Authors note: this idea won't leave me alone so I'm gonna type it. This takes place when Luffy is the pirate king, Emily and Zoro are the greatest at what they do, Nami's map of the world is almost done, Usopp is a brave warrior of the sea, Sanji found the all blue, Chopper is working on the miracle cure, Robin found most of the re poneglphs, Franky's dream ship made it all around the Grand Line and Brooke is going to see Laboon. Don't be mad if I make mistakes. I'll do my best.

Chapter 1: Mysterious Mage

It was a normal day on the Thousand Sunny. Well, as normal as it gets when the captain is a rubber idiot, the singer is a mage, the doctor is a talking blue nose reindeer, the archaeologist can make her hands appear on any surface, the shipwright is a cyborg, and the musician is a living skeleton.

Anyway, Luffy, Usopp and Chopper were playing tag. Emily, Nami and Robin were relaxing and being fawned over by Sanji. Zoro was keeping watch in the crows nest and sleeping. Franky was making something, and Brook was playing his violin.

"Sanji!! When's lunch?" yelled Luffy.

"In an hour." Sanji yelled. " Unless you beautiful women want some now."

" No thanks, we're ok Sanji-kun." said Nami.

Emily and Robin both giggled at this.

"But I'm hungry!" Luffy wined.

Then suddenly there was an explosion and smoke was everywhere. Zoro came down from the crows nest and Franky came up from his workshop. The Straw hats collapsed. They were all conscious but they couldn't get up.

A girl appeared on deck. She was wearing a black and orange kimono with a short skirt. Her face was shadowed by her purple hair that was in pigtails. She looked at the Straw hats as they lay on the ground. She lifted her head and her blood red eyes rested on Luffy, Zoro and Sanji.

She first walked up to Luffy. She crouched down and opened his vest and put her hand on his lower abdomen.

" Good, lots of space." she said as her hand began to glow a light pink. Luffy felt a fluttering feeling in his stomach.

She got up and walked over to Sanji. She unbuttoned his suit, his eyes turned into hearts.

"Hm, slim, strong legs though. He'll do fine." her hand glowed pink again, same feeling as Luffy.

She got Zoro next. She pushed down his hamarki and pushed up his shirt.

" Nice abs, take awhile for it to show. But it'll work." her was hand was pink. Fluttering feeling again.

As she got up started to walk until something hit her. It was Emily's fist. She hit the mast. Emily was the only one standing, she was a little wobbly. Her head was telling her to fight, but her body was telling her to fall over. Magic has less of an affect on another mage.

She put up her hand and all the smoke disappeared and the others could get up. She walked over to the girl. And picked her up by the back of her kimono. She used a spell to tie her up. She put her down and went to help up her friends. Luffy first. Luffy couldn't explain it but he felt strange.

Nami helped up Sanji. He felt like Luffy but he ignored it because his beautiful Nami-swan was helping him up.

Zoro didn't want any help, so he got up on his own. He felt strange but he pushed it to the back of his head, a new enemy was on board.

They all gathered around the strange girl. Suddenly the girl was awake and threw three things at Luffy, Sanji and Zoro. They hit right in their stomachs. At a closer look they were needles. But they were strange the needles didn't puncture the skin. The boys quickly pulled them out. They had some thing on them.

"Why are you here?!" asked Emily to the strange girl.

The girl only giggled. Then she sighed and looked up at them. She was very lovely. Her eyes were no longer red but a golden color.

"Why you ask" she smiled sweetly, " For fun."

"FOR FUN!?" everyone but the usually calm Robin yelled.

" We have a few questions to ask you." Robin said.

"Ok, shoot. I'll answer them to the best of my ability." the girl said back.

"What's your name?"

" Kiseki."

Emily stepped in " Are you a mage?"

"Yes, quiet talented too."

"What did you do to us?" asked Luffy.

"What I do best." she smiled kindly, "I made you three pregnant."

"What do you mean by that?" growled Zoro.

"Do I have to spell it out for you?" Kiseki mocked, "Each of you three are going to have a baby. The needles had the DNA of the mother of your baby. I chose the one I saw most fitting. I've bin watching you for a long time now. Monkey D. Luffy is having the child of Emily the Blue Mage, Roronoa Zoro is having the child of Sgt. Tashigi of the Marines, and Black leg Sanji is having the child of Cat Burglar Nami."

"But why them and not the rest of us guys?" asked Ussop.

"Well, one of you is dead so no where to grow, one is made of metal no way to grow big, the reindeer is the doctor and his usual body is to small. Your just not the kind of guy I target. I like sexy guys like them."

This caused everyone to sweat drop.

"And why not us girls?" a confused Nami asked.

"That's no fun, it happens all the time." she pouted, " I like to see a hot boy with a huge belly swaying as he waddles, and I know I'm not the only one. Right Miss Emily."

Emily cringed and blushed a deep shade of red. "I don't know what your talking about."

"Please I happen to know you have three books about this matter, one for every trimester." she smirked.

"Why do you have those?" said Zoro.

"I-I d-d-don't know, heh heh." she said pulling on her hair.

When everyone was preoccupied with the even redder singer, Kiseki broke free of her bonds and quickly moved to Sanji and plucked the cigarette right from his mouth.

"No Smoking, I want the baby to be healthy. No drinking grog, wine, sake, or any alcohol for that matter." She eyed Zoro at the last remark.

She jumped up to the top of the mast. And yelled down. "I'll be back, take care boys. Oh, I sped it up ahead 12 days" she stuck out her tongue and smiled at the same time.

Everyone but the short range guys (Zoro (kinda), Sanji, Chopper, and Brook) shot an attach at her, but she was gone by then.

Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji put a hand to their stomachs. They weren't sure they should believe her. Out of everything that had happened to them in the Grand Line this was the weirdest.

"So what now?" Ussop said trying to break the awkward silence.

"I know." everyone looked at Emily, "We see if she was telling the truth."