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"But I…"


"Come on…"


"Oh for heaven's sake, be reasonable!" Kagome cried, losing her patience, seriously, he was worse than Shippou.

All she had to do was give Shippou a hug and a lollipop and he was fine with her going back home for a few days, he even cheerfully waved goodbye.

"No, you be reasonable!" the hanyou yelled back, "You just got here and you're fucking going back already? Ain't happening!"

Kagome sighed, her irritation from a moment before draining away, how could she stay mad when he said stuff like that. Stupid Inuyasha.

"I know, and I'm sorry" she tried to calm him down, "but I just have one more month Inuyasha, just one more month of school and then I'll be done"

She saw him deflate slightly, his ears drooped on the top of his head, "After that, I can stay here for as long as you want me to, that is…if I don't apply for university…" she trailed off uncertainly.

Inuyasha puffed up again, "No way! You're not doing anymore studying after this! You don't need to; I know everything there is to know about the feudal era and how to survive here"

Kagome smiled slightly, it was truly a miracle that the well had actually stayed open even after the jewel was destroyed, something that she thanked kami for every single day. The only reason she was so hell bent on going to school and taking tests before was because she was positive that the well wouldn't stay open for her after all this was over but now…

"Alright" she said, "No more studying"

He blinked at her, wait, what?

She actually listened to him? She wasn't going to argue?

He resisted the urge to whoop in triumph, "Keh, stupid wench"

She giggled slightly; "Right" she stared pointedly at the bone eater's well behind him, "Can I go home now?"

He seemed to be contemplating his answer as the furry appendages on the top of his head twitched, "I'm coming with you"

Huh? That was unexpected. Kagome stared owlishly at him, "You wanna… come with me?"

"That's what I said bitch, you deaf?"

Well, he didn't seem to be sick since he sounded normal, why was he suddenly making his clinginess so obvious? He usually let her go, waited a few hours, and then came after her. This was certainly different.

Inuyasha hoped he wasn't blushing, stupid monk and his stupid advice. He knew making his feelings known to her now was a bad idea; he should wait till she finished school like he'd originally planned. Anyway, that gave him more time to prepare…

He grunted in annoyance when his bitch still hadn't said anything, "So we going or what?"

"Um what? Oh yeah, lets go?"

"Keh" why was she asking him? She was the one who wanted to go in the first place. He would never understand women, "Whatever" he growled before jumping in the well first, knowing that she would be following in a few seconds.

He really needed to start planning his speech on how he should ask her to become his mate. He barely had a month left till his own 'D-Day'.

The day Kagome graduated would be the perfect day to ask her, he decided.

Now if only he knew what to say…

"Mom, I'm home!" the miko called out as she removed her shoes at the front door, "Inuyasha came with me"

Inuyasha and Kagome heard the clanging of silverware, and the sound of something that sounded suspiciously like a kettle, being dropped, then more clattering of silverware before Mrs. Higurashi stepped out of the kitchen, flushed and smiling, "Well hello Inuyasha, it's so nice to see you again. I hope you've been taking good care of my daughter"

"Uh…yeah" Inuyasha blushed slightly, Kagome's mom always made him feel kind of awkward. How did she keep smiling like that? Didn't she ever get angry or upset about anything? Her daughter spent some of the most important years of her schooling helping him and his friends defeat Naraku, and she didn't even seem to mind. It was usually Kagome who threw a hissy fit about her exams. Did nothing faze this woman?

But then again, he decided, that was for the best. He couldn't think of anyone else who would allow their daughter to become a half demon's mate. Well, he hadn't formally asked her yet…but he was pretty sure she already knew.

He blushed harder when he recalled hearing her muttering to herself about dog eared grand children.

He still needed to ask her though; he needed her formal approval before he talked to Kagome about this.

Inuyasha suddenly snapped out of his reverie and found that Kagome's mother was still smiling at him, "What?"

"I asked you whether you wanted anything to drink."

"Uh, no, I'm good" he looked to his side and nearly had a heart attack when he found Kagome wasn't there.

"She went upstairs" Mrs. Higurashi said before he could ask and blinked when she felt a gust of wind sweep past her. She chuckled to herself, super speed, that was another thing she could brag about to her friends in the book club.

"What are you doing?" The half demon burst into Kagome's room and once he saw her there, he decided to plop down on her bed.

"I'm asking Yuka…" at his blank stare she corrected herself, "My friend what lessons we have for the test on Monday"

He looked down at her hands and found her pushing random buttons on a small silver box type thing.

"Uh…how exactly do you plan to do that, your phone is downstairs" Inuyasha asked, scrunching up his eyebrows.

The miko pushed one last button and held up the box for him to see, "This is a cell phone Inuyasha, it's kind of like the telephone downstairs except this is portable. You can carry it around in your pocket or bag, very handy"

"Oh…so aren't you going to call your friend?" Seriously the things these future people came up with…

"What? Oh, I don't need to call her, I sent her a text message" Kagome replied distractedly as she searched around in her bag for her notebook.

"Huh?" Inuyasha blinked owlishly at her.

"A text message, kind of like a letter you send using the cell phone" Kagome explained, emptying the contents of her bag onto the floor, now where was that book?

"That's dumb, you can't send a letter using a phone, you need paper and ink and all that stuff" Inuyasha replied smugly, maybe all this graduation tension was affecting her brain?

"Aha!" Kagome yelled in triumph as she snatched the notebook she was looking for off the floor when it fell out of her bag, "and it's not dumb" she said, skimming through the pages.

Inuyasha was getting increasingly frustrated with her; she wasn't even paying attention to him damnit! Stupid school, he cursed, with all the venom he could muster.

A sudden loud beep caught his attention and he let out a startled growl. He saw Kagome pick up her 'cell phone' and read something before she let out a huge groan, "Noooo!"

"What?" he asked, debating whether he should just destroy the thing that was causing his bitch so much worry.

"I have soooo much to study" she wailed pitifully before hitting her head with the notebook. The book was out of her hands the next second and she heard a snarl.

"Stop trying to give yourself a concussion" the hanyou growled before tossing the book onto the floor.

"Hey!" she cried before bending down to retrieve it, "don't throw my books around"

"Keh" he grunted, before shifting his eyes to look at her cell phone again, "How the hell do you send a letter on that thing?" he tried again, seeing that she was paying attention to him now.

"Um, there are alphabets on the buttons along with the numbers, you can type in the words and send a message" she explained, letting him have a closer look at it, "see here, you can see the alphabets"

She let him scrutinize it while she walked over to her wardrobe to pull out her pajamas, she might as well get comfortable before she started studying. Something told her this was gonna be a loooong night.

There was that beep again, and Inuyasha almost dropped the cell phone, "Uh…it says 'one message received'" he said, holding out the phone to her.

Kagome's head was half hidden inside her wardrobe and he heard her say, "Push the button under the side that says 'read'"

He looked at the screen and carefully pushed the said button and immediately he saw the message pop up and on the top of the screen it said 'Yuka'.

"I think it's from Yuka" he said, seeing the miko try to reach something at the very back of her cupboard.

"What's it say?"

He looked back at the screen and read the message out loud for her, "Hope you have all the right notes"

Receiving no further response from Kagome, he pushed the button below the side that said 'Exit'. Another message popped up and he stared curiously at it, "It's asking you whether you want to reply"

She finally managed to pull a set of pajamas out of her cupboard, she really had to tidy it up one of these days, it was getting near impossible to find anything inside it.

"What? Oh yeah, just type in 'yes I have all the notes, thanks' and push the button below the side that says 'send'. I'm gonna go have a bath" and with that said, the miko bounded out of her room and Inuyasha heard the bathroom door close shut and the water being turned on.

"Aaaah" Kagome sighed, this was pure bliss. Seriously, whoever it was that invented scented bath oils was a genius. She sunk lower in the warm scented water and let out another sigh.

'I hope Inuyasha doesn't break my cell phone…' she mused silently before she dozed off.

"Uh…I can provide for her, she'll never be hungry, I can find her a comfortable safe place to sleep, I'll build her a huge hut, and she can come visit here whenever she wants to…"

Inuyasha cursed, this was hopeless, she already had all of that over here, what could he give her that she didn't already have…

In fact, it almost seemed like she was better off on this side of the well.

His ears drooped, he had to think of something, but what could he possibly tell her mother? If I don't get Kagome, I'll burn your city to the ground…no, that really wouldn't work out in his favor.

"Fuck!" he needed to come up with something convincing…


Inuyasha glared at the offending silver box that dared to disturb him, he grabbed it off the bed and stared at the screen. Another message? This was getting real annoying, real fast.

"Hojo?" Inuyasha read and started snarling immediately. "That stupid wimp, sending my Kagome messages, that evil bastard, fucking whore, cock sucking ass wipe…"

Once he was done hurling every known insult at Kagome's poor cell phone, he read through the message that gay Hobo had written.

'I hope you're asthma is doing better now Higurashi'

Huh? What the hell was 'asthma'? Well, whatever it was, it didn't sound good. Was Kagome hiding something from him?

The thought that Homo knew something about Kagome that he didn't nearly sent him into a fit of rage, he almost crushed the cell phone to bits. He slowly calmed himself down, if Kagome found out that he'd broken her cell phone, she'd 'sit' him into the underworld.

Suddenly a rather delicious idea found its way into his head and he couldn't help but smirk evilly. This would be the perfect opportunity to get rid of Hobo; he'd send him a message to stay the fuck away from Kagome. He'd think it was from the miko and he'd be so devastated he'd probably kill himself.

It was the perfect plan; Inuyasha then proceeded to snicker devilishly for the next few minutes before he began typing.

Hojo, stay the hell away from me! I never want to see you again!

The half demon stared at the screen, a huge smirk on his face before pushing the 'send' button.

He dropped the cell phone onto the bed and resisted from doing a little happy dance. No more Hobo!


Inuyasha's eyes narrowed, that wimp couldn't still be messaging Kagome…could he?

Higurashi, your dementia must have gotten worse, I'll bring over some medicinal herbs for you tomorrow morning before I go to school.


What the hell was that?

Was Kagome hiding something from him again?

The half dog demon growled, stupid wench should know better than to hide things from him! But she would tell this retarded waste of air?

Right then, Inuyasha felt like hunting down Hobo and tearing the skin off his bones.

He stared at the cell phone and started typing.

I already have a boyfriend, so stop stalking me!

That was the word used in Kagome's time to describe potential mates right? Boyfriend.


You do? Your friends told me you did but I didn't believe them…Why didn't you tell me Higurashi?

Her friends? Did he mean those three noisy, giggly girls Kagome went to school with? Wait… They said Kagome has a boyfriend?

What did they say?

He had to know who that was, so he could hunt him down too.


They said he was from abroad, Inuyasha, is that right?

He couldn't tear his eyes away from the screen.


They thought he was Kagome's boyfriend? Or maybe Kagome told them he was…no, he didn't dare hope.

He started typing with a silly grin on his face.

Yes, that's right and he'd be very angry if he finds that you've been messaging me, so for the safety of your own life, I suggest you leave me alone.


That hanyou jumped in surprise and dropped the cell he was holding onto the bed.

"What are you doing?" Kagome stared at him curiously, just what was he doing with her phone?

"Oh, you're done with your bath? Uh… I better head back if you're not coming home now…Bye!"

And with that, the half demon jumped out her window and streaked to the well house.

"Now what was that all about?"

She walked over to her bed and picked up the cell, and went to her inbox.

"Hojo sent me messages?" Wait a minute…

They said he was from abroad, Inuyasha, is that right?

Her eyes widened and she quickly went to the sent messages list. As her eyes skimmed through the messages, a red blush dusted her cheeks. He actually did this?

Yes, that's right and he'd be very angry if he finds that you've been messaging me, so for the safety of your own life, I suggest you leave me alone.

A smile curved her lips and she gazed out her window, Inuyasha, you silly hanyou.


There was a new message from Hojo.

Well, then I'm sorry if I've caused you any trouble Higurashi, I should have realized. But can we still be friends?

Yeah, Hojo. I'd like that.

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