Legends of a Youko and a Koumori

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Warnings: Hints of shonen-ai, frog abuse, mild swearing

The Hat

Summary: Kurama's insistence at the lack of originality in Kuronue's head-wear pushes them to find the trademark hat we all know and love.

"You're plain looking." Was what Kuronue's pointed ears picked up as he read an ancient scroll they stole from their last escapade from a wealthy frog demon. Annoyed, he turned to the source of the comment to see a sly grinning fox demon staring at him from the bag of treasure he had in his hands.

"What?" Was the only word he could form out of his mouth. He didn't know whether to look offended or worried with the calculating look Youko was giving him.

Before he knew it, Kurama disappeared from thin air and the bat demon jumped as he automatically felt a strong youkai presence behind him.

Not again.

"Let go, you crazy fox!" Kuronue snarled, holding onto his ponytail for dear life as Kurama pulled playfully yet incessantly at it, trying to unravel it. "For Inari's sake! Get the hell off of me!!"

But Kurama refused to heed his partner's words and continued to pull like a kitten that caught a piece of yarn in it's teeth. Kuronue decided to settle things once for all.

Kurama yelped when the bat managed to grab one hand on his silvery tail and pulled with the same ferocity as the fox was doing with his hair. After a bit of a scuffle with neither giving in, they ended at a stalemate.

"I'll let go, if you let go Kurama," Kuronue finally compromised after a tense silence. Kurama made a sound of affirmative and slowly, but surely, they loosened their hold on one another and the fox made a move to pull Kuronue's neck back and placed a chaste kiss on his lips as his way of a playful truce.

Kuronue was quite used to Kurama's unusual displays of affection upon his person and let him do as he wanted. You can't argue with him on anything when he's in his childish mode and he was sure that any youkai that had seen anything wouldn't open their mouths against an A-Class youkai, especially the legendary fox thief Youko Kurama.

"If you're quite done yet," Kuronue grinned at the equally smirking Youko. But his smile faded into annoyed line of a frown."Could you stop messing with my hair?! It's annoying."

"It's too plain-looking," Kurama pointed out simply. "I can't let you ruin my god-like image with your plainness if you're running with me. Fix it, or you're out of the job."

The bat demon narrowed his eyebrows in disbelief. "I've been your partner for six-hundred years, Youko, and now you're worrying about my image with you?!"

"Better late than never."

"What's wrong with my hair?!"

"It's in a ponytail."

"So? Who cares if it's in a ponytail?! It's too long to leave down, stupid!"

"The only thing that's stupid around here is your lack of styling," Kurama smirked. When Kuronue resorted to glaring down at him, he continued. "Look, your getup is amazing, sexy even. Borderline BDSM in my opinion," He hungrily stared at the leather bands twisting around Kuronue's arms. "It says, 'look, I'm hot, sexy and Youko Kurama's bitch', but your hair leaves little to the imagination."

Kuronue's glare turned lethal when he was compared as his partner's 'bitch' and his wings twitched dangerously. "In that case, I'll go visit the nearest village and change my look, so other demons don't get the wrong idea about you and me." He irritably shoved Youko's shoulder as he strode past him, externally pissed and internally hurt at the comments Kurama made about his ensemble, but there was no way in the seven hells that he was going to vocally say it aloud.


The bat demon turned reluctantly at his partner, hoping for the slim chance of an apology. "What now, fox?"

He merely saw an arrogant smirk. "While you're there, do something with your hair."

With a gust of wind underneath his wings and a hollered 'SCREW YOU' at his amused partner, he soared out of the clearing.

A few hours later...

He couldn't believe what he was doing as he walked amongst a crowd of demons in a huge marketplace, with no destination in mind.

He had half the mind to just leave the partnership of the fox thief and go solo. He had enough of the verbal criticisms from the silver haired youkai. But instead, his feet made quick work into the nearest village like he told Kurama he would and mindlessly viewed the shoppers and items, keeping an eye for rare items and jewelry stands. Just because he was pissed didn't mean he'd given up stealing when the chance would come by.

"Come here, come here," A knarled greenish-gray hand beckoned over the curious bat youkai. "A good-looking youkai like yourself might enjoy something from my stand."

Giving a short sigh, he approached the rather repulsive lizard demon and warily looked at the trinkets.

Well, son-of-a-gun. Hair accessories.

No wonder the old demon called him over. He was eying his long raven hair.

Some were very old trinkets, gold hairpins, diamond scrunchies, and such. Ornaments that would look better on a female than a male renegade thief. He stared at the mirror used for the customer's convenience and his thoughts wandered unwillingly to a certain silver fox's smirk and words echoing in his head.

I can't let you ruin my god-like image with your plainness if you're running with me. Fix it, or you're out of the job.

He glared angrily at his reflection. He didn't need to impress anyone, especially the so-called elusive, Youko Kurama. And if he didn't like it, it's his loss.

"I like that hat over there," A sultry voice whispered near his ear. "Try it on."

Kuronue whirled around and was face to face with the very demon he despised at the moment. "You!"

"Yes me." Youko smirked coyly as he examined a black belted hat hanging quite pathetically at the end of the table. "You don't honestly think I'd let you shop for yourself. You have terrible taste if you hadn't figure it out yet."

The bat demon growled sharply at the insult and turned away, glaring at a piece of tarnished silver and pearl hair pins and imagining using them to stab his arrogant partner right into those twitchy ears.

Kurama ignored him for a moment and pulled the hat and shoved it on the bat's head. Kuronue squirmed at the attack, but Kurama held him fast. "Stop acting like a pup and hold still."

Kuronue wrenched himself away in aggravation and glanced at the mirror. While the hat matched his outfit perfectly with it's rugged appearance and the rebellious belt around it, it was awkwardly fitted on his head due to the ponytail, making it uncomfortable.

He took it off and threw it down on the table. "It doesn't fit my head."

"Because of your ponytail," Kurama growled softly. "Get rid of it and it'll fit."

"You know what?" Kuronue finally said at last. "It's not your problem how I wear my hair and if I wanted it in a ponytail, down, or bald, it's my decision! Not yours, not anyone's got it?!"

Kurama promptly ignored him again and turned to the vendor. "How much do you want for it?"

The bat youkai's anger evaporated for a moment to blink at Kurama's question. "You want to buy it?"

The fox bandit looked at him, eyebrow raised. "Yeah, so?"

"Is the word 'buy' even in your vocabulary?" He can't imagine Youko Kurama actually buying something.

"Do shut up." Kurama dropped a few coins into the vendor's pleased hand and began to twirl the hat with an elegant finger.

Kuronue rolled his eyes, obviously his demands mattered squat to his partner and proceeded to walk away when he felt a powerful force of Youki heading his way. Before he had the chance to turn, he felt a pair of familiar hands grab a hold of him and was forcefully thrown onto the ground.

"That's them!" A wholesome, hoarse voice echoed at a distance. "Those are the sons of the bitches that stole from me!"


Kuronue looked up from the ground and amongst the hysterically running demons about, recognized the frog demon they recently stole from with a couple of friends with him.

"B-b-but s-s-sir..! That's Youko Kurama!" One of the demons sputtered as Kurama arose from the ground where he took refuge with his partner and rose to full height, golden eyes blazing with powerful youki.

"Do you mind...?" Kurama whispered hoarsely as the surrounding plants began to twitch and grow fangs and acid saliva dripping from their new mouths, looking for a meal. "We were having a lover's spat at the moment."

Kuronue shook his head warily at Kurama's comment and sat up properly, stringing up his sickle-scythe as a precaution in case the fox gets too interested into carnage and starts involving innocent bystanders.

Their opponents trembled and one by one they ran as fast as they could from the sinister plants. The demon lord fell on his behind in terror.

"Please...!" Screamed as a plant edged close to him. "Take whatever you want! Just don't hurt me!!"

"Coward," Kurama whispered dangerously. "You're not fit to assume the role of a Lord."

Kuronue raised an arm before the fox could exact a punishment on the pathetic demon and raised his sickle. "Leave before I let him use you for plant food."

The frog youkai took the hint and ran, but not before Kuronue exacted a little revenge for himself and threw his sickle after the youkai, slicing through his belt, causing the trembling frog's pants to fall down and tripped out of sight. Kurama gave a hearty laugh.

They took off into the trees back to their temporary hideout. Now that many know that they resided around the village, bounty hunters would catch the information for the chance to pursue them. They would have to grab their booty and run once again.

During the scrounging, Kurama still clutched the hat and only realized it when he reached for an expensive jewel that he had dug up from their temporary jewel refuge. He frowned at the now ruined hat. During the youki attack, the backside of the hat disintegrated, leaving the front end looking like a human visor, the only thing keeping it still a hat was the belt circling around it.

"Looks like we'll be looking for another accessory for you to wear, bats," Kurama whispered with a shrug as he threw the infernal hat into the worthless pile of junk they weren't taking with them. "It's too bad for me. I'll have to deal with another glamourous robbery alongside a plain sidekick."

But Kuronue was far from incensed. He looked curiously at the hat turned sun visor and glanced at the fox's back before snatching it from the pile and tried it on. The missing back accommodated his large ponytail nicely and checked a nearby pond to see how it looked and nodded in silent agreement. He hefted a satchel full of food and treasures over his shoulder.

"We're moving, Kuro--" Youko turned to see the bat demon's complete ensemble and smirked as his partner glared at him.

Kuronue looked away indignantly. "What? How many chances in a lifetime do you see Youko Kurama buy something instead of stealing it? Now would you leave me alone about my looks?"

"Never!" Kurama said slyly. "Your looks is all you have going for you. Someone has got to dress you everyday."

"Oh, shut up," Kuronue grumbled as he straightened his hat in agitation. The thought of Kurama undressing him was uncomfortable and appealing at the same time. "Let's just go."

"Hey bats."


"What do you think of leather pants?"

"The same as you think about having pups with a female. Not gonna happen." Kuronue answered darkly as they ran off into the gloom toward the next unknown destination.

And that was how Kuronue's trademark hat came into existence...