Part 3

Maggie stared at her reflection in the mirror, not quite believing that it was finally happening.

She heard a small knock on the door and she turned to see a beaming Tom Croydon by the doorway. "They're almost ready," he stated, his proud eyes scanning her form. "You look beautiful Maggie,"

She smiled at his words, slightly self conscious at all the attention as she turned back towards the mirror. "Thank you," she whispered, as she took a deep breath steadying herself.

"Everything alright?" he asked slightly concerned as he watched her eyes cloud over momentarily.

She gave a brief nod, finally turning from her reflection. "I just wish that they could have been here", she stated softly, a tinge of sadness in her voice.

"Your Dad?" he asked knowingly, hating the fact that Pat Doyle was currently sitting in a jail cell on his only daughter's wedding day.

"My family," she whispered with remorse and he nodded his head, she was the last Doyle left standing.

He did not say anything but wrapped his arms around her and she fell into his embrace, thankful for the comfort.

She pulled back and let the smile reform on her face. "Time for a new beginning," she stated softly and he gave a nod, offering his arm to her. "Are you ready?" he asked, waiting.

She felt the smile form on her face as she took one last glance at her reflection, her last moments as Maggie Doyle and she gave a nod. "Couldn't be more ready," she stated as she took his arm as he led her towards the ceremony.

The music filtered through the air, and with a slight murmur the crowd rose as Maggie slowly entered the church. She looked down the aisle, relieved to see his shinning blue eyes staring back at her. PJ stood there, his mouth dry as she walked radiantly towards him. She was absolutely beautiful, her dress an exact replica of her mother's, her hair drawn up with stunning tiny flowers, her own smile mirroring his. She had never been more beautiful. He had never felt so lucky.

He watched in silence as she detangled herself from Tom, placing a peck on his cheek as she did so. He locked eyes with her for a moment, and he had no doubts as he saw his own feeling reflecting back at him.

"Dearly beloved," The Reverend began, but the words just washed over him, his gaze refusing to break from her. Maggie could not contain her smile as she stared back at him, there was no need for words.

The reverend cleared his voice slightly and both turned to him, slightly startled.

"Both Maggie and PJ have expressed their wish to state their own vows. Maggie would you please state to PJ the vows which you wish to impart," the Reverend stated, giving her a smile.

Maggie gave a small nod, meeting his shinning eyes briefly as she passed Chris her bouquet, claiming his hands in hers as she turned to face him. He locked eyes with her, and she felt the rest of the world fall away, as she focused on him, the emotion welling.

"PJ," she began, her voice slightly shaky and she cleared her throat before continuing. "A part of me never thought we would get here, and now that we are I couldn't dream of being here with anyone else," she stated, growing more confident as she stood before him. "One thing I have learned in our time together is that life is unpredictable and that time is a gift, which has to be spent wisely. You are the person I want to walk life's windy road. You have been my strength, my eyes, my love and above all my best friend." She took a deep breath, swallowing the emotion threatening to overwhelm her. "You enrich me and make me a better person for having stood by your side. Today I pledge to you my honour, my life and above all my love," she finished, as she struggled to keep herself composed. She felt his thumbs trace along her hands comfortingly as she gave him a smile, his own eyes glistening.

"PJ could you please state to Maggie the vows which you wish to impart,"

PJ gave a small nod, taking a deep breath before relocking eyes with Maggie. "At times I've struggled to find the words to be able to express what you mean to me," he started, eyes expressive as he continued. "I love you Maggie" he stated, pausing to compose himself, "and if you let me, I will spend my life trying to make you as happy and as enriched as you make me feel," he admitted softly. "I pledge myself to you completely, to be your partner, your equal and your best friend. To be all that I can be and to love you wholeheartedly," he finished, composing himself as the silent communication flowed between them, the world falling away.

"Maggie and PJ will now impart rings as a symbol of their love and the vows which they have imparted. Can we have the rings please," the reverend instructed. Chris gave Maggie a beaming smile as she handed her the ring, as Nick placed the other in PJ's palm.

"Maggie would you please repeat after me," he stated and waited for the brief nod. "With this ring, I take the Patrick Joseph Hasham"

Maggie locked eyes again as she reached for his wedding hand, her own shaking in nervous joy. "With this ring, I take the Patrick Joseph Hasham," she repeated voice thick with emotion.

"To be my lawfully wedded husband," she recited the reverend's voice merely a whisper as she felt herself lost in his gaze. His face cracking with the smile at the word 'husband.'

"Come health, happiness, and prosperity, I will stand with you," she stated, the tears threatening to spill. "Come illness, trouble, or poverty, I will stand with you," she repeated. "Take this ring as a sign of my love and commitment," she finished, as she slowly slide the ring over the knuckle of his ring finger. He took her hand in his, having a moment between them, as the reverend continued.

"With this ring, I take you Margaret Anne Doyle, to be my lawfully wedded wife," PJ stated, enjoying the sound of the word roll off his tongue. "Come health, happiness, and prosperity, I will stand with you; come illness, trouble, or poverty, I will stand with you. Take this ring as a sign of my love and commitment," he finished as he savored the memory of sliding the golden ring upon her finger, a moment he had dreamed of, a moment he had thought lost to him.

"By the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife," he stated and neither bothered waiting for the cue as they stepped towards each other, having suppressed the desire during the entire ceremony. He felt her lips against his, his wife's lips and he trembled slightly with the thought. They broke apart slightly, vividly aware of the need to be appropriate for the occasion. He entangled her hand in his, drawing her closer, as they made their way down the aisle, confetti and petals being mercilessly thrown upon them.