Ancient Prophecy 5

Armor Sanctuaries

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"Akira, we've returned," Alden said.

"Akira!" Serenity cried.

"Serenity, are you all right?" Akira asked.

"Fine, fine," she replied, "I was in a battle of my own."

"You weren't hurt?"

"No, but others were."

"Our daughter killed herself," Alden explained.

"Oh, Serenity, Alden, I'm so sorry."

"Can I see the armor?" Serenity asked.  "Have you started?"

Alden nodded, "yes, I've just begun taking it apart.  If we hurry, it shouldn't take long."

Serenity looked on as the two monks prepared the armor.  She had never seen such armors.  They looked different than the ones on the moon kingdom.  They were finished in days.

Alden pointed them out to her, starting with the elemental-powered ones. "This is the armor of wildfire.  Element is fire.  Attribute is virtue.  This is the armor of halo.  Element is light.  Attribute is wisdom.   This is the armor of hardrock.  Element is earth.  Attribute is justice.  This is the armor of torrent.  Element is water.  Virtue is trust.  And this one is the armor of strata.  Element--air.  Attribute--life."

Serenity walked up to the strata armor.  "Whoever is the wearer of this armor, I want our daughter to meet him.  It's very important that she'll understand just how important life is when she is reborn."  She touched the helmet and could feel life inside it, even though it was empty.  "I want them to be close allies."

"What about the prince from Earth?" Alden questioned.

"She loved him so much that she couldn't bear to be without him," she said.  "She couldn't part with him but if she realized that love still existed after death she wouldn't have taken her life.  Love must go one; life must go on.  If she lost Darien again, chances are she'll kill her self again.  We can't take that chance. She would have to understand her life is more important than love."

 "All right," he said.   "She will need to choose between her old love, Darien or her new love warrior of strata.  We hope that she will make the right choice."

"We'll put these armors where they would get their strength," Akira said.

"And those four," Serenity said, walking up to the armor of the ogre, "these look different than the five elemental ones.  They're bigger."

"They are powered by the seasons," Akira said.  "This one, Serenity, is the spring armor."

She raised an eyebrow, "it doesn't remind me of spring."

Akira smiled, "yes, I now.  It's the armor of the ogre."

"It's attribute?"


Serenity found this funny, "L-loyalty?  How can an ogre be loyal?"

"You know ogres to be cruel," Alden said.

"Of course they're cruel, tormenting."

"The person who wears this armor can decide he be an ogre of cruelty, or a friend of loyalty."

"This one reminds me of a spider," Serenity said, nodding to the armor of the tarantula.

"Yes, it is called the armor of the tarantula," Akira told her.

"Tarantula!" she cried and looked at Alden, "why did you let him make one that looks like a tarantula? Who would wear an armor like this?"

"Someone with a power to make illusions," replied Akira.  "It is the summer armor and its attribute is serenity."
"And this one?" she nodded to the next seasonal armor.

"Armor of the cobra," Alden answered, "Season of Autumn.  Attribute is piety.  Whoever wears this armor must be immune to venom."

"The armor is poisonous?" she asked.

"Yes," Akira said, picking up a stick, "let me show you." He touched the arm of the armor and it began to eat away at the stick.

Serenity looked on in amazement, "all these armors have a special power."  Then she looked at the last one.  "This must be the winter armor?"

"Yes, armor of the jackal." Akira said.  "It's attribute--obedience."

"We will put the elemental armors in their sanctuaries first," Alden instructed, "where they get their power."

"Wait!" Serenity exclaimed.

"Something wrong?"

"There is something I want to place inside the armors," she said, putting her palms together.  "Crystals, orbs, gems--they were very powerful in the moon kingdom.  If the armor is ever taken away from the new warriors, they will still be safe with these armor orbs."  9 orbs appeared in front of her with a different colored sign on each of them.  They flew inside the armor they belonged too and beams of light were sent through the openings of the empty armors. 

They placed the armor of wildfire deep within a volcano.  "How is the person wearing this armor supposed to find it?" Serenity asked, shielding her eyes from the smoke. 

"He'll find it," Alden said, "I know he will.  It will protect him from heat."

"Yes, but what's supposed to protect him before he gets it?" she questioned.  "I don't want him to be burned before--"

"I don't expect him to jump inside the volcano to get it," Alden told her. 

"He'll find it in a lava bed," Akira said, "after the volcano has erupted."

"Oh, that sounds better," she sighed.  She looked at the armor of halo.  "Where will we put the armor of halo?"

"In the darkest cave we can find," Akira said.

"A cave?" she asked, close to laughing.  "How is the young warrior supposed to find it?  He could get hurt!"

"It's in the poem," Alden said. "Have I ever told it to you?"

She shook her head.

He took a breath and cited the poem, "Torch of spirit sought through five.  Drinking strength from immortal fire.  Darkest prison sheds the light.  Churning beneath a grain of salt.  Burning within a throne of rock.  Floating amongst the eyes of ages unmoored by the stream of the sky."

"So, you're going to place the armor of halo in the darkest prison and it will be the light for--" she cut herself off at Alden's smile.

"Brilliant," she whispered.  "Brilliant."

After planting the armor of halo in the cave, they placed the armor of hardrock in a rocky gorge.  They plunged the armor of torrent in a lake.

"I hope it doesn't rust," Serenity said.

"It's made to be in the water," Akira said.  "In fact, it's even stronger in the water than on land.  The person wearing this will be nearly undefeatable under water."

"These armors really are powerful," Serenity said.  "I wish I could meet whoever wears them."

"Perhaps, Serenity," Akira said, "someday you will."

"Now, the armor of the strata," Alden said.  "We need to send it into space."

"How?" Akira questioned.

"Allow me," Serenity told him, stepping passed them to get to the armor of strata.  She stared at it for a while and then crossed her arms.  A wind picked up around her and the armor. 

'Armor of strata,' she thought, 'fly to the moon and beyond…'  Then a dark blue sphere closed around the armor and pulled it up in the air, through the clouds and finally, out sight.

"How did she do that?" Akira asked in amazement.

Serenity gasped and almost fainted when Alden caught her.

"Are you all right, my love?" he asked quickly.

"Yes, yes."  She replied.  "It just took away some of my strength.  I don't think I'm as strong as I used to be after that fight with Beryl."

"Now, we need to find a place for the seasonal armors," Akira said.

"I believe when we place them is more important than where," Serenity told him.

"What do you mean?" Akira asked.

"If they get their powers from the four seasons then we should place them all on the first day of those seasons," she explained, "and in different times of the day."

"She's right," Alden said.

Then she cited a poem, "The loyalty of the sunrise comes to start a new day.  Summer serenities can still linger in midday.  Piety does not die out when the leaves fall and the sun goes down.  In the cold of winter, the dark of the night, the seasons obey the commands of the earth."

On the first day of spring, right before the sun began to rise, they placed the spring armor on a mountain facing the east, so that even after spring has come, the armor will see a sunrise, which was like spring every day.  Then on midday of the first day of summer, they placed the summer armor in a summery southern meadow so that no matter what the weather was like, it still seemed like a hot and peaceful summer day.  Right before sunset on the first day of autumn, they placed the autumn armor on a riverbed, facing west.  As the leaves began to fall on top of it, the sun went down and it saw an autumn coming every day the sun went down over the horizon.  Then at midnight, on the first day of winter, they placed the winter armor deep within a pit of snow in the northern mountains.  Even when the sun came out and melted the snow in the valleys and villages, the peak of the mountain will still be covered with snow and the armor will know what it would be like to rest in a never-ending winter.

Years passed and the trio will still come to check on the armors to see if they were still there or not. 

"This is the ancient prophecy Master Bolo told us about," Akira said amazed.  "Making armors from the seasons and the elements."

"To stop evil," Serenity said.  "It's more than a prophecy, it's destiny."



Ryo Sanada heard a great boom miles away.  He saw smoke entering the air. He always knew there was a volcano near her but he always thought the volcano was dead and couldn't erupt again.  He found shelter in a cave and waited until the eruption was over.  He poked his head out to check if the coast was clear and went up the mountain.  He saw something in a lava bed.

"What is that?" he asked aloud.  When he got closer, he saw that it was a suit of armor.  There was a brilliant red light shining through the red armor and when he reached inside it, he pulled out a white orb with a red symbol on it: virtue.  The kanji on the orb flared on his forehead.

He didn't know that the ancient was watching him.  And something else that he didn't know, that at the same exact time, that four other young men found similar armors in different places and they would become the ronin warriors.  In different times of the year, the four warlords found the seasonal armors.  They didn't know then that their adventure, their destiny, had just begun.

The End

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