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As the next few weeks passed, the weather got increasingly colder. Classes were getting harder and harder. Lily and Severus barely had any time for anything other than studying. Unfortunately, on top of everything that was going on, Dumbledore had been increasing Severus' treatments. They had been once a week, but in light of the news that Severus was going home with Lily for the holidays, Dumbledore met with them every evening for the two weeks before they left.

The day that they would be taking the carriages down to the station to get on the train, Lily was excited. She couldn't wait to get out of Hogwarts and away from the stress of studying. Of course, she still had the stress of Severus trailing along with her, but she refused to let that bother her. She loved Severus very much and didn't think of his needs as a constant bother.

It wasn't as easy for Severus to leave, though. Madam Pomfrey gave them a box with a phial of potion for each day they would be gone, and an extensive set of instructions for various "what if" situations based on how Severus had been acting lately. Dumbledore gave them equally extensive instructions on how to handle various "episodes" Severus might have to endure if he experiences any flashbacks. Severus was convinced it would've just been easier if he stayed at the castle. But he wanted Lily to be happy.

So, they sat in a compartment on the train occupied by only themselves and two giggling Hufflepuff first years. It was a freezing day and Lily was wrapped up in Severus' cloak as she napped with her head on his shoulder, her knees pulled up, and her arms around his waist. He sat, staring out the window and trying to ignore the two Hufflepuffs that were giggling at him.

"Shut it." Severus had snapped when they pointed at him, whispered, and then laughed loudly. Giving them his best glare, he turned to the window and leaned against it, shivering at the cold glass. With a sigh, he drifted off to sleep with Lily curled up by his side.

Sometime later, the Hogwarts Express pulled into King's Cross Station. Severus woke Lily up and they gathered their things and left the compartments. The whole time they tried to avoid running into any of the Marauders. When they got off the train and found themselves on platform nine and three-quarters, they were met instantly by Lily's mother.

"Mum!" Lily said, somewhat surprised. Violet Evans wrapped her arms around her daughter in a huge bear hug.

"Oh I missed you so much, Lily. Home is so lonely without you or your sister," Violet said as she let go of her daughter. She glanced over at Severus, who was wearing an unreadable expression as he watched the two women. "Severus, how are you?"

"Fine." Severus shrugged before hunching his shoulders and staring at the floor. Lily smiled and grabbed his hand as they went over to load their trunks onto trolleys and lead the way through the platform barrier. On the other side, Violet led the way to the car as Severus and Lily pushed their trolleys. Silently, they loaded their things into the trunk of the car. Lily motioned for Severus to get in the back seat and she was about to do the same when her mother grabbed her arm.

"Perhaps you should ride in the front seat." Violet had a smiled at her daughter. Lily looked at Severus, who was sitting in the seat looking up at her, and then at her mother.

"Mum…I'm sitting with Severus." Lily stated, sliding into the back. Violet gave her daughter a disapproving look, but continued to the front seat. It was no secret to either of them that Lily's parents didn't like Severus. At first, they had taken him in out of pity. But when Lily began telling them stories of how he was around the wrong people at school, they had changed their opinions of him. Both Lily and Severus knew that her parents were only accepting him now because Lily had told them what happened to him.

"So, how are you feeling, Severus? It's horrible what happened to you; Lily told me all about it in the letter." Violet started the car and looked over her shoulder at Severus, who was slouching slightly in his seat as Lily looping her arm through his and took his hand.

"Fine." Severus muttered. Lily frowned, gripping his hand tighter as her mother glanced over him, clearly evaluating him.

"Well then, best get going. It's quite a ways home." Violet's face wore a frown similar to Lily's. She did not enjoy the idea of having a boy like Severus in her house for nearly two weeks. Especially if he was like Lily had explained in the letters. But, she did feel bad for him and wanted to help him. Even if she didn't like him, she was proud of Lily for watching out for him.

It seemed as though a few silent hours had passed before Violet looked back to check on the two teenagers behind her. She smiled slightly as she saw Lily, looking down at Severus as he slept, curled up on his side with his head in her lap. She was stroking his hair as his eyelids fluttered slightly beneath his eyelids. As if sensing Violet's eyes on her, Lily looked up.

"He hasn't slept properly in a week," Lily said quietly as her mother turned back around to focus on the road. "He's been having nightmares lately because Professor Dumbledore increased his healing sessions."

"That's too bad," Violet replied. "I hope he doesn't wake you up during the night too much during the holiday."

"Well he won't, because the guest room is down the hall. Unless he comes to my room, which knowing dad, he'll be shot or something ridiculous if he does," Lily said.

"Well your father is being a bit more easy going this time. We put a spare bed in your room for Severus." Violet told her. "I know that we never got a chance to tell you, but your father is at the airport picking up your cousins Cassidy and Jessica."

"Wow, I haven't seen them since I was nine. But can't Sev just stay in Petunia's room or something, so it isn't a big deal?" Lily wondered. Personally, she was almost looking forward to a moment alone, but didn't mind it if Severus was staying in her room.

"I don't think Petunia or Vernon would particularly enjoy his company." Violet was careful to speak quietly, although it was evident that Severus was in a deep sleep.

"But I thought you said Petunia was going to Vernon's for the holiday," said Lily.

"Lily, dear, I believe you misread the letter. I said that Petunia was bringing Vernon to our house for the holiday." Violet glanced back at Lily, whose mouth was hanging open and her green eyes were wide.

"Mum!" she shrieked. Severus jumped up, startled away by Lily's high pitched shriek.

"I'm sorry, but I warned you. I know that Severus and Petunia get along like cats and mice, but I told you in the letter." Violet shook her head.

"And that pig Vernon! You're letting him in our house? He'll take one look at Sev and you know what'll happen! I told you how Severus reacts to things!" Lily said loudly, almost oblivious to the fact that Severus was wide awake and aware of everything being said.

"Yes, Vernon is going to spend two weeks at our home and his family is coming for Christmas. He is part of the family now, I know that we didn't get a chance to tell you but they were married just a week ago." Violet replied.

"I can't believe this!" Lily ground out, clearly frustrated.

"Lily…" Severus reached out a hand and tried to grasp hers.

"Just stay out of this, Severus!" Lily batted his hand away and folded her arms across her chest. Severus retracted and slumped against the other door.

"That is quite enough, young lady!" Violet snapped. "Do not take your frustrations out on someone who does not deserve it! Besides, you were the one who wanted to be with him and this is the situation that we are in! If you are not happy, then I can turn right around and send you back to that school!"

Lily did not say another word for the rest of the ride home, but did eventually accept Severus' outstretched hand.


When Violet arrived back at the Evans house with Lily and Severus, it was late. It was pitch black outside and all the lights in the house were on. They hauled their trunks out of the car and walked up to the house. They entered and found everyone in the sitting room. Violet announced loudly that they were home. Jessica and Cassidy came running into the room, embracing Lily – their "favorite cousin" – and expressing how much they missed her.

Severus felt like an outcast. He was not looking forward to seeing Petunia or her new husband. He was not looking forward to listening to any more lectures from Dan Evans. And he was not looking forward to listening to Lily's two muggle cousins chatter on about stupid things.

"Severus, why don't you join Lily in the sitting room? Dan will take your trunks upstairs." Violet's hand was on his shoulder. He looked over at her and realized that Lily was already gone. Nodding, he proceeded into the sitting room where Lily was already laughing with her cousins. Petunia and Vernon were sitting on the couch, holding hands, and glaring at him. Shoving his hands into the pockets of his tattered jeans, he narrowed his eyes at the overly large buffalo sitting beside Lily's unpleasantly horse faced sister.

"What are you looking at?" Vernon snapped. Severus' nostrils flared and his lip curled into a particularly vicious looking sneer as he moved away.

"Come here, Sev." Lily grabbed his hand and pulled him down between her and the younger cousin. "This is Cassidy," she pointed to the brown haired girl next to him, "And that is Jessica." she pointed to the blonde sitting next to her. "Cassie, Jess, this is Severus. He's my boyfriend." Lily grasped his hand, sensing his discomfort.

"You've got yourself a cutie." Cassidy giggled, scooting slightly closer to him. She lowered her voice just enough for Lily and Severus to hear. "Unlike the cow Tuney hauled in." Both Lily and Cassidy laughed loudly, and Severus even smiled a bit too.

"Hey, what's going on?" Petunia's voice interrupted them. Before anyone could answer, Violet appeared in the sitting room. She approached Lily and Severus.

"You look exhausted, dear boy." Violet looked down at Severus, taking note of the dark rings around his sleepy eyes.

"I am," Severus answered quietly. He attempted to stifle a yawn, but was unsuccessful. He clapped his hand over his mouth. Lily's hand was on his arm as she turned to face him.

"Let me show you the room, and we can get you into bed. Merlin knows you need it." Lily stood, tugging him along with her. Slowly, he stood back up and followed her out, 

glancing back briefly at Lily's cousins and completely ignoring Petunia and the pig. As they exited the room and Lily led him up the stairs, Cassidy and Jessica looked at Violet.

"Who's Merlin?" Cassidy questioned. Violet smiled as the two girls laughed. Petunia rolled her eyes and looked disgusted.


Lily was about to lead him into the bedroom, but Dan was slipping out of the door just as they came up. "Daddy!" Lily let go of Severus' hand and practically pounced on the man.

"Lily!" Dan hugged her back. "How's my little girl?" he asked. Severus watched from behind as Lily embraced her father. She had often told him stories of her dad taking her out on special days, just her. He had short red hair and almond shaped green eyes. It was easy to tell where Lily had inherited her looks.

"Great, daddy." Lily answered, stepping away from her father.

"Wonderful." Dan patted her arm as she slipped into her bedroom. "Ah, Severus, I was wondering if I could have a word." Severus inwardly groaned as he saw Lily shooting him a sympathetic look.

"Yes, sir." Severus answered. Lily shut the bedroom door as Dan took him down the hall.

"First off, I want to apologize for any uneasiness myself or Violet my show around you." Dan began. Severus raised an eyebrow. "The last time that we saw Lily, she was very angry at you and burst into tears at the mere mention of your name. Violet almost was against you spending the holiday here, but when she heard what happened, she was out buying another mattress to have somewhere for you to sleep."

Severus said nothing. He knew that Lily's parents didn't like him. He knew they only pitied him because of his sickly appearance and his weak mental status.

"Anyway, I'm going to give you the same lecture I gave Mr. Potter." Dan didn't miss the narrowed eyes and the scowl that were present on Severus' face as he mentioned James. "Lily is a lot like her mother. She is adventurous, and she is stubborn. She is also very sensitive. Obviously she cares a lot about you, and you obviously care about her. If you break her heart and I ever see you again, I will make sure you never break another girl's heart. Do you understand?" Severus nodded at this, holding back a number of comments he'd like to make.

"And now for some of the rules. There will be no touching, no fondling, no 'snogging'. As much as I disliked the thought, you will be sharing a room with Lily here, and it will be smaller than the one at your school. You will stay in your bed and Lily will stay in hers. Do I make myself clear?" Dan questioned. Severus just nodded and raised an eyebrow. He had no intention of touching or snogging Lily in front of her parents anyway. Nor did he think about sleeping with her. Surely he'd like to, but she wouldn't have it.

"Yes, sir." Severus finally said quietly.

"Call me Dan." the older man smiled a lopsided smile and clapped a hand on his back, making him cough involuntarily. Chuckling Dan watched as Severus walked back down the hall and knocked on the door to Lily's room. The door opened and Lily pulled him inside by his shirt.

"Finally, Sev. Did he give you the whole lecture about no kissing or touching?" Lily wondered. She had him pinned to the wall, her hands resting on his chest as she hovered her lips close to his.

"Yes." Severus replied, staring into his eyes. She leaned forward and pressed as gentle kiss against his lips and smiled.

"Well, let's get you into some pajamas and into bed. You must be exhausted." Lily turned away and popped open the lid of his trunk, lifting it and digging around. She pulled out some pajamas and handed them to him. "Hurry up and get changed." she smirked, grabbing her own clothes.

"I'm not an invalid. I can get my own clothes." Severus growled, narrowing his eyes. Lily raised an eyebrow and placed a hand on his bony shoulder.

"I'm just encouraging you, Sev. It's not going to kill you to except someone's help once in a while." Lily shook her head and walked out, shutting the door behind her. Severus stood, staring at the door for a few moments before changing into the pajamas. Lily returned a few moments later and he made his way down the hall to use the bathroom before returning to the room. He crawled into the small bed across the bedroom from Lily's and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.


Four days into Christmas Holiday, things were not going well. When Violet had got them all into her car to go shopping, Severus had been wedged between Lily and Vernon. Petunia had flat out refused to sit beside "that disgusting freak boy". Vernon made faces at him when he thought he wasn't looking, clearly showing that he agreed with every statement Petunia made about Severus being a "disgusting freak". But when they reached down town, Violet had divided up a large amount of money for them all to spend, as long as it was on presents for everyone. Petunia and Vernon (thankfully) went off on their own while Violet and Dan had disappeared as well. That left Lily, Severus, Cassidy, and Jessica by themselves.

They had strolled through the stores, and Severus had managed to get away from the girls long enough to spend all the money that he had reluctantly accepted from Violet and a small bit he had in the bottom of his trunk on a beautiful diamond necklace. It had taken him ten minutes to find one he thought he could afford, and then when he realized he didn't have enough, he spent another fifteen minutes telling the man at the counter a sad story about his mother dying in the hospital and he wanted her to have one last nice gift before she passed on. As he left the shop and tucked the box into the pocket of his jacket, he smiled to himself, glad he still had his cunning and his wits.

The next day Dan had brought home a beautiful Christmas tree for them, Lily had been so excited about decorating it that she had gotten Severus to "join in on the fun". The third day of holidays, Violet had convinced Lily and her cousins to help bake cookies. Severus had rolled his eyes and stood back, insisting that he didn't enjoy baking cookies. Violet had been disappointed, but instead had sent him outside to help Dan set up Christmas lights.

Day four was unplanned. In the morning, Severus had decided he wanted to go for a walk, so Lily followed. They walked in silence, their boots crunching in the snow. After nearly an hour, Severus stopped. Lily looked up from the ground that she had been staring at. She realized they had reached Spinner's End. Gulping audibly, she looked up at Severus. He was staring, fixed straight ahead, down the dreary old street.

"He's at work." Severus stated. "The car's gone."

"Are you going to go?" Lily asked, squeezing his hand in hers.

"Yes." he started walking, slower than before. Lily sighed and followed. A couple of silent minutes later, they were standing in front of the last house on Spinner's End.

It was almost unrecognizable. Like a different family lived there completely. It was even a different color. Most of the other houses were dark grayish colors. This house was painted a lovely tan color, with white trim. A beautiful wooden sign had "The Snape's" carved into it and was hanging near the door. Severus took a deep breath and stepped towards the door, knocking twice.

"Just a minute!" was heard from the other side of the door. They heard some rustling around and then the door was opened. Eileen stood in front of them. Her black hair pulled back in a loose bun and her features were actually pleasant looking. She was wearing new clothes, and she looked beautiful. And so did the inside of the house. But as soon as Eileen set eyes on him, she looked as though she had just witnessed murder.

"S-S-Severus?" her black eyes were wide, staring at her son in horror. "Oh my God, what are you doing here?"

"So it's true then?" Severus' usually silky, smooth voice was harsh as he shook with anger. There was a murderous look in his eyes as he advanced through the door.

"Sev…" Lily bit her lip and tried to grab his arm.

"I'm sorry, Severus. I…I just never heard anything from the school. I thought you were gone. I was so sad, but Tobias said I had to move on. He bought new furniture and painted the house. He even quit drinking because he knew that it would help." Eileen was nearly cowering beneath Severus.

"Bullshit!" Severus yelled. "You hate me! You enjoyed thinking I was dead and never coming back! You thought he would love you more if I wasn't there! I can see how much you really wanted me now. Nice to know that all that 'love' was just fake!"

"It wasn't fake! I loved you! You were my son! I would trade nothing in the world for you, my Severus." Eileen was afraid, and it was clear.

"Don't lie to him!" Lily stepped forward. "I saw you try to kill him! You never cared about him! Stop lying to him!" and before she knew it, her hand was flying through the air, striking the older woman across the cheek.

"Lily!" Severus grabbed her and pulled her away as Eileen reached to the pocket of her jeans, where her brand new looking wand was resting. Pulling it out, she shot a hex and Lily, making her fly backwards.

"Take your mudblood and get out. I will not tolerate filth in my house." Eileen spat.

"Then you better kick out that bastard." Severus snarled back.

"Get out, you filthy half-blood. I will not have you ruin this because you are greedy. Get. Out." Eileen pointed her wand at Severus, who couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Marry a muggle, what do you expect to get? All that pureblood pride and prejudice goes down the drain! You can't marry a muggle and hate me or her because our blood is dirty! It doesn't work that way!" Severus was nearly yelling. He couldn't believe the nerve of the woman, yelling at him because of his blood status. It wasn't as if he could've helped it. She made him, after all.

"That's different. Tobias has no blood status, as he is muggle. For a witch or wizard to have muggle blood is disgraceful. Get out." Eileen took a step forward, her wand now directly under his chin.

"You used to tell me that being half-blood was better than a mudblood. Is that not true?" Severus' voice was nearly a whisper as his face was contorted to show the betrayal he was feeling.

"There is no such thing as a half-blood Prince. I should have listened to my family and gotten rid of you from the start." Eileen snapped. Severus was trying desperately not to cry. All of his childhood he had wanted nothing more than to be accepted by his parents. Now to be flat out rejected nearly crushed him. What they say is very right. The truth really does hurt.

"But…but I'm your son." Severus was backing away, trying once more to get his mother to understand.

"You are no son of mine." Eileen stated. Lily was standing up now, groaning as she grabbed Severus' hand and wiped the dirt off her jacket. Severus yanked her hand, towing her along with him as she ran out of the house and slammed the door. With Lily lagging behind him, he ran down the snow covered side walk until they reached the end of the street.

He let go of Lily's hand and sunk to his knees in the deep snow. Sobbing, he buried his head in his hands. Lily dropped down beside him and placed her hand on his back, slowly rubbing gentle circles.

"It's ok, Sev." she whispered, wrapping her arms around his thin shoulders. She closed her eyes and cried with him. He leaned into her, his whole body shaking as he sobbed loudly. "It's going to be alright…" Lily pressed her cheek against the side of his head, pulling him even closer to her.

"Lily…" he grabbed the sleeve of her heavy winter coat and pulled her down so that she was looking at him. "I love you." he whispered, grabbing the collar of her coat and burying his head in her chest.

"I love you too, Sev." She held him close, ignoring the rising blush in her cheeks. They sat in the freezing snow for a long while as he cried. Lily just held him, not really knowing exactly how else to help. She knew that the outcome wouldn't be very good if he went to that house. The only thing she could think of was why she let him go. So lost in thought was she, she didn't realize that Severus had stopped crying and was looking up at her. His eyes were red and his cheeks glistening with still fresh trails that the salty tears had flowed down.

"Let's go back. Its freezing," he stated. Lily could tell simply by his words and tone of voice that he wasn't himself.

"Alright." she stood and held a hand out for him to take.


No one asked any questions when Severus didn't get out of bed at all the next day. Lily had simply said he was tired. Implying that he didn't feel well would make Violet want to 

care for him. Saying he had an encounter with his mother would make Violet and Dan want to go have a talk with Eileen about raising her son.

Unfortunately, people began asking questions when Severus stayed locked up in the bedroom for three days straight. On Christmas Eve, Violet began demanding that Severus come to eat dinner with them, as it was evident Lily was getting tired of bringing meals to him.

Violet took it upon herself to storm up the stairs, fling open the door, and pull back the covers on his bed. She realized quickly that it was a mistake. He was lying there, curled up into a fetal position, sleeping quietly on the bed. When she pulled back the covers, he was startled awake, let out an awkward squawk, and jumped up to the head of the bed and leaned against the wall.

"Severus, dear, it's quite alright. Come over and sit here." she patted the bed next to her. Slowly he moved so that he was sitting beside her. "Now why don't you tell me what's wrong? What's got you so jumpy?" she asked gently. Severus sat, staring down at his lap for a long while. The room was silent as Violet stared at him with gentle eyes. It was easy to tell where Lily inherited her kindness and generosity from. Finally, Severus spoke.

"My mum disowned me," he said quietly.

"That's awful." Violet felt a pang of sympathy for him. "It's Christmas Eve, Severus. My nieces have worried about you almost as much as Lily. Come and join your knew family for dinner." Violet placed a comforting hand on his shoulder as watched him as he looked up at her with a hopeful expression.

"I'll get dressed," was all he said. Violet patted his shoulder before standing. She looked down at him. "Whatever I have said to you before, I apologize. You are very welcome in this house, Severus."

"Thank you." Severus whispered, watching as Violet left him alone in the room.


Christmas morning had come and everyone was happy. The living room was full. Late the night before, Vernon's exceptionally large parents and sister arrived. They stayed in the den, which was the only open place to stay.

Presents surrounded the tree as the adults and teenagers surrounded the tree. Vernon's parents took up the couch while his sister Marge sat in one of the armchairs. Violet was standing near the tree and Dan was sitting on the floor. Cassidy and Jessica sat on the floor as well while Severus sat in a recliner with Lily on the arm of the chair.

"Happy Christmas, everyone!" Violet called out cheerfully, a red pointed hat was atop her head with a jingly ball at the end of it. She had sorted the presents into piles according to who they were for. Severus was shocked and delighted to find quite a big stack for him.

After everyone had received a gift from their stack, they all began tearing at the wrapping paper. Except for Severus. His box, which he was surprised to see that it was from Cassidy and Jessica both, sat in his lap as he watched Lily tear at the paper of a small box. He smiled as he watched her pull out a pair of gold earrings her parents had gotten her. She was grinning as she put them on and flashed them around. She turned to him and smiled.

"Come on, Sev, open your present!" she said. She watched as he carefully pulled the ends apart and pulled a white box from the paper. Carefully he opened the box and smirked when he saw a green and black sweater that he had mentioned he liked as they were passing by a rack in a particular clothing store. Cassidy was smiling when she saw that he liked it. When his eyes met hers, she blushed and turned away.

"I like it." he smiled as Lily pushed the paper and the box off his lap to make way for the new round of presents. They continued opening presents until there were just two left. The gifts that Lily and Severus had gotten each other. They decided it would be better to open their gifts alone, so when everyone began to clean up and take their new things upstairs, Lily drug Severus up to their room so that they could open them.

"Open yours first, Sev." Lily said as he sat beside her on her bed. He nodded and pulled the paper off more aggressively as he eagerly wanted to see what she had gotten him. He pulled out a book. A leather bound notebook to be exact. On the front cover were his initials, "S.T.S." pressed into the leather in curly, extravagant letters. He ran his fingers over them. The pages in the book were empty parchment, waiting to be written on. "It's charmed, so that it fixes any spelling or grammar mistakes. And it is supposed to be really easy to erase words too. I figured you could use something to write your notes in, besides the margins of you old potions book."

"I love it," he whispered. "Thank you so much." He leaned forward, sliding his hand through her hair and cupping the back of her head. He drew her closer and pressed his lips against hers in a gently and passionate kiss. The kiss lasted for a long while before they finally pulled apart, needing air. "Open yours," he told her. She nodded and looked at the small, poorly wrapped box in her hand. Nibbling on her lip, she tore off the paper and ran her fingers across the velvet box. She had an idea what it was, but wasn't certain. Opening the box, she felt her heart skip a beat as a sparkling diamond necklace glittered in the light.

"Oh Merlin, Sev this is beautiful." Lily knew her mouth was hanging open, but she didn't care. "Thank you so much!" She jumped over onto his lap, wrapping her arms around him and hugging him tightly. "I love you, Sev."


The dinner table was exceptionally crowded. There was hardly any room to move. But Lily had no problem proudly showing off her favorite present, which sparkled in the light of the chandelier above the table. Severus did have a problem. For one, he was not sitting near Lily at all. In fact, he was as far away from her as could possibly be. And he was crammed between Petunia and Vernon's sister Marge.

"You are such a skinny boy, aren't you?" Marge was elbowing him as she crammed a fork full of roast into her mouth. Severus grunted as he stabbed at a pea on his plate.

"He's a freak is what he is. He called me a freak, but he's the strange one." Petunia practically snarled as she glared at him. "And he probably thinks he's better than you, too."

"You're one of those, are you? Think you're better than everyone? Well, well then." Marge glared at him too.

"Now, now that is enough. This is Christmas, there will be no name calling." Violet scolded from across the table.

"It's not my fault these two are just so ignorant that they have been reduced to calling their superiors 'freaks'." Severus snarled, his lip curling as his back straightened.

"Severus, that is quite enough!" Violet snapped.

"How dare you call me ignorant!" Petunia exclaimed.

"Well I can't help it that you're just a muggle! You are what you are. An ignorant muggle!" Severus snapped.

"You're disgusting!" Petunia shrieked. She reached forward and grabbed the gravy dish. With an angry glint in her eye, she poured the gravy down his front and into his lap.

"Fuck!" Severus yelped loudly, earning a gasp from nearly everyone at the table. He backhanded Petunia in an effort to jump away from the table and get the scalding hot gravy away from certain areas of his body.

"Don't lay a hand on my wife!" Vernon bellowed. He was about to lunge, but Severus grabbed the nearest thing (a freshly buttered dinner roll) and chucked it at Vernon's pudgy face. There was a shriek from the other side of the table and Violet was yelling at them.

"Stop this nonsense right now!" Violet yelled. Vernon had scooped his hand into the mashed potatoes and thrown it in the direction of Violet, but it landed in Cassidy's hair. Cassidy picked up the nearest food dish and threw it across the table, landing it on the 

front of Lily's perfectly while top. Soon, everyone was throwing food across the table. Violet was yelling at them through the cloud of Christmas Dinner. Finally, after ten minutes, Violet had gone hoarse and there was not a single piece of food that wasn't splattered across the floor, ceiling, walls, or occupants of the room.

"Disgusting!" Violet shrieked. There was a moment of silence where everyone was just staring at each other.

"That. Was. Awesome." Jessica broke the silence. All eyes turned to her, and suddenly everyone began to laugh.

And it was a Christmas that all eleven of them would remember for years. The seven teenagers were set to the task of cleaning up the remnants of the food fight, laughing and messing around until late that night as they replayed moments of the fight. All the hate and prejudice between some members of the family seemed to be forgotten for a few hours as they were forced to eat left over pasta from the night before and some stale Christmas cookies.

Severus felt, as if for the first time, that he was part of a family. Petunia may have called him a freak and spilled hot gravy down his front, but when they were all joking and messing around while cleaning the dining room, he felt accepted. And that night, for the first time in the last couple weeks, he slept without a single nightmare.

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