The dusks stole my disclaimer. And my dedication.

Merlin, help me.

I, Lily Evans, have just said 'yes' to the one and only James Potter.

'Oh, it's not such a big deal', you think, 'It's only a three letter word, right?'


I have never once in my seventeen years of existence so much as muttered those three particular letters in that particular arrangement directed at even the likes of James Potter.

Our conversations usually go something like this:

"Will you go out with me?"
"I'd rather be trampled by a hippogriff."

"Can I borrow a quill?"
"Bugger off, Potter."

"Will you go out with me?"
"I'd rather be eaten by a hungry chimera."

"Hey, Evans, what's crackin'?"
"Your skull if you don't get out of my sight."

And the most common:

"Will you go out with me?"
"I'd rather go out with the giant squid."

Not that I ever would.

Anyway, I'm wasting valuable time here. I have to think. Fast.

I said 'yes' to James Potter. This must be fixed immediately.

It's this final thought and a determined nod that makes me march up to James Potter just three seats down from me.

He looks up at me oh-so adorabl- abominably, with a strange mixture of a smirk and confusion plastered on his gor- hideous face.

"Can I help you, Evans?"

I grab the potatoes away from in front of him and take them back to my seat.

"No, James Potter, I will not pass the potatoes."

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