It must have been luck that gave them this moment alone. It must have been luck that Robin quietly deterred Nami and Usopp from staying the ship, insisting that they accompany her and Chopper to the town's museum. It must have been luck that Robin knew exactly what to say to make everyone except Sanji and Zoro leave the ship on an expedition that would not have interested anyone except the archaeologist. Sanji was pretty sure that she had blackmailed a good majority of them, or had gotten Chopper to insist on regular prostate exams. It had to be luck that the Thousand Sunny had landed just days after Sanji had gathered enough courage and self-confidence to take the final step with Zoro.

Well, that's what Sanji hoped was the situation rather than Robin's astute observations. He'd hate to pollute a lady's thoughts with his and Zoro's potential actions. Potential, of course, for nothing thus far had actually happened. That was what Sanji had wanted, had specifically stated and asked for time to work things out. It had been a little over a month. The first few weeks had been full of awkward moments. Sanji, who had never had a real, substantial relationship, was unsure of how things were supposed to work. In his series of one-night stands, Sanji had always done the pursuing. He had been the one initiating and creating the momentum that ultimately led to the bedroom. Yet, Sanji had been at a loss with what to do with Zoro. It felt weird to pursue Zoro, especially when Sanji was uncomfortable with the thought of him and Zoro and a bed.

Or that was at least how he'd felt for a while. Now, though, after a month of Zoro and his awkward, fumbling moments that always seemed to end in disappointment, Sanji was no longer uncomfortable with the topic. Anxious, still, but not uncomfortable. He had come to terms with the fact that he was not only emotionally attached to Zoro- he knew for certain now that he was- but also physically attracted. The anxiety he felt had more to do with his body's hunger rather than nerves about the act.

These thoughts swirled through his brain as Sanji leaned against the railing. Exhaling a stream of smoke, he watched it swirl up and through the breeze in the direction of the crow's nest. He kept watching the smoke rise up, eyes unable to leave the tumultuous substance. He could feel it pulling him up, directing him. Making the decision Sanji had spent the day struggling with. His indecisiveness gone with the wind, Sanji tossed his cigarette behind him and headed for the crow's nest.

As he trudged up the infinite stairs, Sanji let composure slide across his features. Even in this, he wasn't going to let Zoro make him weak. He steeled himself and pushed the door open. Inside, a shirtless Zoro was counting to some ridiculously high number as he lifted weights above his head. He stopped mid-lift as Sanji entered.

"Marimo." His voice sounded shakier than he'd meant it to. Sanji breathe deeply before he said what needed to be said. Taking the most direct route, he said, "Let's fuck."

Confusion crossed the swordsman's face, and Sanji wondered if he was going to have to be more explicit. It was quickly replaced by a softer expression Sanji had learned meant concern. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I'm sure. I even brought this," Sanji said, holding up a bottle of oil that he assumed would make the best lubricant. He watched as Zoro set down his weights while still keeping the concerned look. The swordsman opened his mouth, but Sanji cut him off. "If you don't want to, that's fine. I can just-"

He was cut off abruptly as Zoro surged forward, pressing his lips against Sanji's. Sanji kissed him back. Zoro pushed him backward until Sanji was flush against the door with Zoro pinning him. Sanji brought his hands up to run through Zoro's short, thick hair, pulling on it ever so slightly. Zoro hissed slightly, but against Sanji's leg, he could feel the swordsman getting hard. As he vaguely remembered from the one time, Zoro liked it rough.

Zoro pulled away from Sanji's mouth to kiss down his cheek and jaw before making his way to Sanji's sharp collarbone. He nipped at the skin above the bone, causing Sanji to jump at the sensation. He could feel Zoro grinning against his skin and was about to make some snide comment when Zoro, having moved up from collar to neck, bit heavily on the juncture of neck and shoulder. Sanji's legs seemed to turn to jelly, and had it not been for Zoro's strong hold, he might have fallen. He felt himself getting hard as Zoro sunk his teeth into the same spot.

Sanji felt as though he was helpless. He felt like putty in Zoro's arms. The swordsman pulled at Sanji's shirt, tugging it over Sanji's head. Zoro ran his hands down Sanji's chest and across his back. The calloused skin ghosted over Sanji's nipples, and Sanji gasped at the sensation. He saw Zoro grin. Angry at his loss of control, Sanji reached for Zoro's face. He pulled him up and roughly kissed him. The smug swordsman was still grinning into the kiss. Sanji wanted it gone.

He pulled away from the green-haired man, moving his lips over to Zoro's pierced ear. Sanji ran his tongue in between the three gold bars and gently bit into the other man's soft flesh. Zoro let out a soft groan when Sanji nudged at the skin just behind the ear. The cook, smirking, bit gently on that bit of skin, causing Zoro to release a louder moan.

Zoro's rough hands pawed at Sanji's chest, running once more over the cook's pert nipples. The fingers of one hand grabbed and twisted one nub. Sanji moaned loudly. He pulled away from Zoro's ear and threw his head back. Zoro was still smirking, but at this point Sanji wasn't sure he cared anymore. Instead he relished in the way Zoro pulled and rubbed at his nipples, the way Zoro brought his mouth to the other and bit it.

Sanji could only watch through half-lidded eyes as Zoro made his way down Sanji's chest, fingers fiddling with the button of Sanji's pants. His pants and boxers were pulled down and Sanji stepped out of them, revealing Sanji's hard member, dripping with pre-cum. Helpless, that's what Sanji was, especially when Zoro sank to his knees to wrap his lips around Sanji. All Sanji could do was watch as Zoro sucked his way along Sanji's cock. He could feel Zoro's tongue scraping along the bottom and Zoro's hand squeezing gently at the base. Searching for a handhold, he fisted his fingers in Zoro's hair. It took immeasurable strength not to buck his hips forward and choke Zoro. He held himself steady and just watched as he went in and out of Zoro's wet mouth. The swordsman looked up, eyes meeting Sanji's. Sanji froze, stopped breathing, stopped everything, for under that intense gaze he was powerless.

Then all breath rushed back into his lungs, as he felt something wet pressing against his entrance. He forced himself to relax as Zoro's finger pushed past the muscle and as a second finger joined. Instead he focused on what Zoro was doing with his mouth. A third finger, but by this point Sanji was close-eyed, panting and struggling to stay on his feet so he didn't notice the unsettling feeling. What he did noticed was that Zoro's fingers touched that bundle of nerves inside him, and Sanji felt like everything was about to give way.

It didn't, though, and Sanji opened his eyes to see a fully naked Zoro coating his dick with oil. That anxious hunger filled Sanji once more, and before he knew what he was doing, he said, "Jesus fucking Christ. Could you be any fucking slower?"

Zoro raised an eyebrow, but stepped closer to Sanji anyway. He pressed his lips against Sanji's softly, then placed his hands on Sanji's hips, lifting the blonde up. Quickly figuring out how this was going to work, wrapped his legs around Zoro's back. The slick tip of Zoro's hard member brushed against him, gently pressing in. It pushed past the rings of muscle to bury deep inside Sanji. A shaking Zoro held Sanji steady, waiting for the cook to adjust. It was a quick adjustment; Sanji wasn't that weak.

Sanji nodded. Zoro grunted and hefted Sanji higher. He pulled out slightly, then thrust. He focused on the sensation of Zoro, heavy inside him, rubbing up and down in all the right ways. Sanji found his breath coming in pants. Leaning forward he sought out a final kiss. Climax was beginning to overtake him. He found Zoro's lips in a stuttering, hurried mesh. Inside him, Zoro hit that spot and Sanji's muscles tensed as orgasm rushed through in blinding flash. He dimly registered that he bit down on Zoro's lip, the sweat covering both their bodies, and the crude sound of flesh on flesh as Zoro pounded inside him, coming in a wave of blind pleasure. Sanji's world at that moment consisted of overwhelming brightness that suddenly faded into the post-orgasm bliss.

Both swordsman and cook fell to the floor, coming together to lie in a heap at the base of the doorway. Sanji rolled onto his back and breathed deeply of the heated, sweat-filled air. Next to him, Zoro was doing much the same. After a moment to collect himself, Sanji searched for his pants. Finding them, he retrieved a cigarette and his lighter. With a fresh smoke on his lips, Sanji inhaled contentedly.

"Oi, Sanji," Zoro murmured, voice breathless and husky. Sanji looked over wearily. Zoro pulled the cigarette from Sanji's lips before replacing it with a gentle, lazy kiss. He pulled away smiling. Sanji watched shocked as the Zoro placed the cigarette between his lips. Zoro passed it back after he took a drag. "I think you're a bad influence on me."

"Am not. Just because you can't handle yourself around me, doesn't make it my fault. In fact, you should be thanking me for even spending as much time around you as I do to have any sort of influence." Sanji chuckled. He probably was a bad influence; after all, he had made Zoro stop in the middle of training and the swordsman was now smoking. What would happen next? Hopefully it would be that Zoro might gain some style. A suit, maybe.

"Thanks." Sanji looked over. Zoro was staring at him, dark eyes still holding the same intense gaze they'd held earlier. He reached out, wrapping an arm around Sanji's thin waist. Sanji struggled to find a comfortable position that let him smoke. Ultimately he had his back to Zoro's stomach with the swordsman's arm draped across them both.

Sanji pulled the cigarette away from his lips for a moment, resting that hand on top of Zoro's. The other man had most likely fallen asleep, so perhaps he wouldn't see this moment of sentimentality. He looked at their two hands and how they seemed to match, and suddenly this incredible feeling of rightness tightened around Sanji. Tears pricked at his eyes. Sanji forced them back.

His gaze settled back on his smoke, and he slowly brought it back up to his mouth. Yet, he noticed a patch of red that had not been there initially. Sanji growled. He hated to waste a cigarette.

"Zoro, did you do this?" He held it up, hoping Zoro might wake up for this one moment. Sanji felt Zoro stir behind him.

"Eh. Probably. You did bite my lip pretty hard."

Sanji had no snarky comment for that. It had been Sanji's fault, and it was just the butt that had the blood on it. No big deal. Really, it was rather darkly poetic, when Sanji thought about it. Again, that sense of rightness.