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I walked into the kitchen on Monday morning, smelling the delicious food. I noticed Mami grinning at me excitedly. "Mjjia, there's something for you in the mail"

Something inside me made run over to the kitchen table. I flipped through the envelopes till I found a certain envelope that had my name printed on it. I looked at the label and it read Stanford. I felt a lump in my throat and tore the envelope open. I took out the yellow paper and unfolded it and read the paper. It read.

Dear. Mrs. Gabriella Montez.

Congratulations, you've been accepted to Stanford University. Registration papers are enclosed and ready to be filled out. We're looking forward to be working with you in the upcoming 2008-2009 school year.


The university team.

I couldn't believe it. I've been accepted. I let out a bloodcurling scream and just started jumping up and down. "I got accepted, I got accepted"

Mami had tears in her eyes. "I can't believe it, my baby's growing up"

I ran over to her and kissed her cheek and whispered. "I'll always be your little girl, mami"

"Good, that's how I want it to be" Mami wiped her tears of happiness and sadness at the time.

I hurried up eating my breakfast and I picked up backpack and kissed my mami's cheek giving her a goodbye, racing out to the bus.

When I got to school, I swung the doors open and ran into the hallways of East High. People looked at me and congratulated me on my talent show win.

I smiled and thanked them. I slowed down and I just hummed holding up the envelope in my hand as soon as I got to Taylor.

"What's that," Taylor questioned me curiously but then her eyes widened as she realized what I was holding. "Give me that"

"Dear. Mrs. Gabriella Montez. Congratulations, you've been accepted to Stanford University. Registration papers are enclosed and ready to be filled out. We're looking forward to be working with you in the upcoming 2008-2009 school year. Sincerely, the university team" Taylor finished reading. She stared at for a couple of moments before she looked and then we both started jumping up and screaming.

Suddenly Taylor stopped jumping and put her hand on her stomach as if she was in pain. "Tay, are you alright?" I questioned her, concerned and worried.

"My stomach is giving me the cramps" Taylor complained.

"Want me to get Chad" I asked.

She nodded. "Yes please"

"Okay" I nodded my head and pulled out my cell phone and dialed Chad's number.


"Hey, Chad, its me, Gabriella. Um, Taylor's stomach is in pain and she needs"

"Are you their not contractions?"

"If she had contractions, she would be screaming and crying by now"

"Oh, okay, I'll be right there as soon as possible" With that Chad hung up the phone. I put my phone back in my pocket and began to comfort Taylor.

A couple of moments later, a worried Chad zoomed through the hallways. "Out of way, out of my way"

Chad got to Taylor and began soothing by rubbing his hands on her back in circles. "Are you alright babe?"

"I'm fine, I just need some Advil" Taylor mumbled.

Just then Selena walked over to us in her crutches. "What's wrong with Taylor, who won and what's with all the gossip I keep hearing?"

I turned to her and gave her a hug. "I'm so sorry about what happened to you last Friday and what gossip that's being said?"

Selena began to shift uncomfortably and looked down as if she might cry. "Um, that you kissed my ex-boyfriend" She murmured quietly.

Dang it, she heard them. I didn't mean for those rumors to hurt anybody I swear. Its just that he's my first true love, he's the only one who understands me and won't judge me from whatever mistake I do. "U-um, I'm sorry?" I stammered nervously, more like a question.

She looked up from the floor and took a deep breath. "That's alright, I was looking through last year's book and I saw that you two were voted most cutest couple of East High. I'm really sorry I put you through the pain and jealous of dating your ex" She finished smirking at the last couple of words.

I was not jealous!. Was I?. I gaped at her. "Me jealous, phh, no way, phh, I wouldn't be jealous of a girl, phh, no way, pssh no" I tried to convince myself and her that I wasn't jealous or was I?. I don't know I'm confused.

She kept staring at me, crossing her arms, she lifted her index finger and moved it up and down. "I know something about love psychology and the way I saw you look at him back when we were dating, you definitely were jealous.

"There's no such thing as love psychology," I rolled my eyes and then sighed, I knew there was no way I could try to make myself look convincing and I was a bit tiny weeny eeny jealous. No matter what people say!. "Okay, fine I was" I mumbled crossing my arms.

Suddenly, Selena grinned as if something was behind my back. "Alright, nice talking to you" She turned and stalked off, trying to balance with the crutches.

I smiled and shook my head before turning back to my locker. Suddenly a hand rested on the locker next to me. "Hey, beautiful"

I grinned knowing exactly who the voice belonged to. I turned my head and smiled lovingly. "Right now, your looking at a soon to be Stanford student next fall"

Troy's lips turned into a smile. "I knew you could do, Gabi"

"Hey, so picnic at the rooftop during lunch, my first back together date, my treat"

"I accept"

I slammed my locker door and wrapped my arm around Troy's waist as he wrapped his arm around my neck and we both headed to homeroom.

After school, I layed on the grass in the park, slurping a spaghetti noodle while Troy was slurping the other side of the noodle. When we got closer, we both bit it off and our lips touched.

We pulled apart. "I love you so much" He whispered passionately.

"I love you too" I replied back, kinda dazed by the whole thing.

Troy suddenly picked up the last chocolate strawberry and put it into my mouth and I chewed then he popped the strawberry in his mouth. "So, I must be the only out of the gang who didn't apply to college yet!"

I frowned. "I thought you wanted to go to UFA. That's your dream college ever since you were a little kid"

"I know but there's something that I know that's right for me out there but I just don't know it yet"

I intertwined my hand with his, our faces centimeters apart. "Troy, I watched you sing up on there on stage when you were forced to sing some song and when I looked at you, I knew by the look on your face that you enjoyed it"

"I know, but with Chad, he'll get over it but my dad, I don't think so" He murmured.

I smiled. I liked seeing him so vulnerable it makes me vulnerable too. "Just follow your heart"

"But I don't know what my heart tells me too do" He told me honestly.

"And the thing is Stanford is-" He started

"Two thousand miles away, I know" I finished sighing. I didn't want to apart from him. I want to be with him forever, I love, I need him, I want him.

"I can't believe senior year is going by so fast, I just wish everything would stop," I told him, pouring my heart out without a doubt. "At least slow for a bit"

I sighed. "My mom keeps on showing off to everyone about my acceptance letters. I just wish she would just stop, its embarrassing" I recalled my mom's phone call last night, let's just it sounded like two teenagers being excited for a Jesse McCartney concert.

Troy nudged me. "Your mom's proud of you, I'm proud" He finished lightly, staring at me.

We both sat up on the ground and just stared at children playing. Children that didn't have to deal with the future, money, love and college. It seemed like yesterday, I was swinging on the swings and now I'm 18, about to go to college. That was a huge step for me.

He looked at me and opened his mouth and began to sing.

Hmm yea

Hey Yea

Can You imagine?

What would happen?

If we could have any dream

Id wish this moment

Was ours to own it

And that it would never leave

Then i would thank that star

That made our wish come true

(come true) oh yeah

Cause he knows that

Where you are is where

I should be too


Right here, Right now

Im looking at you and

My Heart love the view

Cause you mean everything

Right Here, I'll promise you Somehow that tomorrow

Can wait for some other

Day to be (to be)

He held my hand and towards the playground and walked up the steps.

If this was forever,

What could be better?

We already proved it was

But in 2,123 hours

Blend in the universe

Gonna make everything

In our whole world change

(it's our change, yeah)

And you know that

Where we are will,

never be the same oh no

I led him to the bridge of the playground and sang to him. We both turned around and then I ran way from him.

Right here, Right now

Im looking at you and

My Heart love the view

Cause you mean everything

Right Here, I'll promise you Somehow that tomorrow

Can wait for some other

Day to be (to be)

I was stirring the wheel and suddenly Troy wrapped his arms around his waist and he pulled me and spin me around.

Oh we know it's coming

And it's coming fast

(As long as theres)

(You and me)(Oh yeah)

So lets make the our

Second last, make it last!

Right here, Right now

Im looking at you and

My Heart love the view

Cause you mean everything

Right Here, I'll promise you Somehow that tomorrow

Can wait for some other

Day to be (to be)

But right now there's

You and Me(you and me)

He wrapped his arm around my waist, I leaned my head against his chest. Awaiting to see the day they graduate which would be in 6 months by now.

Ohh you and me

But right here right now

There's you and me

I pulled myself off of him and nudged him. "Your tag"

"Oh no, that's so not fair" He whined. I laughed like a little kid as he chased me.

I slid down the slide then Troy slid down and spinned me around and then we both leaned in.

Ring!. Ring!. Ring!.

I wonder who could that be. I pulled my phone from my pockets and answered. "Hello?"

"Gabriella, can you come to the hospital quick. Taylor's in labor" A voice that she never wanted to hear said frantically into the phone.

"Martha" I shouted into the phone in shock.

"Yes, its me and yes I've got an explanation as to why I'm with Tay and Chad. But they wanted me to call you and tell the rest of the gang" She quickly said.

"As much as I want an explanation, I need to hurry into the hospital and see my best friend in labor" I said quickly before hanging up the phone and pulling Troy and shoving him into his own car. "Ow, what the fuck!"

"Drive to Albuquerque center hospital, now!"

"Okay, but why are you making me hurry to the hospital. Your sounding like someone's been an accident or something"

"That's because Taylor's in labor!" I shouted at him, trying to knock sense into my idiotic boyfriend.

It took a moment for him to realize and shout. "Oh gosh, Taylor's in labor" And with that he sped the car towards the hospital under 3 minutes. Did I also mention he got a speeding ticket.

"I'm so sorry, that'll never happen again but our loved one is in labor and we needed to get to the hospital" I apoglized at the hospital's parking lot, glaring at my boyfriend who was being very idiotic at this very moment.

"Still that's very unacceptable and now I expect that it will never happen again" The officer barked.

"Yes sir" We chorused. I swear, Troy's an idiot right now.

"You may go now!"

"Thanks" We both chorused then we both took off running.

We ran inside the hospital and saw the gang and everyone's parents even Sharpay herself including Martha and Jason.

"Is she okay, how is she doing?" I questioned worridly.

"Is that a speeding ticket" Everyone asked in chorused.

I stopped myself and put my hand through my hair. "The idiot himself wasn't thinking when the news got in"

"What, I'm still in shock here that my best friend's baby is born early and at age 18 that's so freaking young!" Troy exclaimed.

I growled at him but before I could say anything. "Uh, we're here for Taylor not to see you fight but if you must, I don't mind" Sharpay interrupted.

"Shockingly, your right" I told her.

"Oh, get over it" She snapped.

"Sorry, its just that I had a long day by the way what are they doing here?" I pointed my index finger at the couple.

"Aw girl," Sharpay smiled. "You can tell me all about it in the cafeteria"

"You're the best" I told her. We've been friends for what like five days and we're practically sisters.

"Well, uh, Jason and I were driving by and we saw Chad and Taylor yelling for help so we stopped to help and brought them here and called everyone as soon we got here" She explained.

"Look, Kelsi, I'm really sorry, I shouldn't have done. But you don't know what its like to be in love with someone for so long and see your best friend with that person"

Kelsi broke into a smile. "Your forgiven"

Zeke's eyes widened. "What, she should get more then that, right babe?"

"What" Everyone in the room screamed except Sharpay and Zeke.

The two blushed. " I kinda asked her out on a date and on Sunday I asked her to be my girlfriend"

I broke into a smile and nudged Sharpay. "And you will have to tell me every detail by detail"

Sharpay grinned. "You got it!"

"By the way, how could you forgive them so quickly?" I asked getting back to my original question.

"I don't care about those stuff and I care about my friendships and all I need to hear is a true apology and I know a true friend would do that"

We smiled and opened my mouth. "So friends?"

"Practically brothers and sisters!" The group of friend chorused before laughing.

Suddenly the doors flung open and out came Chad in a hospital grown and a hospital hat. "I'm sorry that I have to break the love fest but let's continue your love fest inside the room where my beautiful daughter Ella Troylina Danforth is"

We quickly stepped inside the room and quickly took at a glance.

"She's beautiful"

"Soo cute"

"I bet she'd be one sexy gal when she's a teen"

"Soo cute, I could eat her up"

"Eat her up?. Ew, you don't mean"

"Shut up Ryan!"

"Why did you name her after Troy and I?"

"Most importantly, why did you make my precious name, a girl's name!"

Chad and Taylor grinned at each other before looking at everyone. "Well, guys, without you guys meeting each other and falling in love then we wouldn't have this baby girl" She answered.

"If he was a boy, we were going to name him after you which was Troy Gabriel Danforth. Since she's a girl, we wanted to name her Ella Troylina Danforth"

"That's a beautiful name," I spoke admiring the name. "Its so beautiful and original at the same time"

"Why, thank you, Gabriella" Taylor replied back happily.

"I still don't get-"

"SHUT UP!" Everyone yelled usion then everyone just stood there, admiring the baby,

celebrating that a new baby had just been born.

Six Months Later

"Senior's before we finish off the dignified ceremony and start the speech , we'd like each to announce each graduate's college.

"Ryan Evans, free scholarship to Julliard" Ryan's mouth dropped open and the Evans twins hugged each other.

"Sharpay Evans, University of Albuquerque, she'll be returning next year as a volunteer in the theatre"

Every clapped and whistled. Sharpay stepped in front of the stage and tipped her hand that wrote her signature SE.

She walked back smiling. "Zeke Baylor, School of Culinary"

Everyone hollered and clapped.

"Kelsi Neilson, another scholor to Julliard"

I squealed and hugged her, sending her a thanks.

"Selena Gomez, university of California"

Everyone clapped and whistled for her.

"Jason Cross, University of Albuquerque"

"Chad Danforth, also University of Albuquerque"

"And now a senior that yet to make a decision , Mr. Troy Bolton"

I looked at my boyfriend concerned that he didn't choose a college.

He took a deep breath and walked in front of the stage and spoke up.

"I've chosen basketball" He announced then every began to holler and scream. I knew it, I knew he'd pick basketball, I'm totally glad that Troy chose UFA knowing him very well. Through, he still didn't tell me his decision, well that's because he still had his last minute thoughts when he was called out, I would know cause I could read him like a book. He paused waiting for the crowd to be quiet. "And I've also chosen theatre"

I smiled in shock. I didn't know he'd pick both but oh well, at least he picked something. We both already worked out our plan because we both had webcam and would webcam each other everyday, call, mail, write and fly out every once a month in a weekend.

But I wondered what if UFA offered him both. That's what's eating me up alive.

"The university of Berkley offers, that' s where I'll be attending next fall" He continued. I did not see that coming. If he'll be in California with me then that means…"But most of all, I choose who inspires my heart which is why I exactly picked a school to be exactly thirty two point miles be away from you" He finished turning to face me.

What he said just shocked me. I know I'm not that worth it..am I?.

He takes my hand as I smiled happily. He really loves me, he really do loves me. "Mrs. Gabriella Montez. Stanford. Pre. Law" Everyone awed and clapped.

"Okay, graduates, please go back to your seat and Mr. Bolton please proceed to the stand"

I walked back to my seat in my red and white gown with a red cap. I looked at Troy who gave me a lovingly smile which I returned. I guess fairy tales do come true after all.

Troy opened his mouth and began his speech. "East High is a place where teachers encouraged us to break the status quo and define ourselves as we choose. Where a jock can cook up a mean crème brulee,"

Zeke yelled "Yeah"

"And a brainiac can break it down on the dance floor."

Martha smiled and giggled with her friends.

"It's a place where one person, if it's the right person, changes us all. East High is having friends we'll keep for the rest of our lives, and that means we really are 'all in this together'. Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat!" Troy finished his speech.

Sharpay and I shared a smile knowing the person who Troy referred to. I guess you all you guys can guess te person to refer to but if not, me.

"All graduates stand up and Mr. Bolton please proceed to standing in front of your seat"

Troy nodded as Mrs. Darbus finally said the words that I've been longingly to hear for the last 17 years of my life. "Here is the Class of 2008!"

Everyone whooped and hollered as they threw up all the hats up in the air.

Troy ran up to me and scooped me up in his arms.

Here we go!


Come On!


Little Louder Now!


Lookin' forward from center stage, to graduation day, time to get the future started!

What we leave when we take with us, no matter what, it's somethin' we're a part of!

We learn to fly, together side-by-side. (Side-by-side)

I just hope the rest of my life, to feel as good as my,

High school musical!

Who says we have to let it go, it's the best part we've ever known

Step into the future, but hold onto

High school musical,

Let's celebrate where we come from

The friends who've been there all along, just like

A High school (High School!)


Improvisation without a script, no ones written it, and now we have the chance too!

Someday we'll be lookin' back,

Memories we'll have, all the songs that we lived through!

The best of times, so why leave them behind.

Why cant the rest of my life

Be like my,

High school musical! (Yeah!)

Who says we have to let it go?

It's the best part we've ever known, (Yeah!)

Step into the future! We'll hold on to,

High school Musical,

Lets celebrate where we come from,

With friends who've been there all along, just right! (That's right!)


Now we finally realize (Oooh!)

Who we are, it just took some time (Oooh!, Oooh!)

You have to learn and live to see the truth (Oooh!, Oooh!)

Learn to see the truth! (Ooooooooooooooooooooh!)

Nothing's ever impossible, into the future we all freefall!

If and forever we'll always have high schooooooooooool!


Turn the party, now celebrate! (SCHOOOOOOOOOL!)

Cause the worlds one big stage, (OOOOOOOOOO!) and in it what you want, it can be yours!

Everybody sing, yeah! (HIIIIIIIIIGH!)

Can it show us where we wanna go?

It's where the status is we know. (SCHOOOOOOOOOL!)

High school, lives on forEVER MORE! High school, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAAAAAAAAL!

High school musical! (Yeah! Woooo!)

Who says we have to let it go?

It's the best part we've ever known,

Step into the future! (Heyy!) But hold onto

High school musical (Musical!)

Let's celebrate where we come from (Celebrate!)

The friends who've been there all along! Oh yeeaaah!

I've always remembered being like a,

High school musical! (Yeeeeaaaaah!)

Who says we have to let it go!

It's the best part we've ever known, (Come on!)

Step into the future, but hold onto

High school musical, (Muuuuuusical!)

Let's celebrate where we come from (Oooh, Yeah!)


All together!

There's a better!

Memories that last forever!

I want the rest of,

My life too,

Feel just like,

A (Feel just like a!)


All the six of us smiled together that no matter what's going to happen, we'll always have each other's backs and we'll hope that our life will be like a high school musical.

The End

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"Come on, i haven't got all day" Shelby Bolton called out in a harsh tone, urging her two indetical twin boys to usher inside the house very quickly.

"We're coming, mom" 16 year old Troy Bolton mumbled, trying is hardest to move faster while holding two suitcases and a backpack, one over his shoulder, one on his and one on his other hand.

"Make your feet go up faster or you'll have another one of those punishments tonight!" She called out in an inpatient tone.

Troy and his 16 year old indentical twin brother glanced at each other before speeding up to inside the house.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager: When 16 year old indentical twins Troy and Trevor Bolton move Alberqurque. Troy ends up falling in love with Gabriella Montez. But wil his deadly secret that could kill her or anyone that crosses the secret's path prevent him from having a perfect life.