TITLE: Independence Day

AUTHOR: enigma731

PAIRING: canon Chase/Cameron


WARNINGS: Season Four spoilers.

SUMMARY: A Fourth of July drabble.

Independence Day

"You're not really going to work all night, are you?" asks Cameron when she finds Chase in the locker room. He's been moonlighting in the ER, ostensibly to earn some extra cash, but she suspects that it has more to do with making himself feel useful.

"Why not?" He raises an eyebrow at her as he threads his arms through the sleeves of his lab coat, then folds them over his chest. "It's not my country's birthday today."

Cameron sighs and returns his gaze. He's in the mood to prove something to someone, which seems to be a recurring theme for him on holidays. A cover for not having any actual traditions.

"Okay," she answers lightly, deciding that addressing what's really bothering him is the wrong course of action, "but you're all about your independence at work lately. Come on. Assert some by leaving with me. Besides, there's alcohol involved. I told Foreman we'd meet him at the bar after work."

Chase eyes her for a moment longer, as if gauging the potential threat in this offer before visibly relaxing.

"Do we really have to see Foreman?" he asks at last, clearly teasing now. "He's the dullest drunk I've ever met."

Cameron smiles as she pulls his coat off of his shoulders and leans up to kiss him. It's been nearly a year since they began their new jobs.

There are fireworks in the sky peeking out from between the buildings across the street as they leave the hospital.