

It sounded like a man singing, but who was this 'Michelle' person and who was dieing?

'When all the birds are singing in the sky'

Where the hell was that strange singing coming from anyway? It couldn't be Kagome singing because it was a man's voice.

'Now that spring is in the air'

Inuyasha narrowed his eyes. He needed to find the source of that singing, it could be something dangerous. It was weird that Kagome hadn't noticed it yet though, could it have put her in some sort of trance?

Inuyasha hopped into the room in one fluid motion startling Kagome into making her yell out and almost fall off her chair. Once she had steadied herself, she turned around and quirked her eyebrows in question, "What are you doing here?"

"Keh" he switched into defensive mode, "I just came here to see whether you were really studying"

'With the flowers everywhere

I wish that we could both be there'

There was that singing again. Inuyasha gave Kagome a once over, she seemed to be her normal self judging by the angry glare she was currently sending his way.

"What's that noise?" he finally asked, Kagome momentarily lost her anger in favor of clarifying Inuyasha's question.

"What noise?"

'We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun'

"That noise" he said pinpointing a grayish metallic box as the source of the singing. Was it some type of demon?

"Do you mean the song I'm listening to?" Kagome asked, following Inuyasha's line of sight to her stereo. Now why would he be glaring at that?

"Huh?" he asked intelligently.

'But the hills that we climbed were just seasons out of time'

Kagome sighed, "That thing" she pointed to the grayish metallic box, "Is called a stereo Inuyasha, it plays songs for us to listen to"

"Ste-re-ooh" he sounded it out, then grunted, "What kind of crappy name is that?"

"It's not crappy Inuyasha, it's a very useful invention" Kagome said getting up and walking over to it, "Like I said, you can pop in cassettes and CDs and it'll play them for you. It's kind of like a music maker box"

"Is it magic?" he asked, giving the gadget a wary look.

Kagome giggled, "No Inuyasha, it's not magic. It runs on electricity, a source of energy we harness from lightning" she explained at his lost look.

"Isn't that…dangerous?" he asked looking slightly panicked. Did Kagome do such risky things without his supervision when she was in her time?

"Well, maybe it is for the people who harness it" she said, understanding his nervousness. This must all sound so strange to him, having been born and growing up in the feudal era, "But, they harness electricity in huge buildings situated in remote places, the electricity is then transmitted into our homes so that we can use it in safe conditions"

"Oh" he said, sounding relieved, as long as Kagome wasn't playing around with lightning, it was alright.

Kagome regarded him for some time, waiting for his next move or question, whichever came first. When he didn't do anything, she sighed, "Hey Inuyasha" she said. 'Looks like he doesn't have any intention of going back to the feudal period', " Do you want to stay for dinner?"

"Keh" he snorted, "Whatever"

She guessed that was a 'yes'. "Ok, I'm almost done studying; we'll go down after I finish this chapter"

He nodded and went and sat down on her bed to wait.

Kagome was about to turn her stereo off when she got a sudden idea, "Inuyasha, do you want to hear some songs while you wait?"

The hanyou gave her a curious look, she pushed a button on the grayish metallic box and the top part of it started opening. Inuyasha was immediately on his feet, his hand reaching towards Tetsusaiga.

"Calm down Inuyasha, this is where you put the CD in" Kagome explained, taking out a shiny flat disc and showing it to him.

"What's that?" he growled suspiciously, taking a tentative sniff.

"This is called a CD, its short for 'Compact disc'" she said placing it inside the part of the stereo that opened, "You can record songs on it and use the stereo to play it"

She pushed the same button that she pushed a few moments before, and the top part closed again, then, she pushed some more buttons and turned one of the knobs. Inuyasha's ears started to twitch as soft music filled the air around him. He watched as Kagome went and sat back down at her desk.

He removed his hand from Tetsusaiga's handle and sat back down on the bed. He looked at the 'ste-re-ooh' with mild fascination as he heard the words of the song filter out through the speakers.

'Look into my eyes, you will see

What you mean to me'

The person singing the song sounded hopeful, yet sad at the same time. Inuyasha knew that he himself has felt that way many times, particularly when he's thinking about a future with Kagome.

'Search your heart, search your soul

And when you find me there

You'll search no more'

This song sounded familiar, like something he's wanted to say, something he had to say but could never find the right time or way to say it.

He looked over at Kagome, hunched over her book. Was she listening as well?

'Don't tell me

It's not worth trying for

You can't tell me

It's not worth dieing for'

His eyes widened, the next line he heard, confirmed his earlier musings,

'You know it's true

Everything I do

I do it for you'

It was like his thoughts were translated into this song. What he's wanted to say to Kagome, but wasn't brave enough to actually go through with, the fear of rejection made him hesitate about telling her; all of it, this song was telling her in his place.

'Look into your heart

You will find

There's nothing there to hide'

Would Kagome be able to figure that out? He hoped she could.

'Take me as I am

Take my life

I would give it all, I would sacrifice'

He leaned back against the wall adjacent to the bed and closed his eyes, intently listening to his own thoughts and feelings, somehow being sang by a stranger.

'Don't tell me

It's not worth fighting for

I can't help it

There's nothing I want more

You know it's true

Everything I do

I do it for you'

He cracked a smile at the next part,

'There's no love

Like your love

And no other could give more love

There's no way

Unless you're there

All the time

All the way'

Inuyasha peeked one eye open and looked at the miko sitting across from him with her back facing his way. She seemed to have stopped reading and was listening to the song instead, the hanyou smirked, maybe she did understand.

'You can't tell me

It's not worth trying for

I can't help it

There's nothing I want more'

Inuyasha sat up when the next part started playing, it was freaky how this song consisted of everything he wanted to say, but it was also amazing for the very same reason.

'I'd fight for you

I'd lie for you

Walk the wire for you

I'd die for you'

The music slowed as the song drew to a close, leaving Inuyasha feeling oddly content,

'You know it's true

Everything I do

I do it for you'

Both the hanyou and miko remained silent for a few moments after the song ended. Finally Kagome spoke up, "That was one of my most favorite songs" she said gazing longingly at the stereo.

"It was nice" Inuyasha commented, he didn't want to sound too excited, it would ruin his image.

"The lyrics were very beautiful" the miko continued.

Inuyasha didn't respond, wondering if Kagome really had caught on to what he was thinking.

"Anyway, let's go down for dinner" she said after some time, shaking herself out of the daze she was in.

"Yeah" Inuyasha responded, getting up to follow her downstairs. He stopped at the door and gave the 'ste-re-ooh' one last glance. If those were the kinds of songs it played, then maybe it wasn't so crappy after all…

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