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Summary : Shunned by the boys ( Sasuke , Naruto , Shikamaru , Neji ) , pittied by the people , they walk down the road of regret. Regrets of ever coming back.

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Where we left off...

" Felt so betrayed and replaced..."

At all the same moment they thought that , they ran out of their hiding places and it startled the boys and the bit- I mean other girls.

They quickly ran to the Hokage Tower...

And the story continues..

They quickly ran to the Hokage Tower..they didn't bother greeting anyone. They were rushing.

" Huh? Hinata, Tenten , Ino? What are you guys doing here?" Sakura asked curious of why Hinata and Ino had tears streaming down their face.

" N-naruto-k-kun -hic- l-l-loves another -hic- g-girl. " Hinata murmured during hiccups. Tears were falling from her face and she looked like a mess.

" What? You too? Neji already have another that he sees she's stronger than me! " Tenten yelled. She was to mad to cry.

" Don't -hic- t-tell me -hic- all of u-us got c-cheated on? -hic- " Ino asked. She already know the answer to that. She just feel like asking since crying and do nothing is gonna get her thinking more about Shikamaru.

" Well yeah.. but I'm planing on leaving did the guys tell you , you were too weak? I plan on getting stronger!" Sakura stated.

" I'll go...with you Sakura-chan..I want to get stronger.." Ino and Tenten said.

" Hinata? Will you come as well? " The pink-haired medic asked the raven - haired Byakugan user.

" Sure..I got nothing left in Khonoha.." Hinata murmured softly as they all walk in the Hokage's office.

In The Hokage's Office

" Huh? What are you four doing here..?" Tsunade asked the four girls as she drank her bottle of strong sake.

" Tsuande-sama... We ..want to leave the village. please..let us! We want to escape from this nightmare." Ino begged , eyes filled of hope.

" Why? You just came back! And now you wanna go again? Explain and maybe .." Tsunade questioned them four.

" We have nothing left in Khonoha , nothing to lose. I mean they left us right? Please Tsuande-sama .." Sakura begged.

" The boys? What?! Alright I understand but Khonoha can't have you leaving us! I mean you four are the top kunoichis. ANBU even wants you! What if you get kidnapped or something? And how long are you gonna be gone anyways!? " Tsunade filled with rage once she heard the boys left them.

" We can handle ourselves Tsunade-sama. We need this. We're only miserable here , and your answer to how long is at least 3 to 4 years." Tenten said with a firm voice.

" We need this..please Tsunade-sama we're still loyal to Khonoha we won't betray it.." Hinata whispered enough for all of them to hear. While Ino ad Sakura were hopping for Tsunade to let them go.

" Alright...if your miserable here...but one problem out there and I'm sending squads out! " Tsunade's voice was stern.

All eyes of the four of them immediately filled with happiness and stain tears were no longer on faces.

" Thank you Tsunade-sama! We'll be back soon alright? Tell the boys we hope they're happy with their new girlfriends.! " The four girls cried out and came up to hug the Godaime before leaving Khonoha for a long time..

At midnight , The Gate

" Any words before we leave..? " Tenten asked . " I just wanna say ...The years here was the best of my life except meeting Sasuke and all." Sakura said monotoned.

Ino just shrugged. And then Hinata came up and said a few words " The years here in Khonoha , I'm glad i met you three .." Hinata smiled.

Tenten didn't really want to speak at all.

" Ok lets head out! " Ino yelled out of nowhere , surprising the other three.

And with that they headed out..

They have been walking for a long time and got really sleepy. So they camped near a tree.

" I was thinking , we should form an organization. One thats strong..and we really need to eliminate Akatsuki and other criminals..." Hinata ex cogitated.

" Sure...we'll worry about that tomorrow...right now..I really want to get some sleep.." Ino yawned. As she went into the big tent.

TimeSkip Tomorrow

They traveled traveled for hours . They found a village , it looks strange , almost as though... it's deserted ...

" This looks creepy! Let's go back.!" Ino whispered as walking away from the village. " No way Ino , stop being a chicken and lets find out..why ." Sakura yelled at Ino for leaving and grabbed her by the shirt.

" The people must have flee...from something...or someone." Tenten stated. It looked creepy deserted.

They walked into an old bar. There were a few people hiding there." Hey why are you people hiding?" Hinata asked the moment she walked right in.

They walked towards a family. " Spit it out! Why are you guys hiding?!" Tenten screeched . The people were trembling for their lives being scared by Tenten.

She walked towards a lady. " R-red C-clouds..Don't hurt me! " The lady trembled before Tenten.

"'s Akatsuki? " Sakura asked as they walk towards one another. " Maybe..but what is Akatsuki doing here? What do they want here?" Ino questioned.They all were thinking very hard until a voice stopped them from their thoughts.

" Those Akatsuki people you say...they kidnapped this girl..she's from a very special clan but she doesn't have potential to become a ninja. If only there was someone to train her." An Old Lady said .

" Maybe Akatsuki wants to train her? Why? " Tenten questioned the other 3 girls. " To make her become a killing machine.." Hinata said.

" Well we have to stop them! We just can't sit here and let an innocent girl be forced to become a killing machine! " Sakura yelled , anger in her eyes. As she pound her fist on the table near by - which shattered.

" We really need to eliminate Akatsuki too! " Ino said. They left the village training to become stronger. And to stop a very certain criminal organization

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