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"Link...I...See you later." Midna said, her voice cracking as she sent her tear toward the mirror. The portal opened as she rushed up the stairs before she could change her mind. Link's mouth fell open as the the words rang on his ears, sending his nerves into panic. She evaporated right before Link's eyes with a sad, but knowing expression on her elegant features. Her eyes held a pain, the kind of pain that hurts worse than any type other type of wound. The mirror shattered into billions of impossibly small particles and they were swept up by the wind.

After several minutes of silence, Zelda put a comforting hand on Link's shoulder.

"Come, Link...we should go back to Hyrule Castle." She said softly. Link nodded, unable to speak due to the lump in his throat. He was the new Hero of Hyrule, but he felt like none of it was worth it, worth this sting that ate away at him, inside out.

The ride back was a long one. Zelda was silent, sensing that Link needed some thinking time to himself. Link and Epona knew the fields of Hyrule by heart now. The last time he rode this path was before he entered Hyrule Castle to fight Ganondorf. Midna had been in his shadow, right by his side, with him through everything. He had watched her go from a sarcastic know-it-all to someone who was caring and confident. She still had some of her sassy personality, but she had become more than an acquaintance. He held a special connection with her, a bond unlike what he had ever felt about someone before.

Link's thoughts were interrupted by Epona's abrupt stop. They had reached the bridge into Hyrule Castle Town. Link and Zelda dismounted Epona, who would receive a well-deserved rest, and made their way to the castle, ignoring the stares of the town's folk. None of it mattered now. They stopped in front of the Castle Doors.

"Princess Zelda! Princess!" A guard ran up to them. "You are safe! Come inside the castle, there is much work to be done concerning the-" Zelda held up a hand.

"Leave." She said quietly.

The guard scampered away after glancing at the sword and shield on Link's back.

"Link. I must apologize for putting you through all this on my account. If only I'd have been more prepared for Zant's arrival, the whole situation could have been avoided."Zelda said solemnly.

"No princess! It wasn't your fault, I-" Link protested. Did she honestly think this was her fault? Zelda held up her hand, smiling.

"It's better to live for the present, and not dwell on the past...or what could have been." Zelda said, wistfully looking towards the desert dunes far in the distance. Link bit his lip and lowered his eyes to keep himself in check. He must push past his emotions, live up to his responsibilities.

"Speaking of the present, things should return to the way they were. Return the Master Sword to the Sacred Grove. Keep your weapons and Hero's Clothing, just in case the goddesses decide your skills will once again be needed. You bear the Triforce of Courage. I bear the Triforce of Wisdom. Our paths may intertwine once again someday."

"Speaking of Triforces, what will happen to the Triforce of Power? The symbol had disappeared from Ganondorf's hand. It has left him, so there is no way he could come back, right?" Link asked.

"To be honest, I don't know. The Triforce may find a new host, and hopefully it will be someone worthy of it. It may have disappeared with Ganon himself. If, by some extraordinary catastrophe, Ganon has survived, it will remain in him. There are many possible answers."

"Ok...Thank you." Link said, and with that he turned to leave. He paused and hesitated. He had one more question on his mind. He shook his head, and continued walking down the steps.

It wasn't meant to be, he thought. He thought about Midna. Her high pitched laugh, her amber eyes, her cynical personality...I wish things could have been different...

"No Link...thank you." The princess said. Link turned to wave as Zelda entered the Castle.

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