The first thing I noticed was the hunger. Clawing, cloying. Digging it's way into my nose and settling there. Whispering "go back", but too quietly for me to hear.

I was ignorant then, trusting. This scent pervading the air made me uneasy. But I dismissed it.

Why should I have cause to be afraid now?

The next thing I saw were the bones littering the steps. Carelessness of the lowest form, the sight of which worried me further.

How many times had I been bid to repeat a chore not done right?

And more importantly, did this mean I had come too late?

But as I have said, I was young and stupid then. I walked over those bones and into the heart of the stink. Pushing open the door and fixing a cheerful smile on my face.

"Grandma? It's me, Red."