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Chapter 6: NO FIGHTING!!!


Zoro blocked Tashigi's attack with little effort. She had just attacked out of nowhere. He took a closer at her face. She was smiling but her eyes looked scared or sad. Kind of a bordering crazy look.

"What's wrong with you?" Zoro yelled at her.

"Y-Your lying. You have to be. It's not possible." she kind of rambled. She attacked again, "Get the fuck away from me!"

He just blocked. 'Crap, I can't even fight back"

~Flash Back~

"No fighting!" said Chopper.

"Huh?!" said the three pregnant pirates.

"Your not as strong as usual right now. Most of your energy is being focest on the babies." explained Chopper.

"So no fighting at all!?" said Zoro, "What if the ship is attacked? Are we just supposed to sit around and let everyone else do the fighting."

"Exactly. And if you take any damage the babies could be seriously injured and even die." said Chopper.

~End Flash Back~

"Would you just calm down!" he yelled. "Crap!" he ran out of the ally and kept running down the street. 'I can't belive I'm running away… again!'

Back by Tashigi, she'd followed him out of the allyway but stopped at the entrance.

"Officer Tashigi!" some marines came running over.

"Huh? Oh… The Strawhats are on this island. One of you go inform Captine Smoker. The rest of you follow me, we're going after him." said Tashigi in a commanding tone.

-----------------------------A short time ago-------------------------------------------

"I wonder were Zoro went?" said Luffy.

"Yea, I haven't seen him in a while." said Sanji looking like he didn't really care but he was a little worried.

"Maybe we should…!!!" Luffy stopped mid sentence. He got a surprised and slightly confused look as he looked down at his stomach.

"Luffy? Luffy what's wrong?" said Emily. She was standing right next to him. He grabbed her hand and put it on his stomach. Her eyes widened too and she smiled.

"The Baby! It's kicking!" she said excitedly. But then they saw how close their faces were and Emily started to blush , they were only a few centimeters apart. If they moved in a little bit closer they could…

"Huh? Guys, why did you stop?" said Nami. She, Sanji, and Robin were alittle ahead of Luffy and Emily.

"My baby kicked!" said Luffy excitedly with a very light blush. Emily pulled the hood up on her short sleeved hoodie in an attemt to hide her deep blush.

"Huh, really?" Sanji said, then he put a hand his stomach, "Why haven't you kicked yet?" Sanji asked his stomach jokingly.

Nami giggled, Emily and Robin smiled and Luffy laughed alittle bit.

Robin noticed something and turned to see Zoro running up to them. He was a little out of breath (Hey babies are heavy.).

"Zoro-san what's wrong?" asked Robin as she walked closer to him.

But then he fell to his knees clunching his stomach. He looked like he was in pain.

"Zoro!" Emily got down next to him. Her eyes widened as she realized what was wrong. "Crap! You over exerted yourself! We need Chopper!"

"Hi Guys!!!" came Chopper's voice. They looked over to see the rest of the crew walking up to them. They sweat dropped.

'Wow, that was convienet.' they all thought at the same time, execpt for Zoro.

Emily snapped out of it and yelled, "Chopper get over here!".

Chopper saw Zoro and ran up to him. He looked him over. "He'll be alright but we need to get him to the ship."

"Marines…They're on…the…island." said Zoro. He was in serious pain. He'd felt pain before but this was very different. It had started to hurt when he was running but he had to find the others and tell them.


"We need to get out of here!" yelled Emily.

"STRAWHAT!!!!" Smoker and Tashigi were running up to them with more marines following.

"Take them to the ship. I'll stay and hold them off!" said Emily.

"I'll stay and help you!" Brooke un-seathed his sword from his cane.

"As will I." Robin crossed her arms, ready to use her powers.

"Thanks." Emily said as her hands began to glow with magic.

Chopper took his human form and picked up Zoro, Nami yelled for Franky to pick up Sanji, and they put Luffy in the food cart. There was room and Luffy was the heaviest and would be he the most difficult to carry.

"Hand over Strawhat." Smoker commanded.

Emily was pissed.

"Like hell. I WON'T LET YOU TOUCH HIM!!!" Her anger scared the marines behined Smoker and Tashigi yelled and ran away.

They ingaged in combat(whoa, lame line). They used the usual attacks(Mages control the elements and other basic magic like levitation and invisibility.). After a few minutes while Emily was fighting with Smoker, she used him as a sort of sping board and jumped into the air. She looked to the harbor, which wasn't very far, and saw the Thousand Sunny had set off and Nami was waving from the deck.

"Robin! Brooke! We gotta go!" She yelled as she grabbed a piece of chalk from her shorts pocket. She started to draw a circle with desigens inside. Robin and Brooke broke away from their fights and ran to the circle.

"TRANSPORT!!! THOUSAND SUNNY DECK!!!" Emily yelled and the circle lines started to glow.

"Wait!!!" yelled Tashigi, "Are they… are they really pregnant?!"

Smoker got a confused and surprised look.

Emily smiled, "What do you think?" Emily, Robin, and Brooke floated for a seconds, then vanished.


The reappeared on the deck of the Thousand Sunny but they appeared a few feet in the air. Brooke fell on his face and Robin and Emily fell on their butts.

"Ow! I really got to work on the landings." said Emily as she rubbed her sore butt.

"Emily-kun! Robin-chan! Are you two alright?!" a worried Sanji ran up to them and nelt down to help them up. He completely ignored Brooke but Ussop helped him up.

"Did we get away ok?" asked Robin after Sanji helped her up.

"Yea, no problems." Nami said from the upper deck.

"Wait… Where's Zoro?" asked Emily.

"He called first watch." answered Nami.


Back on the island the Marines where thinking about what they should do.

"Captine should we pursue them?" said one of the marines to Smoker as they all looked to the now empty sea. They had come running back after they were sure Emily, Robin, and Brooke were gone.

"No." Smoker sighed, " Tashigi I need to talk to you about this later." he said to Tashigi who nodded in return. "And to the rest of you! This does not leave this platoon! GOT IT!?" He yelled to the marines behind them.

"SIR YES SIR!!!" they yelled in unison.

Sadly marines are terrible gossips.


---A few hours later--dinner time---

"Get your ass down here Marimo! I'm tired of keeping your food warm!!" Sanji yelled, hands on his hips from the deck to the crows nest. Zoro had been up there since they left the island.

"What could he be doing up there?" said Nami from the kitchen.

"Yea, he's been up there for hours." said Usopp.

"Hey someone bring up his plate to him." said Sanji as he walked back into the kitchen.

"I'll do it Cook-san." said Robin as she stood up and picked up Zoro's plate. "No Robin-Chan, you don't have to do it. I'll make Usopp do it." said Sanji. He received a glare from Usopp which he ignored.

"No, it's alright Cook-san. Sniper-san is still eating and I've already finished eating." said Robin as she walked out the door. When she got to the ladder she sproted extra arms to hold the plate and strated up the ladder.

"Swordsman-san?" she said as she lifted the hatch to the weight room in the crow's nest. Zoro was sitting at the window and had had his head in his hands and when he heard her voice his head shot up. Robin's eyes widened.

He was crying a little. When he saw her he quickly rubbed away any tears and said. "What do you want Woman?!" in his usual tone of voice.

"Are you all right?" she said as she sat down next to him. She had never seen him cry. She had been told by the others they'd seen him cry once before when he lost to Mihawk the first time they fought and was swearing he'd never lose again.

"I'm fine! What do you want?!" he yelled back at her.

"Your dinner was getting cold." she said as she handed it to him.

"I'm not hungry. Now go away." he looked away but she saw him looking at the plate out of the corner of his eye.

"Yes you are. Now you should eat." she said offering it to him. He snached it from her hands and started eating. "Will you tell me why you where crying?"

He stopped eating. "She didn't…want it." he mumbled.

"What?" asked Robin not hearing him.

"She didn't fucken want anything to do with it!!!" he yelled. He started crying again. And put his head in his hands again "God I don't even know why I'm crying!"

Robin started rubbing his back. "It's okay, it's just your hormones." She rubbed his back soothingly. He wasn't sobbing, more like silent tears save for some shaking every now and then.

"It was probably a pretty big shock for her." she said after he calmed down.

"Huh?" he said lifting his head.

"I mean, You're a pirate and she's a marine. The fact that she'll have a child was just dropped on her out of nowhere. She's probably scared." she said.

"Yea." he said rubbing one of his eyes a little.

"You still have us though." she said looking across the room.


"You know this crew won't abandon you. I know as well as anyone on this ship. This crew won't abandon any of their namaka." she said with small smile. "Don't stay up to late swordsman-san. It's been a very busy day." she said softly as she left the room. After she was gone he smiled a little. The baby started kicking again.

"Heh." he went back to his food.


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