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Part II

... "Right now, I prefer you over the cookies."...


More than two years ago, when they both had been carried away unexpectedly, Gibbs had admitted to Abby that he was not the "game-playing"-kind of guy Abby possibly had thought he was.

"A rough exterior hides a heart of gold, huh?" Abby's reaction upon his confession had confused and overwhelmed him at the same time. He hadn't expected her to ask for being treated with affection and delicacy as she had cuddled up against him under the pouring hot water of the shower.

"Gibbs, would you please be gentle?" she had asked, sounding almost a little afraid.

But still waters run deep and Abby found great pleasure in Gibbs's sensual, tender and nonetheless passionate way of making love to her, building up a level of excitement inside her which she had never thought she could achieve without being tied up or being blindfolded.


"Right now, I prefer you over the cookies," Gibbs breathes into Abby's ear and he has to pull all his willpower together to make these words sound coherent. He gently bites down on her earlobe, groaning as he feels Abby shiver and hears approving moans rise in her throat. Her hands clasp the edge of the working bench and she snakes one leg around him and pulls herself closer while her head falls back, intensifying the sensation of his tongue on her skin as he covers her neck with tingling wet kisses.

Until now Gibbs's hands have almost been reserved. One is just resting on her waist, the other has been tenderly travelling up and down her side under her shirt and now his fingertips agonizingly lightly trace the hem of the simple top she is wearing instead of a bra. He doesn't slip underneath, though. At the same time that she throws back her head, his hand brushes over the fabric of her top and the tip of his fingers deliciously graze one of her taut nipples.

Abby lifts her head again and with her eyes wide open she gleams at Gibbs.

Her eyes are on fire, he can't get enough of them. But there is more he wants to see in her eyes.

The tip of her tongue shows up briefly as his hand slowly glides down the side of her chest. She bites down on her bottom lip and both his hands rest on her waist for a short moment. Her eyes are dark with lust; her teeth graze her bottom lip in anticipation of what Gibbs is going to do next. Abby brings her hands to his shoulders and adjusts both her legs around him, a knowing smile decorating her lips. His hands move deeper, towards her hips, pushing down the casual pants she is wearing. At the same time Abby lifts herself a little, holding on to his shoulders and gently being supported by his hands. Gibbs slides down her pants, leaving her panties in place.

He grins against her lips and so does Abby as she lowers herself down again, slowly, clinging onto him close, her hip-bone deliberately brushing over the front of his pants. The layers of clothing that still separated them intensify the feeling, making Gibbs grow harder than he already is. His eyes threaten to slip shut upon this sensation, but he manages to keep them open and to continue looking into Abby's eyes.

Sitting her down on the workbench again, Gibbs completely removes her pants. He himself stays clothed and steps between her legs again, but despite the clothing he can feel the heat that radiates from her. He puts his right hand on her thigh, running his fingers up and down, groping his way to her inner thigh while bringing his left to the nape of her neck, pulling her a little closer, watching the anticipation in her eyes and taking in her scent which rises between them, leaving no doubt how much aroused and how wet she is.

He leans in, brushing his lips over hers and for the briefest of moments he runs the tip of his tongue teasingly over her lips. He leaves her no chance to make this a kiss but instantly lets his lips travel to her right ear, leaving a trail of hot breath on his way there.

"Abs?" he whispers, driving her crazier than she already is.

Abby is on the edge already and Gibbs knows, the only reason why she isn't writhing through her orgasm already is that she wants to keep it like that for just a little longer.

Just a little bit longer...

"Tell me, little snow-queen, what do you want me to do?" His breath leaves a tingling sensation that spreads all over her face and her neck, sending shivers down her spine that make her arch against him with need.

"Touch," she breathes with an air of desperation. The desire is almost killing her.

Gibbs's hand slips between her legs and instantly finds its destination, the source of her sweet, moist heat. His fingers lightly brush over her soaked panties. The desire to cry out her arousal has reached an almost unbearable level.

"Like this?" he wants to know, his lips grazing her ear.

A high moaning-like sound of frustration escapes her, representing a thought that would require too much presence of mind to be put into words. 'Ah Gibbs, how can you dare ask this question? You know for sure this is not what I refer to by 'touch'!'

Not that Abby doesn't enjoy this kind of teasing...

She lets her head rest against his, rubbing her cheek against his as she searches his ear.

"More...," she pleads.

The next second Gibbs firmly strokes along her folds with the tip of two of his fingers, the little piece of damp cloth of her panties still separating them.

Moaning approvingly, Abby moves yet closer, forcing an increased pressure to be applied on her longing core.

Gibbs stills his ministrations for a moment, releasing the pressure on her and withdrawing his fingers slightly. He straightens and looks at her again. Her eyes are glazed over and she is taking shaky breaths.

"You are doing this on purpose," Abby pants.

She gets a mischievously grinned "Yeah," as reply.

Gibbs once again is amazed at how long Abby can manage to stay in her present state of arousal.

Gazes locked and accompanied by Abby's audible breathing, he runs a finger along the hem of her lacy panties. Her little moans tell him how much she yearns for more. Crooking a finger over the soaked fabric, the rough skin of his fingers graze over her swollen folds as he tugs her panties aside.

Abby blinks, her breathing growing heavier than it already is and she bites down on her bottom lip in anticipation of Gibbs's next move.

He thoroughly watches her as he enters her moist hot center with two fingers. Slowly, endlessly slowly, his fingers glide deeper, her inner walls tightening around him as she welcomes him inside. It takes him all his willpower to not start thrusting immediately but work his way upwards at a constant, thrillingly slow pace.

When his fingers have vanished completely, he presses up against her core, causing her to moan out loudly. Would he tell her to let go now, Abby would not hesitate and come instantaneously. But she wants to delay this moment for as long as possible, letting him fully witness every single second of her building arousal, as well as taking in each moment of his.

More. Just a little bit more before she is ready to cross the point of no return.

Just a little more teasing.

Gibbs withdraws his fingers, slowly still, but not as slowly as he has entered her, until they are out almost the whole way, then he moves inside and out again at a slow and steady speed, deliberately avoiding additional contact with her most sensitive spot. He closely watches the expression on Abby's flushed face, her eyes sparkling with desire.

Her breathing gets ragged as he moves a little faster, resembling his thrusts. Sounds of approving moans fill the basement.

Gibbs is breathing heavily as well and it is almost impossible for him to keep his own excitement under control and let Abby reach her climax first.

Her fingers dig into his shoulders and he closes the small distance between their faces, his tongue forcefully enters her mouth and mimics the movements of his fingers with equal energy.

He breaks the 'kiss' to look at her for a second. Her need to come is clearly written all over her face.

"Gibbs," Abby pleads and now she is not willing to wait for yet another minute. She twines around him with every part of her body that she is able to, pulling herself closer and pushing against his penetrating fingers, trapping his right arm between them. With each thrusting movement Gibbs now also stimulates his erect member and he can feel his own juices seeping through his pants.

A few strokes later he ends her desperation, his thumb finally touching and rubbing her extremely sensitive swollen bundle of nerves, his fingers twisting and curling deep inside her, making her writhe and cry out in pleasure.

Seeing, feeling and hearing her like this; Gibbs can barely prevent himself from coming as well. He pulls her close again; her head is fitting perfectly in the crook of his neck. With his face buried in her hair, his left hand soothingly massaging the back of her head and the fingers of his right pressing up -- but otherwise unmoving -- deep inside her, he supports her shaking body.

Minutes later the noises have subsided and Abby's body has completely relaxed against his.

When Abby slowly lifts her head, she finds Gibbs's sparkling eyes watching her. She smiles back at him with dreamy eyes. The smile turns into a grin; she then grazes her bottom lip with her teeth and blinks pleadingly.

Gibbs grins back at her and slowly starts to remove his fingers from her satisfied core. Still being tender, this action causes slight twitching around his fingers and her face displays similar reactions.

When his fingers are out completely, he allows her to take a deep breath or two, then he leans in to briefly kiss her lips, his tongue teasingly swiping over them before leaving her lips again and letting his forehead rest against hers.

Slowly he lifts his right hand and brings it to her lips, lightly touching them with his fingers that are covered with her sweet juices. He spreads a little of it on her bottom lip before Abby's tongue shows up to lick up the sticky mass from her lips first, then from Gibbs's fingers, curling her tongue around them to not miss a bit.

Abby finally releases his fingers and grins at Gibbs, whose eyes are on fire and he doesn't waste another second, takes her head between both his hands and starts to kiss her passionately, savouring her taste from her tongue and groaning, as this is yet increasing his arousal and if possible making him grow harder than he already is.

Abby runs her hands down his chest, paying special attention to his aroused nipples, grazing them with her fingernails and causing more groaning deep in his throat.

Her hands wander deeper, reaching his by now painfully hard member that yearns for relief. Abby firmly strokes his length through the fabric of his pants.

"Abs," Gibbs pleads between passionate kisses, leading to Abby slipping her hand inside his casual pants and boxers and touching his burning hot flesh, making him gasp at the delicious touch.

Abby breaks the kissing and glides down from the workbench. One hand flat on his chest, the other on his waist, she guides her silver haired fox a few steps backwards. Then something stops his way. Abby never ceases to push his upper body backwards while she herself leans over him, her sparkling green eyes locked with his gleaming blue ones.

Gibbs realizes he is leaning flat against the supportive frame of his boat, a position he finds he has never been in before. On one occasion or another he has been the one to trap a woman between himself and the spine of a boat but being in that position himself now, he has to admit it feels incredibly good.

Much better, however, is the sensation Abby's fingers produce on his skin as she pushes up his shirt and leans down to pay attention to his nipples again, the tip of her tongue curling around them, evoking new sounds of approval from deep inside his chest.

Fascinated by his reaction to this stimulation -- not many of her former lovers had approved of thorough attention to this part of their body -- she works her way downwards, her hands pushing down his pants to reveal his throbbing member to her ministrations.

Gibbs's hands -- that lie flat against the boat -- start to form fists and his fingers try to dig into the wood as her lips close around him and her fingers alternate between a delicate then firm caress on the surrounding body parts. His eyes flutter shut and he lets her hear how much he relishes her touch.

The tip of her tongue teases his most sensitive spot right at the bottom of the head of his painfully stretched member. Grateful for the support his boat offers him, he presses into the wood and groans out loudly.

The knot in his stomach explodes as the tension in his groin is finally released. Again, sounds of pleasure fill the brightly lit basement. His knees threaten to give in but the boat supports him and lets him relish this pleasurable feeling up to the last second. The very last second.

When he eventually starts to soften, Abby releases his spent member as she stands up to meet Gibbs's elated look. The ecstasy is still present in his eyes.

Pressing up closely against him, Abby searches his feverish eyes.

"Hmm..., why do your three ex-wives all claim that you don't like foreplay, Gibbs?" Abby challenges.

Gibbs shrugs and smirks.

"Maybe it was them, not liking my way of foreplay," he tells her before he snakes a hand round her neck to pull her into another breathtaking exploration of her mouth, searching even the tiniest niche to taste himself from her like he has tasted her only minutes before.


Yes, still waters run deep and when the right wind is blowing they even can bubble up quite a lot and get pretty wild at times.

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