Another story idea I got. Sorry the first chap is so short. Enjoy!

The sun was shining down on the grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry one warm September afternoon. Lily Evans was particularly enjoying the good weather by sitting by her favorite tree near the lake. She was sitting with an open book in her lap as she watched her boyfriend, James Potter, playing with a golden snitch. His friends sat around in the circle watching him as well.

James loved to be the center of attention, and Lily didn't really mind that. She tended to be the center of attention as well, just because she was popular. Lily's gaze drifted from James to other kids enjoying the sun. The fall of their sixth year at Hogwarts was turning out to be harder than they thought. Lily had passed all of her O.W.L. examines, which meant she continued in every subject she took. She found all the courses to be a lot tougher that she thought.

Her gaze drifted over and landed on a dark figure huddled over a book by a tree. Her heart skipped a beat as she recognized it, but her anger overwhelmed that feeling and she tore her eyes away from him. She would not, could not forgive Severus Snape for calling her that nasty name. It was all because of those horrible Death Eaters he was hanging out with. She told him not to hang out with them, but he wouldn't listen. She felt this way, he learned his lesson.

"Hey, Lily, whatcha looking at?" James asked as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders. She snuggled closer to him, enjoying the feel of him close to her.

"Nothing." she leaned her head on his shoulder and closed her book. "What are you guys talking about?"

"Just talking about how Wormtail didn't make it into Potions this year because he blew up his cauldron during testing last year." Sirius said as they broke out in laughter. Wormtail's face was red as his friends laughed at his expense.

"Oh, that's too bad." Lily smiled sympathetically before laughing with the others. She glanced back over to the dark figure sitting by the other tree. Shocked, she found herself staring into his black eyes. When they met, she looked away quickly.

"Lily, are you ok? What is it?" James asked.

"Nothing." Lily sighed. James looked over at the other tree where her gaze had been.

"Snape." he narrowed his eyes. "What is he doing this time?" James grabbed for his wand and was about to stand up.

"Nothing! He hasn't done anything!" Lily grabbed James' robes and pulled him back down.

"What's gotten into you, Lil?" James questioned.

"There's nothing wrong." Lily snapped. She reached for her book and chanced one more look over at the tree. This time, she found herself looking at nothing but the tree. Shrugging, she turned to the book and tried to focus on the words as her boyfriend and his friends went back to their chatter.

Suddenly, a little ways from where they were, a bang caught them all by surprise. Lily jumped up, abandoning the book on the ground. Everyone else jumped up as well, and they all had their wands in hand. The resident tribe of Death Eaters – minus Snape - ventured across the grass, pushing anyone out of their way.

"Snape? Where are you?" one of them yelled. Lily grasped her wand and leaned against James as he held her, wondering what they were up to. A first year was sitting in the grass in front of where they were headed. "Get out of the way, Mudblood!" the leader yelled, kicking the first year until they scrambled away. The little boy scrambled until he was out of the way, tears running down his cheeks as he sobbed.

"That's horrible!" Lily cried as they watched them. It wasn't very often that they made this little trip through the grounds, but it was usually hell when they did.

"SNAPE?!" They yelled. Lily was looking around, wondering where Severus had gone off to. Not that, she cared or anything. But she saw him finally emerge from the bushes behind the tree and join the group. They quickly disappeared behind the bushes once again and everyone was able to take a breath, the tension gone.

"That poor kid." Remus sighed. "Next time, they'll probably kill someone."

"That's awful. I wonder what they wanted with Sev – Snape." Lily said.

"Who cares?" James shrugged. "Let's head back inside and see if that kid made it to the hospital wing."

"That sounds like a good idea." Lily said as she picked up the book she had left on the ground. She and the Marauders headed up towards the castle. As they neared the entrance hall, they heard screaming coming from near they had been. Lily looked behind her, but James and Sirius were pushing her inside.

"We don't know what it is. Best just to get inside!" James said.

"Wait!" Lily wretched her arm out of James' grip. She turned and started to walk back. A fourth year Ravenclaw girl was running as fast as she could to the castle. Lily stopped her. "What's going on?" she questioned. The girl's eyes were wide in fear.

"They are torturing that Muggleborn girl that was sitting out by the lake. It's horrible. They're making that greasy boy do it!" the girl was taking five times the normal speed.

"Snape is doing it?" James pulled out his wand again.

"They're making him! They're threatening to kill him if he doesn't! I'm going to tell a teacher!" she told them as she started running again. Lily's eyes were wide in horror as she grabbed her wand again and ran back through the courtyard back toward the lake. The screams of kids surrounding and the girl being tortured echoed across the grounds.

"Oi! Thugs!" Sirius yelled as they approached, prepared to hex them all. The Death Eaters looked up at the five of them getting closer. Severus spotted Lily stared at her with wide eyes as he put his wand down. His expression was something he didn't show very often, fear. His mouth was open like he wanted to say something, but before anyone could do anything; Avery wrapped his arm around Severus' throat and put the tip of his wand to his neck.

"Expelliarmus!" the voice of Dumbledore echoed as Avery's wand flew from his hand. He tightened his grip on Severus' neck, nearly choking him. The teacher's were approaching, motioning for the students to back away. "Let him go!" Dumbledore held his wand up, ready.

"He's a bloody traitor!" Avery spat, tightening his grip once more. Severus was gagging, trying to pull away. Nothing he did could get him away. Behind them, Evan Rosier had pointed his wand at the bushes. The group of young Death Eater's moved to huddle together, dragging Severus with them.

"Accio portkey!" Rosier shouted. From the bushes, an old boot flew towards his hand. With a crack, the group disappeared.

Everyone lowered their wands. Professor McGonagall rushed over to see to the motionless girl. Dumbledore turned to face the other students.

"Everyone inside! Now!" he shouted. McGonagall had the girl's body floating in the air, a look of worry on her face.

"Sir! What's going on?" Lily tried to ask as the Marauder's were dragging her toward the castle. Dumbledore ignored her as he talked to McGonagall.

"C'mon Lil, I'm sure they'll figure it out." James grabbed her hand and headed for the castle.

"But…what about Sev?" Lily found herself saying. Her anger bubbled inside her even more when she saw him torturing that poor little girl. But the look of fear on his face when he looked at her was a bit of a shock. She figured he'd enjoy using the Cruciatus curse on some muggleborn.

And what was it Avery had said about him being a traitor? And why was he choking Severus? So many things ran through her mind, she could hardly keep track.