A Wiseguy One-Shot - AU

Sonny/Vinnie implied, so you could call it slash. Well, it isn't really. That "Nights in White Satins Scene" was quite obvious, wasn't it? So, it's canon to me, but call it what ever you want. But still, if you don't like that, don't read

Ah, yeah, before I forget: They aren't mine, never were. I've just borrowed them for a little fun.

So, let's have a little fun…



Sonny opened the door and stumbled into his office.

There was a thing on the floor and he hadn't seen it because someone had turned the lights off, so it was too dark to see clearly. He waited a moment for his eyes to get used to the darkness and scanned the room slowly, his shoulders tightening, trying to find any danger.

He found none.

No, he found no threat but there was something white on the floor, the thing he stumbled over before, and there was also someone on his desk. He turned the lights on only to shut his eyes quickly. He turned around.

"Theresa?" He whispered. "I'm not supposed to see this."

"I know, Sonny." She replied. Her voice sounded tired – defeated. But her stance was as he remembered her: proud and strong.

"But?" He added, knowing there had to be more behind this. He studied her closely. She looked sad – but also happy, he recognized.

"Turn around Sonny," She ordered.

"But …" He muttered his objection.

"Trust me in this. You need to see," She added, sighing heavily. "Open your eyes, Sonny."

So, he did what she said. He turned around.

"What's this about?" He queried in a hoarse voice. Still, he couldn't turn his gaze away from the figure on his desk.

"It's all about love, Sonny. You know I might be a woman, but I'm not blind nor am I stupid. You love him. That's why." She explained.

"You know?" he whispered.

"Yes, I do and I can't do this anymore. I've seen the looks you two exchange, Sonny. I just cannot marry you." She had watched him closely, and what she now saw confirmed her guesses.

"What about your father?" He retorted, knowing that Don Baglia wouldn't be satisfied with this.

"Don't worry Sonny, I'll deal with my father. I won't participate in a marriage only out of business. It is wrong." She said in a strong voice. There was steel beneath it. She was truly her father's daughter.

"So, that's it then?" He said, turning around to face her once more.

"Yes, I guess it is Sonny. I'm sorry it turned out this way."

Were there tears in her eyes, he wondered briefly. Then shook his head. There was nothing he could do.

"So, that leaves me with what?" He replied ironically.

"I don't know Sonny." She answered and turned around to leave. He didn't try to stop her.

He stared after her.

Finally, he turned around, facing the figure on his desk.

"Well, she did well, didn't she, Vinnie?" He whispered after examining him closer. The figure did not respond. For a moment he was afraid that this was some sort of sick joke. That was until he found a steady pulse. "So, she had you drugged. Guess there was no other way doing this, was there?"

Theresa had covered Vinnie in her veil, hiding his face.

"So, that leaves me with what?" he repeated his earlier question and suddenly smiled brightly.

"I still get to kiss the bride, do I not?" He whispered softly and mischief lurked in his eyes.



I know it's short but anyway: thank you for reading.

I've written this a while ago but I thought it didn't really fit into my other Wiseguy fic so I made a one-shot out of it

Keep in mind that I haven't seen the series for about more then ten years or so.

So, all I know is from memory and what the Internet provides me with. Yeah, they sound probable utterly OOC, but I couldn't help it.