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Beep, Beep, Beep

I lifted my hand from under my covers and blindly waved it around to smash the annoying buzzer off on my alarm clock. I took notice of the time-five o'clock. I groaned loudly. It was still dark outside. I laid back into the cushions of my bed and stared at the ceiling. Why, oh why did I ever agree to do this job? I mused to myself as I tried to overcome the strong feeling of drowsiness fighting to overtake my body. Then, I remembered.

Oh, that's right, because Edward. My best friend for as long as I have been alive-thanks to our mothers being best friends and all - needed to be tended to. That is pretty much how it had been our whole lives though.

Edwards mother Esme, and my mother Renee were roommates in college. They met each other freshman year and had been attached at the hips since. They each met their husbands at the same party, were engaged and married a few months apart, and both were pregnant together. They even ended up moving into the same neighborhood. Esme had Edward in June and then Renee had me four months later. From that moment on, Edward and I were always a part of each others lives. Esme was like my second mother, as was Renee to Edward.

Going over to Edwards house always made me laugh. If you didn't know that Carlisle and Esme only had one child, you would think they had two. Along with all the pictures of Edward from birth on up, there were pictures of me as well. Our first time sitting up, together. First trip to the zoo, together. When we lost our front teeth, again, together. It was the same at my mothers house- pictures of Edward were everywhere. We had sleepovers from the time we were little to the present. If it was anyone else of the male species, I am sure Charlie would have flipped. Edward -being like the son he never had - made him ok to sleep in the same bed with me. He knew nothing was going to happen. We were just friends, remember?

When it came to school, I was always the one to remind Edward of a homework assignment or a test that we needed to study for. His parents and him were very grateful for my nagging of him. Without it he would never have even bothered with school.

When it came time to apply for colleges, it only made sense to attempt to attend the same one. Neither of us could picture being apart from the other one for an extended amount of time. We had talked our 

parents into letting us rent an apartment together to save on money and the dreaded ordeal of living with a complete stranger, so we moved into an apartment right off campus.

One day, Edward was approached by a man on campus telling him he had a face for modeling and handed him his business card. We laughed about it, Edward said the man probably just wanted to see him naked. A few weeks later and a serious lack of cash flow, Edward decided to drag me along to see if anything came from the man's offer. Boy, did it ever! it seemed right away Edward was being booked for photo shoots and local add campaigns. Soon after, he caught the eye of a few big wigs over at the T.V. station and began making small appearances in commercials. Shocked by how fast his career had picked up, he sent head shots out to agencies in L.A. and was astonished when every single agency seemed to want him. He went with the one that threw the most money at him, and started working immediately.

He was participating in a fashion show during fashion week in New York when he caught the eye of a director who thought he had the perfect look for a character in his new movie of a struggling artist who battled a heroine addiction. That movie earned Edward a Golden Globe nomination and sky rocketed him to super star status over night. Since then, he had been in constant demand.

When things started happening for him he said he couldn't imagine doing it without me, so I came along to fulfill my role as the person watching out for him. Making sure he stayed level headed, helping him remember important dates, auditions, and so on. Then, becoming Best friend/ personal assistant extraordinaire.

He claimed that he couldn't see anyone else being his personal assistant other than me. I knew everything there was to know about him. Plus, who would turn down a job where they got paid for being a best friend and helping him out like I always did? He mentioned on numerous occasions, that he wouldn't know how to survive if I wasn't there being the responsible one.

Edward was such a wonderful person but he never gave himself enough credit. He was beyond talented in everything he tried and everyone knew it. He has been playing concerto style piano since he was in elementary school. His teacher said she had never seen a child pick up piano so fast nor as well- was a natural. He wrote beautiful musical pieces off the top of his head. He was passionate about everything- friends, family, and food. When Edward did something, he did it all the way. He never half-assed 

anything. When it came to his family and friends, they always came first. When he made a promise, he kept it. Edward never lied, he just wasn't that type.

However, since becoming this big star, people only saw him for his outward appearances. I knew better. The people who fell in love with Edward Cullen, the "Movie Star", didn't know the real him. They knew he could play piano, but had never heard his work. They just thought he was a triple threat of perfection, actor/model, and musician. To them, he was the strange bronze disheveled haired actor with a ripped muscled body with abs that just begged to be licked. The actor that sported a perfectly crooked smile that he flashed at any given moment. The actor with the amazing emerald colored eyes that looked too amazing to be real. But to those who loved him, he was so much more then all that. He was the sweet and fun loving Edward who would do anything to make his loved ones happy.

Sure Edward was gorgeous, there was no denying that. I had known it since elementary school when every girl was drawn to him like one of those bug zapper lights. Even more so when he started to become the chiseled god he is today.

His personality is what I think kept us friends for so long, though. Although he was beautiful and came from a wealthy family, he never let any of that go to his head. When in high school, he was super popular and everyone wanted to be his friend. He was always invited to the biggest parties, and was asked out by the prettiest girls, but never once did any of that matter to him. Instead, he liked to camp and read books, and play his piano or watch really bad horror movies. Anything and everything always had us rolling on the floor laughing. The fact that he stuck by me no matter what all the time made me love him so much.

I, on the other hand, wasn't popular by anyone's standard. I was the police chief's nerdy daughter who spent all her time studying and hanging out with Edward. To all the girls who wanted to date Edward, I was nothing more then his charity case; the family friend he felt bad for. So that was why he hung out with me. I overheard some of the girls in gym one day talking about all the qualities I lacked in being worthy to be his friend. They mainly involved my looks. My hair was a dull boring brown color that came down past my shoulders. My eyes matched my hair- lifeless brown color- except, they were hidden behind glasses. My skin was a pale color that was made more noticeable by the dark color of my hair. My clothes were all off brand, and all I did was read. Obviously, besides my dreary looks, the fact that I could read at all for pleasure made me a poor match for Edward in their eyes. He found me later that day walking home instead of riding with him. When he finally got it out of me what was wrong he was upset.

"Bella, you know those people have no idea what they are talking about. You are my very best friend because I can't live without you. Who would cook me pancakes every Sunday if it weren't for you? Who would make sure I was on time to everything, and who would inspire me to work on my music more? None of them hold half as much interest as you hold. You along with them, don't see yourself clearly. You never have. Ignore them. You are beautiful and funny and so smart! Not to mention you have a super hot best friend." he was wiping away my tears and I started to laugh.

"Promise me Bella, Promise that you won't listen to them anymore. Only you and I know what we mean to each other, nobody else matters." he implored as he pushed my the curtain of hair from my face.

"I-I promise." He wrapped his arms around my shoulders, giving me a squeeze.

That is how it always was. We were always just the best of friends and he never traded me in for a better model.

We had been through everything in our lives up until now together. Through the death of our grandparents, to school and dances. We shared every detail of our lives with each other and we were the only ones who truly knew the other one inside and out.

He watched me go on many dates that left me without anyone that interested me. He would tell me, "Don't worry Bella, your prince charming is out there. Just you wait and see."

Too bad I had already found that man.

Unfortunately, Edward was wrong because this man didn't notice I was alive.

Well, not true. He knew I was alive, alright. I just happened to be alive in his eyes as his dorky, best friend/personal assistant.

Yep, the man of my dreams and my best friend were one in the same. I was stupid enough to fall in love with the super attractive, super talented, actor best friend, Edward.

I think some part of me had always been in love with Edward. But after attempting to date around, I realized that the reason they never lead to anything more then just a first date was because I spent the whole time comparing them to him. Some would be cute, but they weren't him. Some would be super smart, but not as smart as him. Or as funny.

It didn't matter though. It was hopeless. He was a huge actor now, and I got to sit by and watch actresses and models throw themselves all over him and him eat it up. I was still just good ole' best friend, Bella. I was just like a sister and nothing more.

So, I didn't say a thing. I don't need him to tell me what I already knew.

When presented with the choice between a beautiful blonde model from Germany to plain Jane Bella who looked like she just walked out of the Sears catalogue, who do you think he would pick?

I wasn't stupid, I knew who.

So, I decided to keep my feelings to myself and keep my friendship intact. I don't think I could handle being around him if he told me straight out that I wasn't his type. I liked to bask in the warmth that is denial.

An annoying buzzing brought me out of my self pitying thoughts and I reached over to the nightstand to see it was my vibrating Blackberry flashing a reminder to get Edward up for an audition he had today.

I threw the covers off my sleep drunken body and stood up slowly. I shuffled my way to my closet to grab some clothes and headed off to the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day.

I took my time letting the warm water trickle down my back to help relax my stiff muscles. Trying to deal with Edward in the mornings was like dealing with a five year old who wanted candy and refused to take no for an answer. He was not a morning person, and it was my job to wake his lazy ass up and deliver him some coffee. It helped that we shared a house together. It made things easier and harder for my situation.

Easier, because living with Edward was natural It gave us both comfort to have one another so close. It also made things easier work wise. Instead of waking up and driving over from a separate home, I just shared one with him. I was with Edward all the time anyway, so paying rent for a place I was never at didn't make any sense.

Harder, because with my current feelings, I got my heart ripped out on a regular basis when I could hear Edward bringing home another random chick. Or, walking into the kitchen in the morning to fix Edward coffee only to be greeted by a stranger in nothing more then a shirt of Edward's. My personal favorite way of having my heart stomped on, was walking into his room for his daily wake up to find that he wasn't alone. Seeing his arm curled around someone else's body always did a number on my heart.

Once I was done showering, I got dressed and threw my hair into a clip and made my way to the kitchen to start the coffee. I fell into my daily routine by opening the front door and grabbing the paper, lay it on the kitchen table, and then pop two pop tarts into the toaster. we may be adults now, but pop tarts would always remain Edward and mine's ultimate breakfast food.

Once the coffee was done, I made a cup for him and myself then wrapped the now warmed pop tarts into a paper towel and walked to his room.

I slowly opened his door mentally chanting, "please let him be alone, please let him be alone…" I scrunched my eyes shut as I thought this, then opened one cautiously before letting a sigh of relief escape me. He was.

There laid Edward in only his black boxer briefs, sprawled out on his stomach and his covers kicked to the foot of the bed.

I, of course, took a minute to ogle his perfect form laying there. It was the only time I could fully take in his perfection without him noticing me doing so. He was beautiful and of course I had seen him in less, I mean we used to bathe together as toddlers, but now it was different. Now, the thought of bathing with Edward caused a blush to rise to my cheeks which caused a myriad of mental images to run through my head, all of which were very NC-17.

I snapped myself out of the daze I had fallen under and made my way over to the side of his bed, setting the coffees and pop tarts on his nightstand. I sat down on the bed next to him and prepared myself to listen to his whining.

I placed my hand on his bare shoulder and gave it a nudge " Hey, time to wake up Cullen"

I paused waiting for impact, but received none. Time to bring out the big guns.

"Cullen! Time to get your ass up, you have things to do today, come on now." I shook his shoulder vigorously, which elicited a low growl from his sleeping form.

He started to move, smashing his face into his pillow moaning, " Noooo.

Bella, a little longer , please?"

"Edward, we don't have time for this. Come on, I brought you your coffee and a pop tart, get up."

He turned his face towards me and his eyes fluttered open.

"Why do you make these things so damn early." he grumbled before smashing his face back into his pillow.

"Oh yes, I make them early. Intentionally. Because I love waking you up every morning like this. It is the highlight of my day, Edward."

I felt his arms wrap around my waist and tug me down to him so that I was laying next to him, face to face. My breathing hitched. Too close.

"Oh, silly Bella, you know you love coming in here every morning and getting a good look at me in nothing but my BB's ."

Oh, How right he was, but still he didn't need to know that.

"Edward, you walk around the house like this all the time, so it's not like I never get an unwanted peepshow." I answered back sarcastically, attempting to hide the blush now crossing my cheeks.

"Whatever Bells, So what am I doing today, then?" he reached over me grabbing the pop tarts and handing me one.

"You have an audition today for a period piece drama directed by some up and coming director. I have all the info in my room. Do you think you could get up and be ready to leave in an hour?" I asked as I finished the last bite of my tart and started to push myself off the bed.

Edward once again grabbed me and pulled me close to him. My heart started to pound and the butterflies in my stomach went nuts. Stupid, attractive, best friend.

"Bella, just cuddle with me, sheesh, so eager to leave your best friend alone." Edward pouted and gently tugged on the ends of my hair. I slapped his hands away playfully.

"Edward, we have things to do today. You need to get ready, I have to get ready. We don't have time for you to be silly."

"You know, Miss. grumpy pants, you need to chill out. I am going to force you to go on vacation if you're not careful." he threatened playfully.

"How many times you have told me that and it never happens?" I shot back.

"Fine, then I guess I will have to settle for this-"

He bounced up to his knees suddenly and towered over me catching me completely off guard. He took that as an advantage and placed his hands on my sides and commenced a tickle war.

"Ahhh, NO.. Edward Please!! S-Stop it!!" I stammered as I attempted to push his unrelenting fingers away from my sides.

"Are you going to relax Bella?" he asked through a laugh as he continued his torturous tickle attack on me.


"You promise me?"

"I-I promise, Please stop!"

"Fine," he released me. " I am not afraid to use my powers on you again miss, so chill out."

"You are such a jerk sometimes, you know that?" I spat at him before shoving him onto his back and climbed on top of him, pinning his body to the bed.

"Yes but that is why you love me." He answered with a taunting smile.

Oh if he only knew…

"Okay, so your going to get up now?" I climbed off of him and jumped off the bed.

"Yes Bella, I am going to go shower now. Anything to stop you from nagging the crap out of me." I swatted at him.

"It is my job to nag, now go. I will be in the living room." with that I left the room.

I made my way to my bedroom to grab my messenger bag and filled it with the things I needed for the day-my folder full of Edwards info, headshots, notepad, and random things Edward might need while we were out. I threw my laptop in and grabbed my blackberry off the charger along with my ipod, and headed back out to the living room. I plopped down on the couch and started to look over what we had to do today and if there were any other meeting.

Edward had the audition I had mentioned this morning and then needed to stop by his agents to talk over any other project he may have. The rest of the day seemed free so far, but knowing how in demand he was, I was sure something else would be bound to pop up.

My phone started to ring and a glance at the caller ID made me feel happy that I had my morning coffee.

"Hello Alice," I answered with a sigh. It took all the strength I had to get through conversations with that pixie in the mornings.

Alice was my other best friend and Edwards stylist. She was in charge of dressing him for red carpet events and openings of clubs he attended. Anything that there would be a lot of photogs at meant that Alice was going to be hard at work. Alice had gone to Parsons in New York for fashion before moving out here to be a personal stylist/ designer. She was this tiny 4'10'' little pixie-like ball of energy. She just had 

this personality that no matter what mood you were in beamed rays of happiness to you in an instant. It was impossible not to love Alice.

"Hey Bella, how did waking Edward up go this morning?"

"How does waking up Edward go every morning Alice?" I answered dully, flipping through a stack of papers that were propped precariously on the coffee table.

"-Was he at least alone today?" she laughed

"Yes, I was very lucky not to have seen little Eddie this morning."

"Oh don't pretend that you don't like seeing little Eddie. You would just prefer to be the person in the bed next to him." Alice teased. I rolled my eyes in response.

"Alice, jeeze. Always a lady."

"Well you know it's the truth. Why you won't tell him is beyond me, Bella."

"Do we always need to have this conversation first thing in the morning, Alice? You know why I don't tell him." I answered in defense. I heard her scoff on the other end.

"Bella, you are so beautiful and smart. Those blonde bimbos that he brings home don't even begin to compare to you. How you can sit by and watch him with those idiots is horrible. One day, you are going to get sick of it.. and just tell him."

"Maybe one day Alice, but today is not that day." I quipped back, hoping the conversation would end there.

"Well, it better be soon, because sooner or later some skank is going to latch her claws into him and he is going to end up with the wrong person and then where will you both be?"

"Alice-" I warned, hoping she could hear the discomfort coloring my voice.

"Fine, no more on that topic, for now," she finished. "I was calling to see if Mr. wonderful needed my services for anything today?"

"Not that I know of, but I will have to get back to you on that. He may have something come up some time today."

"Alright, I will talk to you later then."

"Bye Alice" I hung up the phone and tossed it onto the coffee table. I rubbed my temples gingerly.

That girl was going to be the death of me. Of course, it wasn't anything I hadn't heard from all our friends before. At least one of them brought it up daily; how I should tell him and that would cause him to realize he loves me too. I just couldn't take the risk that he didn't.

Just then, the door opened to Edward's bedroom and out he came in a pair of low rise jeans resting dangerously low on his hips, and a t-shirt in his hand. His hair was wet and all mussed around on the top of his head. He looked like a god. I groaned internally. why did my best friend have to be so freaking hot, and why must he walk around looking like that?

I leaned my head back on the couch and closed my eyes counting to ten, hoping his shirt would be safely covering the abs I had just been drooling over.

"I hate my life," I mumbled to myself and gave a silent pout.

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