Alexandra downloaded as much information into her tricorder as possible and was just looking over some interesting specs on Romulan warbirds when her back started cramping uncomfortably. She got up and went to the replicator and got a sandwich and coffee. All the desks were cluttered with data PADDs and had a layer of dust on them so eating on one of those desks was not particularly appetizing. She took her food over to one of the medibeds, at least she knew they kept these things sterile and started on her meal. It felt good to stand up and stretch her back and she was just about to take a sip of coffee when she was whirled around and thrust down on the bed on her back. Her wrists were pinned above her head and and a strong male body leaned over her trapping her to the bed. She didn't even have to look to see who it was, that fresh desert smell was unmistakable. She calmed her body and tried not to fight against his hands, she needed to remain calm, if she didn't she would loose this battle of wills before it even started.

"You weren't at the meeting this morning Alexandra." Vorik said softly.

"I forgot to set my alarm." Alexandra couldn't help a small smirk.

Vorik's eyes glittered in anger, this woman was starting to test his patients and that was probably her intention. Was it a defense mechanism or was it something else he wondered. It was high time that he tested that theory. Alexandra gave a slight jump as she felt Vorik's warm hand slide slowly up over her knee and onto her thigh. He stroked the top of her thigh till he felt the tight muscles start to relax then his hand drifted to her inner thigh and started stroking the soft skin that was there. It was hard for Alexandra to keep her expression neutral but she did because one of the things she knew about rape was that it was about control so she had to be in control and they best way to do that is act like what he was doing was of no consequence. Alexandra knew her only hope now was to survive being raped by a man who was 10 times stronger than a human, she knew it was going to happen and she thought only of her survival and her revenge. Vorik's hand slid further and further up till his fingers touched the crotch of her panties and started rubbing her through the fabric. After a few moments of this he pushed the cloth aside and his fingers found her labia. The strange and warm sensation she felt on her face the previous night was now being felt on her womanhood and like last night her juices started flowing of their own free will. Vorik leaned his face into Alexandra's watching her with an eager look in his eyes.

"Ask me to stop Alexandra. Just ask me."

Alexandra took a deep but shaky breath."I'm sorry, is what your doing supposed to scare me?"

Vorik pulled back a little and raised an eyebrow at her then with out warning or preamble, he shoved his first two fingers into her forcefully. His long, strong fingers went in as far as they could go and Alexandra had to bite her lip to stifle a moan of pain. He splayed his fingers and twisted them around inside her till she was squirming on the bed and when he started hearing her whimper in pain he decided to change tactics. Vorik's fingers began to slowly thrust in and out of her and before long his finger tips found her G-spot and started gently stroking the sweet spot. He nuzzled his face into her neck and chest while he violated her body. Alexandra tried to ignore his ministrations but her body could only take so much and she began to move her hips against her attacker's hand. Moans of pleasure now escaped her mouth as he thrust into harder and faster. Vorik could smell her sweat and perfume on her skin as he kissed her neck, she was shivering and moaning like a whore now and he liked it. She wasn't breaking down and weeping because he was making her feel pleasure, she was giving into it and enjoying it judging the by the way her hips were moving against his hand. Whatever he weak point was it wasn't sex. She was getting close to release and just to make it extra sweet he moved his thumb till he found her clit and gave it quick little strokes. Once he started manipulating her clit it was enough to drive her over the edge. Alexandra's back arched and every muscle in her body tensed with a white hot fire, she opened her mouth to scream but Vorik's mouth covered hers in a searing kiss so she ended up screaming her orgasm into his mouth. Her body calmed after a few minutes and she began to relearn how to breathe normally. Vorik lifted his mouth off of hers and slid his fingers out of her now soaked pussy, he looked down on her with a satisfied look on his face. Alexandra saw the look and started to chuckle but there was no humor in her voice.

"The first chance I get I am going to rip your fucking head off." She said out of breath.

Vorik released her hands and stood back letting her get up. What was it going to take to bring this extraordinary woman under his control without breaking her spirit he wondered. He was about ti take off his jacket and continue the activities when suddenly his body jerked and collapsed. Alexandra heard the discharge of a phaser and when she looked up, she saw Holis holding a hand phaser in his right hand. Holis rushed over to Alexandra and looked her over, he noticed her skirt was hiked up and she was very flushed, he hated asking but being the chief medical officer he had too.

"What did he do?"

Alexandra breathed a sigh of relief at the doctor's question, he must have walked in after he was done with her. Not being one to admit vulnerability she decided to deal with this later and in her own time.

"Nothing. He was about to but your phaser had impeccable timing." She hopped down off the table and straightened herself. "Is there another phaser in here?" Holis said there was and she went to go get it. When she came back she pointed to the now unconscious Vulcan.

"Wake him up."

"Why? We should just leave him and get the hell out of here."

"If he wakes up while we are working on the transporter then he'll send everything he has against us but if we use him as a hostage that will give us more time to make the adjustments. I didn't want to do it this way but now we have no choice."

Holis nodded in understanding and used a hypo spray to wake up him up. Vorik blinked his eyes and looked around then he remembered what he was doing when he was stunned, he started to sit up when he noticed Alexandra was pointing a phaser at his head.

"You make one wrong move, your ears will be the only thing recognizable left." Alexandra grabbed his the front of his jacket and put the phaser to his temple. She dragged him to his feet and pulled him towards the door. She motioned to the doctor to follow her to the transporter room one deck below them. Fortunately the corridor was empty and once they reached the turbo lift she finally took a breath she didn't know she had been holding. Vorik tried to turn his head and look at her but the phaser stopped him.

"What are you doing?"

"Listen I really don't feel like I have to explain anything to you but I am going to anyway. I do not belong in this universe. I came from an alternate universe. In my universe I am captain of this base and you are my best friend and my first officer. There was an attack from the Romulans the day before the transporter accident. That's how we ended up here and now we are going back."

"I wish Spock had killed that arrogant ass Kirk when he had the chance."

"Too bad for you now shut up."

Alexandra pushed Vorik out of the turbo life and down the corridor to the transporter room. Once there she told the doctor to cover their prisoner while she made the necessary adjustments to the controls, Vorik never took his eyes off her. Even while she was trying to escape him he still wanted her badly.

"We could accomplish much if you stayed here. A woman of your particular strength could go far in the empire."

"Do you really expect me to consider that?" Alexandra asked pausing her calculations.

"No." After a brief pause.

Alexandra made the final adjustment and told Holis to get on the transporter pad, she once again pointed her phaser at Vorik as she took her own place on the pad.

"Will you be able to look your friend in the face now that you know what Vulcans can do?" He asked.

Alexandra tossed the phaser to him just as the transporter activated and said one last thing to him.

"Go to hell."

Alexandra awoke on the transporter pad and looked around, there was Vorik and a security team all in regular Starfleet uniforms. She was home at last. After examinations were made and reports done Alexandra was being escorted back to her quarter by Vorik.

"So did my opposite make a lot of trouble for you Vorik?"

"Not much to speak of. She was different enough to tell she was not you very early on." He said after a momentary pause. "I am more than a little curious about my opposite as well. Did you interact with him at all?"

Alexandra did not answer until they were by her quarters and she was able to think of something to say that wasn't an outright lie.

"He was more militant than you. We didn't speak that much." The doors slid open with a quiet hush." Well I will see you tomorrow Vorik. Thanks for everything."

"Goodnight Captain."

The doors slid closed with the same quiet hush and when Alexandra finally climbed into bed after her nightly routine, she could not sleep and kept thinking of the mirror Vorik. As much as she tried she couldn't stop thinking about how he played her body, she couldn't recall such a powerful orgasm as that. Alexandra hated it but she wondered about her friend. Was there a sexual fire hidden beneath all that logic she wondered.

Vorik went immediately to his quarters after seeing the captain to hers. He noticed that she was very guarded about her experiences, probably the cruelty of the mirror universe left her shaken. His brush with that universe left his control a little on the shaky side as well. He locked his quarters again and pulled a large piece of paper out from behind his closet. The portrait was of a beautiful young woman rising out of a pool with water streaming down her naked body. The woman in the picture bore an uncanny resemblance to Alexandra Torchescue. Vorik undertook the project the last time he barricaded himself in his quarters. The proper thing, of course, was to destroy this picture but he couldn't bring himself to do it. The memory of her wet body left him shaken and thinking dark and lustful thoughts. He replaced the picture in it's hiding spot and tried to sleep but like his captain sleep did not come easily.

The End...or is it?

Another adventure will soon be coming!!