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She didn't want to talk to anyone except for him. But she was probably the last person on the face of the earth that he wanted to see. Tess had just revealed the lie Mitchie had told, it crushed her that everyone found out but it killed her that he was right behind her. Now here sitting here in her cabin sobbing all she wanted was to be in his arms.


He'd been to hard on her and he knew it. But it killed him inside that she had lied. Maybe that earful was a little much? Maybe that he should let her explain? Maybe he should forget about her? No he can't do that he was infatuated with her. One chance- that's what he was giving her.


Shane POV

As I was walking to Mitchie's cabin I was trying to figure out why she would lie. Was it for the free stuff? The parties? I sighed 'Here goes nothing' . I walked into her cabin and heard sobbing from the bathroom. 'Shit' I quickened my pace towards the bathroom. The last thing I wanted to see- I saw, Mitchiewas sitting on the floor sobbing, shoulders shaking violently. My heart sank- I knew this was because of me. She hasn't noticed me yet.

"Oh Mitch"

All anger inside of me went away when I saw her face. She look scared of me.

"Please, please don't yell at me again" she was begging me.

I opened my mouth to speak, it must have look like I was going to yell because she got up to run. Her vision must have been blurry because she ran right into my chest. I quickly wrapped my arms around her.

"Do whatever you want, say what ever you want- but whatever you do don't let go of me" Her voice came out shaky and muffled.

I shut my eyes "I won't- not ever, I promise" I said meaning it with every fiber in my body.

She buried her face in the crook of my neck- it felt like she belonged here in my arms-forever.

"Can I explain?" she croaked.

"Of course" I softly said.


I got Mitchie a glass of water and calmed her down. I sat her on my lap.

"Okay two things- One, no more crying-it kills me, Two, why would you lie?"

"I just wanted to fit in, to be popular, to been seen. I mean your Shane Gray you famous- everyone loves you and lets face it your amazing, I have one friend at home- I wanted it to be different, I wanted to be noticed- to feel loved, that's why I lied I wanted attention."

As I took this into consideration, Mitchie started rambling. I love Mitchie, believe me I do, but I'm not a fan of rambling. At least she's following the no crying rule.

" Hello? Shane? Do you forgive me? Great now he probably thinks I'm even more pathetic than I already am, well here I am back at square one ladies and gentle man Mitchie Torres is……"

I needed her to be quiet for one minute and this is what she does! I couldn't take the rambling anymore. I dramatically grabbed the back of her neck, swallowed my pride and kissed her with all the passion and love I had in me. It took Mitchie a few seconds to respond but when she did… Wow I can't even explain what went through me. I pulled away to finish her ramble.

"Mitchie Torres is as clear as day and is defiantly loved."

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