Star Trek: Darkside Base

Ok just for the record I am so mad!! There are hardly any stories out there about Vorik(the Pon Farr guy from ST VOY epi Blood Fever) I mean come on people, he was an understated character not to mention so deliciously HOT!! So I have created a whole new set up for this char to shine in. I am not giving any spoilers but please keep reading your gonna like what I throw into the mix! It's gonna get HOT in this story so keep coming back for more chapters.

Since there isn't a lot on Vulcan society especially about personal matters I will be making up some up as I go along. Don't worry it will flow well.

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Earth, Starfleet Command.

Admiral Janeway sat across from a young woman looking at a PADD and shaking her head. She looked up at the young woman with a smile.

"Everyone who takes the Kobiyashi Maru test is to give a general outline of the manner in which they will be proceeding. You submitted your outline and yet your actions in the simulator were entirely different. Care to explain that Commander?"

Alexandra Torchescue gave a quick smile as she responded.

"I understand that there is question of cheating but truthfully when I started the simulation and it progressed I thought of an alternative course of action that might be more applicable to the situation. I don't necessarily see my actions as cheating. I simply thought of something no one else had. I have a personal philosophy; never do what other expect you to do. I don't think I should be penalized for that. I didn't cheat, I simply did something unexpected."

"You are fortunate that Starfleet seems to think that as well and so do I. Congratulations Commander; you have just beaten Captain James T. Kirk's record of the youngest captain in Starfleet by 4 years." Admiral Janeway rose and shook Alexandra's hand warmly and spoke the words that Alexandra had been waiting all her life to hear.

Commander it is with great pleasure that I now promote you to the rank of Captain with all the rights and privileges thereof." Janeway pinned the new rank pips on her collar and shook her hand again. "You are off duty till 0800 hours tomorrow. Report back to me and I'll inform you of your new duty assignment."

"Thank you Admiral, for everything." She turned on her heel and walked out of Janeway's office and down the corridor a ways before jumping once into the air and screeching in celebration then returned to a more sedate and professional walk but she could not keep from whistling as he entered the turbo lift. Alexandra went to her quarters and quickly took off her uniform then proceeded to have a nice long hot bath. After soothing soak in the water she got out and went to her mirror and took a long hard look at herself. Shiny black hair framed an oval face that was pale and had a smooth complexion. Her eyes were a deep blue and stood out under her black eyebrows. A graceful nose was centered perfectly above lips that were full and sensual. She was very fit and had an hourglass figure that caught the eye on many men she worked with. She was now the youngest captain in Starfleet history and was eager about her new duty assignment. She wondered what kind of ship she would get and what kind of crew. Alexandra put on a pair of pink night shorts and a grey tank top then started her nightly stretching routine, her mind still running like mad thinking of the possibilities this promotion had opened up for her. She hoped to get a long range mission somewhere on the Federation boarder. It was not that she craved action but life and her performance in recent action had proved that she was at her best when things were at their worst. As Alexandra got into bed and settled in for the night she thought again about what kind of crew she would be getting. She was glad she had her choice of executive office because it was time to fulfill a promise she made to her best friend when they both were in their third year at the academy.

It was 0749 when she met Admiral Janeway at the door to her office. The red haired admiral complimented on her initiative in arriving early and took her to a conference room. There were 5 other people already seated around the table and rose when Janeway entered the room. Janeway put them at ease and everyone took their seat again. Alexandra took a seat next to Janeway and looked at the impressive stack of files in front of her.

"I want to thank you all for meeting us here today and I want to introduce you too your new commanding officer, Captain Alexandra Torchescue. Captain firstly I would like you to meet your new Chief Medical officer, Doctor Holis Baran, Chief of Security and tactical officer, Lt Jeyla Nosea, Chief of Engineering, Lt Cmdr. Martin Lowell, science officer, Lt Karenna Moleto."

The Doctor was a Trill who looked advanced in years but had a youthful gleam in his eye and a keen intelligence, Alexandra liked him right away. The Tactical officer was a Bajoran female who looked like she had seen the rougher side of the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. He face was marked with a long scar on her left cheek and had a confidant and forward manner about her. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a tight braid which left her green eyes unshielded. Martin Lowell was a sandy haired man about mid thirties with bright blue eyes. He was surrounded by several PADDs with different engine schematics. Lt Moleto was a Malkan. Her rich brown hair was braided with gray ribbons and her rippled forehead was adorned with her tribal symbols. Malkans were known for their expertise in science but were fragile physically, Alexandra wondered who she had made it through the Academy.

"Now as for your mission" Janeway started "You will be taking command of one of the Federation's far border planetary outposts. It's the first and a series of outposts that will be defending the outer edges of Federation space. This post is right on the edge of this quadrant and the Beta quadrant and it is also close to Romulan space. This is a highly dangerous but important mission and it calling for Starfleet to but our best people behind it. All of you."

The large view screen behind Janeway was showing the planet's position and various details about the environment and surrounding areas of space. The base on the planet was called Darkside simply because it was on the dark side of the planet and was highly advanced. The one of the few impressive features was the line of planetary pulse cannons that could level a small star. Alexandra kept looking and was impressed but it was still not what she expected.

"I know you put in a request to have your own ship Alexandra but we need someone like you to take this. You have unique abilities and instincts that are going to make you a great captain. We need a great captain for this mission. If you can hold this post for a year without retreating or surrendering it to alien forces, other planets along our boarder will have advanced bases and it will mean a new sense of security for the Federation that we desperately need now."

Alexandra thought about Janeway's words and let the enormity sink in. Between wars with the dominion and the brief war with the Klingons not to mention the Remens, the Federation was badly shaken. She joined Starfleet to protect the Federation, to protect the people.

"I take the mission Admiral.

"Good! I know you will be perfect for this. Besides you will have a long range ship at your disposal. A new Kitana class starship is ready and waiting for you. I took the liberty of also gathering a list of officers that you might want to consider for your first officer."

Janeway handed me a data PADD with a long list of names and their various accomplishments but the one name I had in mind wasn't there.

"I'm sure these are all fine officers but I already have someone in mind to my first officer if he still wants the job that is." She said with a laugh.


"Well I believe you already know him He served on Voyager when you were in the Delta quadrant. I would like to offer the position to Vorik."

One week later….

Vorik stepped off the transporter pad walked out of the transporter room and down the corridor. He was supposed to meet the Admiral at 0930 and it was now 0945, his transport was late arriving so he sped up his pace a bit. He disliked being late for anything. It was showing a lack of discipline he thought. He was impressed to hear how his old friend had faired. He met Alexandra when she was 17 and had just moved to Vulcan with her family. Her stepfather was an important ambassador to his people and was frequently visiting with Vorik's father in consultation. He was in the library reading when he heard a rather rude curse from the table in front of him and when he went over to see what the matter was, he discovered a strange human girl struggling with an interpretation of one of the writings of Surak. Her grades were apparently high enough to allow her into the school in his province but the rest of the students tended to avoid her because she was human. Vorik felt that the school's responsibility was to help the students excel in their studies so excluding someone simply because they were not the same species was illogical especially when the person in question was intelligent. So Vorik spent the afternoons in the library with Alexandra helping her with her studies and they soon started meeting outside of school. It was Alexandra who interested him in climbing. Both of them wanted to join Starfleet so they went to their entrance exams together and both were accepted. This time it was Vorik who was more or less the outsider. There were other Vulcans there but they were more acclimatized to the environment. Alexandra stuck by him during the first year and made sure he wasn't overwhelmed or made the butt of some practical joke, she called him her best friend and Vorik felt that despite her sometimes overly emotional behavior she was a very competent and intelligent person and he found that her presence was pleasing. When she wrote to him expressing her desire to have him as her first officer and reminded him of their promise to each other it didn't take him long to make a decision. He was looking forward to working with her again.

He walked onto the command deck and looked around; it was a large oval room with an expansive view screen. There was a line of work station lining the back wall with tow station standing out for tactical and science. There was a circular computer control desk in the middle of the room with two chairs, where the captain and the first officer could monitor all activities. Admiral Janeway looked up from the control desk as he approached her and she greeted him warmly with a smile. She was the one who recommended him for promotion to Lt Cmdr when they returned from the Delta quadrant.

"Cmdr Vorik. I must say it's good to see you again." She said shaking his hand. "I haven't had much opportunity to see the old Voyager crew since we got back.

"I hope you have been well admiral. I am most impressed by the technology that has been incorporated here. Most of the interfaces I have not seen before."

"This base is a prototype unfortunately a Romulan war bird tried to test its durability. Repairs are being made as we speak. I think Captain Torchescue is in the shuttle bay helping with repairs."

Janeway led Vorik down three floors and finally to the expansive shuttle bay on the south side of the base. The bay doors were badly damaged and the walkway above the bay was broken in three places. Two of the shuttle crafts were damaged beyond and the third might have been salvageable. A figure was hanging upside down and the left side of the walkway working at a control panel. Vorik recognized the familiar black braided hair hanging down and the occasional cursing as she got hit with the sparks from the panel. He couldn't help but stare at her for a moment as he walked closer and memorize her figure. She had filled out a bit and added on some muscle tone to her back. Vorik had always had a certain curiosity with the female figure but nothing beyond mild artistic curiosity. He kept this fact quiet for obvious and logical reasons. For some reason though he had always had a particular fascination with Alexandra's form. He often wanted to paint her in the nude but making such a request would have been inappropriate and out of the question still he wondered and that fact alone bothered him more than anything. Setting these troublesome thoughts aside he walked up the stairs to the left side of the walkway with Janeway.

"Well I brought you your first officer as promised Captain." Jane way said cheerfully.

Alexandra looked over to the two approaching figures and righted her self then met them at the head of the stairs.

"Thank you Admiral. It's good to see you again." After acknowledging her superior officer first, she turned to Vorik with a warm smile. "My goodness Vorik you are a sight for sore eyes." She patted him on the shoulder affectionately. "I can't tell you how happy I was when I heard you got back to the Alpha Quadrant a year ago. You ready to raise some hell like old times buddy?"

"I was never party to hell rising in the past."

"Of course you weren't Vorik. It also wasn't your idea to put my failed chemistry experiment in Dr. Nolar's coffee back in the academy. I mean tell the truth. Vulcans can't lie."

Vorik simply looked at her and raised an eyebrow at her. Janeway was struggling not to laugh and decided to break the two of them up.

"Are you sure you two are going to be able to work like this?"

"Don't worry Admiral. Vorik and I share a very Shakespearean wit. Trust me; he is thrilled to see me again." She said putting a friendly arm around the Vulcan's shoulders.

"Alright then. I am going to back aboard the Yanaran. I have to get back to Starfleet and let them know that the base is now operational and ready to go." She started to turn then looked back. "Good luck to all." With a wistful look Janeway left the shuttle bay.