i don't love anymore chapter 1

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Gabriella sensed the tension the two were having.

"So" Troy said breaking the silence.

"so" Gabriella copied.

" We need to talk" Troy said.

"Oh…um okay" Gabriella replied not knowing that the five words that he was going to say would change her life.

"We need to break up" Troy said with no emotion in his voice.

Gabriella's eye widened "What why?" she questioned shocked.

"I like someone else" Troy responded.

"W-what you can't just break up with me after a month you told me you loved me" Gabriella said.

"Well im sorry I guess things change" Troy shrugged.

Gabriella broke into tears Troy just watched the girl he used to love cry.

"Who's the girl you like" Gabriella questioned sobbing.

"Sharpay" Troy whispered.

Troy walked away leaving the girl to cry.

(End flashblack)

It was two days since the break up but who's counting?.

Gabriella closed her locker silently ignoring Taylor who was asking why she had been quiet she was totally not her bouncy self this morning.

Gabriella began to walk down the school hallway leaving a shocked and confused Taylor at her locker.

When Taylor ran up to her "Okay girl spill what's wrong with you. You-you've been quiet its not like you to be quiet ever since you came to school now tell me what's up"

One again Gabriella ignored her again and the two entered homeroom.

Gabriella sat in her seat and opened her red notebook that read Gabriella's songs. She began working on the song that she had been working on since the breakup.

Just then a blue eyed boy with brown hair entered the room holding hands with Sharpay Evans the ice queen of east high.

The class looked up shocked they thought he was dating sweet, innicont ,good girl, Gabriella Montez.

Troy pecked his lips on Sharpay then sat down in his seat then Sharpay sat in her own seat.

After twenty minutes of boredom the bell rang they were finally free.

Gabriella walked out of the classroom. When she got to her locker and opened and began pulling things out of it. Taylor walked up to her "He broke up with you am I right?" Taylor asked quietly

Gabriella nodded her head blinking back tears.

Taylor reached in for a hug and Gabriella sobbed.

Troy walked right past them he stopped for a moment and looked at her then began to walk away not caring that Gabriella was crying.

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