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Charlie Weasley and Hermione Granger

Three o'clock in the morning and Charlie is woken by Hermione. His birthday party at the Burrow had been the previous night, and even George had managed to crack a smile and the odd joke. They had been so tired that not even Molly had put up an argument when some of them had fallen asleep in the living room, sprawled over the cushions and floor. Still, he isn't sure how Ron's girlfriend ended up by him. Charlie suspects that Ron is in the chair beside the sofa that they, and a few others are sleeping on, and that is enough for Hermione.

She occasionally thrashes her arms, fighting against nothing but air and the memories in her mind. Silent screams are ripping from her throat regularly, making no sound. He wants to wake her or put his arms around her and pull her to him until she is soothed.

He can't do either of those things. He can't bring himself to wake her. This doesn't seem like an unusual event. And if he were to put his arms around her, he might just not ever be able to let her go and Ron probably wouldn't be best pleased with him if that were to happen.

He has always slept heavily and peacefully, drifting into worlds where things beyond his imagination happened. He doesn't think that even in his dreams he could imagine something as bad as what must be going through Hermione's mind as she slept. He wonders if she always slept this way. Maybe it is just being away from home, or away from Ron, if only by a few centimeters. He doesn't want to think that this is a normal thing.

There is nobody the other side of her, just the end of the sofa, but if he moves he risks waking whoever is sleeping on his other side. He can't remember who it is, but if they're a Weasley, waking them wouldn't be the best of ideas. He lays still as Hermione's face becomes peaceful again, though he knows it probably won't last long. He watches her, and wonders where the hell his brother is when his girlfriend (the one he secretly wouldn't mind for himself) needs him. Charlie will be there for her now, but in the morning he won't say a word. This will be another secret for him to keep.