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Summary : Regret is a bad feeling you have when you feel of loss or disappointment in your mind. It makes you want to turn back time and correct the wrongs that you did. Have you ever had any regrets? I did. SasuxSaku ShikaxIno NaruxHina NejixTen.

It was an early morning , and they ( Sakura , Ino , Hinata , Tenten ) were just coming back from a severe mission .

" you think they'll miss us?" Hinata asked..after years she still love the blonde hair idiot.

" Of course they will they love us right ? Silly Hinata. " Ino answered back . It was true , the boys did love the girls they just didn't know it.

" Ne , guys let's keep going I can almost see the gate ." Tenten told them . The gate is not far away from here.

" Let's hurry so we can surprise them ! I wanna see the looks on their faces ! " Sakura snickered at the thought of the peoples face when they saw them come back from a 7- months long mission .

They finally reached Khonoha and poofed to the Hokage's Tower.

In The Hokage's Tower

Tsunade was drinking sake like usual except this time Shizune had to work on paper work more often since Sakura was not here.

Outside the office the girls could her screams of " Shizune!! Get me MORE SAKE !! " and " Tsuande-Sama!! I think you have enough!! Stop look! The papers are flowing !!"

It was indeed good to be back , they didn't bothered knocking they just came right in.

" Who in the hell would come in without permission!!" The drunken Sannin yelled.

" Tsuande-Sama!! Its them!! The girls! They're back Tsuande-Sama!" Shizune exclaimed

At that moment Tsunade heard she looked up to see 4 familiar smiling faces of Sakura , Ino , Hinata , Tenten .

' Welcome back girls! Oh how i missed you ! Doesn't feel great to be back? " Tsunade exclaimed as she hugged them one by one.

" I know Tsuande - Sama but , where are the boys? " They asked .

" I don't know much , but i have a feeling they're in the training grounds . "

" Alright , Tsunade-Sama and Shizune-Chan , We'll be seeing you guys later.! " And with that they left leaving no sound behind.

They all went their separate ways finding each boy .

With Sakura , Sakura's p.o.v

I see Sasuke standing there with another girl..

She had some pretty features .( keyword - some )

She have blazing red hair , slutty short clothes that seem to say she is a slut right there. ( guess who ? you guessed it right it's...The dumbass bitch Karin ) She wore glasses . And her face looked pretty weird right there , I mean a freakin thing on her lips!.

" So..Sasuke-kun the girl you said , Sakura right? Is she prettier or stronger than me?" Karin asked Sasuke..

Dammit say yes Sasuke! How could you..! I thought.

" Hn. No your prettier than her , way hotter , and stronger she's too weak." Sasuke said monotoned .

At that moment i felt..

With Ino , Ino's P.O.V

I see Shikamaru watching clouds again but this time not alone.

There was a girl with him. I can tell he love her more than he loved me.She was very pretty . Long twilight colored hair with a pretty face that almost rivals Ino's . Average schoolgirl body , and a Khonoha headband .

" you love me? I love you ..." She asked Shikamaru. "I thought i was the only one to call Shikmaru by Shika-kun..." I thought . My eyes getting watery.

" Of course troublesome woman..." I thought he only calls me troublesome woman..! And at that moment I feel hot tears falling down my face.

But I dare not make any sounds.

" Do you love me more than that girl , Ino? " She had asked again.

" Of course Yumi...I love you ...more than Ino.." Shikamaru had said , once again , but this time he got up and kissed Yumi..

That moment i felt ..

With Hinata Hinata's P.O.V

Naruto-Kun was there in the training grounds eating ramen with a girl , Thats not me..I thought

She was pretty , She had an elegant face with scarlet hair , cascading down her face as the wind blows. A little less curvy than me.. I hate to say it but her body was almost perfect!

After they finished their ramen ..they were kissing..

" Naruto-kun! Lets spar again! This time I'm not letting you win! " She asked.

" Aww Takara-chan! " He said..

Naruto-kun! i trusted you...and right there I felt.

With Tenten , Tenten's P.O.V

Here I was...thinking I how stupid i was for loving him.., I mean look at that!! He and another girl is hugging each other .!!

That girl was simply near perfect...her curves fit her body . Her shoulder length forest green hair flowing to the side. She wore a tight outfit that makes her breast stand out like a whore.

She and Neji were sparring . Then when they reached their limit . And had to rest.

" Well Moriko , that was the best spar I had..your stronger than Tenten.." Neji's face seems calm but his voice was striking of tiredness .

" Who's Tenten..who is she to you? You love me right? " That girl , Moriko or whatever had asked Neji. " Of course I love you..Tenten is just a friend not even close to me." I can tell Neji's face was bored. stupid am I and here I am thinking you would love me..but I was wrong..never in my life i felt ..

" Felt so betrayed and replaced..."

At all the same moment they thought that , they ran out of their hiding places and it startled the boys and the bit- i mean other girls.

They quickly ran to the Hokage tower ...

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