Written for the Twin Exchange Round Robin Challenge

Character - Neville

Scenario - At Hogwarts, it's raining, and the characters are playing or watching Quidditch.
Prompts - Reese's peanut butter cup, a remberall, wizard chest set.
Quotes - "You stuck your what, where?'

AN: My first time writing Neville. I love the guy so I hope I didn't make him too depressing here.

"I wish I could play like Harry and the others," Neville commented solemnly as he stared up at the Quidditch match morosely, ignoring the rain that splattered his face. Hermione was doing her best to share her umbrella, as was Luna who sat on his opposite side, but neither reached quite far enough.

"It's not that big a deal Neville," Hermione reassured him, flinching when Ron overshot his dive to block the Quaffle and nearly slipped off his broom. The entire crowd groaned, save for the few Slytherin's who had braved the rain to see what was expected to be an easy win. "I'm terrible at sports myself."

"Sure it is," Neville continued in his complaint. "Because it's just one more thing I can't do. You're really smart and a good witch. I still have trouble with first year spells."

"So do I," commented Luna airily, her eyes staring off vacantly. It seemed like she was staring just under the players, rather than at the game itself. "Here, these will cheer you up."

She handed to item off to him without looking, the bright orange package crinkling as the rain hit it. "My father says Muggles partake of them often and that they frequently fight over the correct manner of eating them. Seems trivial to me, as they're quite good no matter how many ways I try. I suppose there must be some truly wrong way of doing it though."

Neville torn open the wrapper, groaning as one of the objects flew out and landed a few stands below them. "It's hopeless," he moaned. "I can't even properly eat a… Reese's Peanut Butter Cup."

Hermione reached over and took the package from him, shaking out the remaining cup and handing it to him. "Don't worry about it Neville."

He ate the chocolate treat silently.

"Have you found your Rememberall yet?" Luna questioned after several minutes.

"Sort of. Turns out Seamus lost it in a game of Wizard's Chess, so now Lee Jordan has it."

"That's terrible," Hermione admonished. "What was he doing betting something that wasn't even his?"

"He thought it was a sure win. According to Dean, Fred and George did something to help him win."

Hermione sighed. "I'll handle it Neville. I can't believe the three of them. The twins do enough damage as it is, but when you throw Lee into the mix they're even worse."

"Perhaps you should hide your items like I do," Luna suggested. "I keep my Blibbering Humdinger hairs in a hollowed out Snorlack horn myself."

"You stuck your what, where?" Hermione laughed, wondering how you could hide one imaginary object inside another.

"At least you'd remember where it is," Neville moaned. A loud crack of thunder hit and the rain began to pour down heavier. "I really wish I could find my umbrella."

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