A.N- Ok this is a completly random story I came up with when I was utterly bored! It's a bit slow this chapter but trust me its going to get funny! For any one who has watched 'Viva La Bam' remember season one the scavenger hunt! Ok please read and review tell me what you think! Dont judge this chapter its just getting the ball rolling! I do promise there will be some regretful things in chapter 2 and some hilarious Cullen plotting later on!

Saturday, 21st June 2008, 3am

5 hours after arrest

Moonlight was seeping through the small window at the top of the cell. The bars on the window created distorted shadows that played across the concrete walls. Alice and I sat across from each other on uncomfortable mattresses.

"Well this sucks," I muttered as we stared at each other before bursting into a fit of hysterics.

"You have to admit it was worth it!" She objected stifling the last of her giggles.

"Hey this is my first time in jail; I'm new to this all!" I pouted crossing my arms a smile still playing on my lips.

"Ah it's all easy stuff; nothing to worry about. We'll get out of here… eventually." She sighed falling back into the bed with a soft thud staring up at the ceiling.

Silence followed as we both thought things through.

I began idly spinning my ring as the diamonds sparkled in the soft moonlight. I smiled; I had only had the engagement ring a few days but already I was used to it weighing down my finger. My smiled broadened as I broke the silence looking over at Alice sheepishly.

"It was worth it." I admitted as we both began laughing again.

"Oi you two, shut up!" A guard called out angrily as we covered our mouths trying to keep quiet. I looked up at the clock in the stations office; it read 3am exactly. I sighed internally; it had been over 5 hours that we had been stuck in this tiny cell together.

Time seemed to drag by but I knew if it was 5 hours with anyone else it would have gone so much slower. It had all started with an innocent night out on the town…

Friday, 20th June 2008, 7am

15 hours before arrest

Everything was dark. Everything was silent. Everything was peaceful. It was perfect.

I was slowly waking up to another day in Edwards's large bed; the heavy curtain let no light in so I had no idea what time it was. My mind drifted in and out refusing to completely wake up. Right now I was very content lying in Edward cold arms with my eyes firmly shut. I heard the faint click of the door opening and closing followed by near silent foot steps creeping along the room. My sleepy mind didn't process the meaning until it was too late.

I let out a yell in protest and surprise as the bright morning sun broke through the blinds and blinded me without warning. I heard Edward mumbled something angrily as I sat up looking around dazed. My vision was blurred as my eyes slowly adjusted to the light.

"What the hell…?" I cried out in objection. A flash of black spikes bobbed around me; I recognised the voice before I saw who it was.

"Wake up Bella we have a big day ahead of us. There's no point wasting it on something as pointless as sleep!" Alice cried running around the room grabbing at clothes and opening more windows.

"I'm sorry Alice but unlike you I actually do SLEEP!" I called out as she flew out of the room. I lay back down dazzled by so much sudden activity. Edward put his arms around me smiling.

"You might want to get up she has a lot of plans and she's not going to be happy if you don't follow. Trust me it's going to be a lot easier if you just do what she says."

He was out of bed and at my side before I had a chance to notice as he gently pried me out of the soft sheets.

"But I don't wanna get up…" I mumbled rubbing my sleepy eyes staggering on my feet. He caught me from hitting the ground just as Alice suddenly raced in.

"There's no time for romance today Edward; I'm going to have to take her away for the rest of the day." He opened his mouth to object before she shushed him, grabbed me by the wrists and pulled me away.

"Edward…" I called after him still groggy but he was gone, "What's happening Alice?"

Her innocent smile told me I didn't want to know the answer as she spoke.

"Well I'm giving you a make-over today! Remember were going out for your hens night tonight!"

I remembered her telling me about tonight but it was months ago. She hadn't brought it up since so I had completely forgotten. I cringed at the thought of an entire day of an Alice make-over, Edward was right; it would be much easier to just do what she wanted.

"Can I at least get some breakfast?" I pleaded; it would mean I got at least a few minutes with Edward today.

"Already sorted," she replied almost smugly as she sat me down in the bath room chair. I sighed as I realised there was a table next to me with cereal fruit and even pancakes.

"You cooked pancakes?" I asked sceptically having a weird mental image of Alice cooking. Her soprano laugh filled the room as she shook her head.

"Of course I didn't! I ordered all the food in last night; I knew you would want pancakes today."

She was good; too good.

I ate my breakfast in irritable silence as she fluttered around me. She ran in and out of the room bringing in different assortments of clothing; trying to create the perfect outfit. She finally ran back in pushing clothes into my hand. I looked down at her choice dubiously; a plain top and trackies.

"There very nice Alice but isn't it meant to be a hens night?" She laughed again doubling over as if I had said something hilarious.

"No silly; these are you clothes to wear while I give you a make-over! You didn't think I would even let you leave the house in those did you!" My mouth hung open; it had taken her that long for just what I would wear while getting the make-over! It was going to be a very long day…

I closed my eyes trying to relax as Alice talked to Rose about nail polish colours. It had seemed like I had been stuck in this stupid chair for hours! Alice had managed so far to put my hair in curlers, spread an assortment of creams on my face and now begin to paint my nails. Every decision took at least 30 minutes to choose the perfect product and not 10 minutes in I had given up paying attention.

"Bella it's perfect; you look gorgeous!" Alice squealed in delight jumping up and down as I walked in showing them the dress.

They had decided to put me in a low cut black cocktail dress. Its V-neck was decorated with sequins and was held up with spaghetti straps. My hair had been curled and cascaded down my back. I didn't know how long I would be able to walk in the strappy heels with out falling over but I didn't complain; they looked good.

I sighed in relief as Rose gave me the nod of approval; it was over!

We walked down the stairs as the boys let out a low whistle in appreciation. I hurried over to Edward trying not to fall over; he started at my wide eyed.

"Wow…" he muttered as I spun around, "Remember this is your hens party you're getting married so don't run off with some other guy!" He laughed his arms snaking around my waist. Kissing me softly he grudgingly let me go as I ran to the car.

"Don't do anything stupid…" he mouthed as I hopped in excited. What could possibly go wrong?

I got in the car as Alice and Rose hunched over a piece of paper. I looked over doubtfully at the typed print.

"What's this?" I asked reading through it; it was a list of some sort.

"You didn't think we would let you have some boring old hen's night did you?" Alice mocked raising an eyebrow. "This is our 'scavenger hunt list'."

When I didn't say anything she explained further rolling her eyes.

"Basically it's a list of random, naughty and just plain weird things. We split up and do as many of them as we can, who ever does the most wins!"

I wasn't convinced and I felt rolls of dread as I read through the list; this was soo going to get us arrested!