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When We Were Young

"Mom, just drop it alright?" Lilly says angrily, while flicking through the channels aimlessly. "I didn't feel like going, so I skipped. Big deal!"

"It is a big deal, Lillian." Her mother lectures in a harsh tone, using her full first name. "You might as well be a high school dropout with the way you carry on!"

"And now we're back, here's the star herself Hannah Montana-" Lilly changes the channel before narrowing her eyes, shutting her mother out, and turning back to the talkshow to tune in. "Tell us, Hannah, can I call you Hannah?" The host asks nervously, making Lilly roll her eyes. On-screen Hannah flashes a toothy grin, "Sure Molly, can I call you Molly?"

The host, Molly, laughs at Hannah's joke before continuing, "So tell us, why Europe? What made you decide to step over the line and go international?" Lilly sees the popstar take a deep, thoughtful breath before answering carefully. "Well, Molly, it just seemed right. I have so many fans spread all over Europe right now, it's only fair for them to get a chance to see a concert and for me to have a chance to meet them all. I want to take this chance to say hi to all my fans watching, especially Germany! We just came from Germany and the people were so incredibly supportive, I even learned some german!"

"Really?" Molly asks curiously. And Lilly closes an ear to the rest. It just seemed right? she thinks, sarcasm already thick in her bitter tone, yeah it's just fine to shove off for Europe, leaving me behind. Miley had left last year, in fact the anniversary of her leaving is soon coming up. She left for some stupid touring on the other side of the world and while some might say that her career is the most important thing right now, she thought that Miley would choose to stay because Lilly was more important. Miley is more important to Lilly than anything and if she had been offered the chance to take off for Europe, she would have declined. Or at least have taken Miley with me.

But Lilly was silly and naive, she was young to think that while she might love Miley, it doesn't mean the brunette would have to feel the same way. Not that she knows or anything, Lilly had clamped her own mouth shut after the news of her best friend's departure. She was going to tell her how she felt after Miley would say that she turned down Europe and when she didn't? Lilly figured that meant Miley could never feel the same, and if she could just up and leave with barely two days notice then Miley shouldn't be important after all. But the thing is, she still is.

"Lilly, are you listening to me?" Her mother snaps, bringing Lilly out of her brooding thoughts. Lilly turns back to the TV, surprised to find Hannah standing and shaking hands with the host, ready to leave the show. "It was a pleasure to be here today, thanks for having me Molly."

"Oh no," The host titters. "The pleasure was all mine!" And she turns to the camera, smiling a smile worthy of Hannah's at the moment. "And there you have it folks, Hannah Montana a year later in Europe. All you foriegn fans better grab tickets, because they're selling out like nothing the music industry has seen before!"

Hannah waves goodbye as she walks offstage and the host is saying something about having the lead singer of some Tokio Hotel band on next week when Lilly shuts it all off. She tosses the remote aside to stand and stretch, finally turning to her raving mother. "Relax, okay? I'll be in class tomorrow, promise."

Mrs. Truscott stops yelling mid-sentence to give her a watery smile, "Just try, okay honey?" She says quietly, walking around the couch to pull her daughter into a hug. Lilly nods into the hug, pulling away quickly. She smiles for her mother's sake, just wanting to get her off her case. She walks towards the stairs, an empty sort of feeling dripping from her chest down into her abdomen. Lilly knows she won't be in class tomorrow, or the next day. A promise is a promise? Yeah and another one gone, just like Miley's promise that they'd always be best friends. Always be there for each other. Lilly doesn't care right now, she only ever tried for Miley. To look good in her eyes and now that she realizes her efforts were for nothing at all, she doesn't need to try anymore.

A/N - Awhh, poor Lilly. This will probably lead to her feeling lonely and bitter, then rebelling against everyone and herself. Yes, that's my somewhat plot. And next chapter, we get a phone call from Miley! :D