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The medic-nin could only wonder how her ex-sensei, an elite jounin, managed to get gum in his hair. She also wondered why on earth he had showed up at her doorstep asking to get it out, instead of just cutting it out with a kunai. From the looks of his hair Sakura was very surprised to find out that he didn't want to simply cut the gum out, no one would notice anyways.

So here he was, sitting at her dining table, reading Icha Icha Tactics and chewing some gum while she was attempting to get the accursed piece of pink bubblegum out of his hair with peanut butter. Honestly, she was tempted to just pull out one of her own kunai and cut the piece out herself. How did the gum get so tangled in his hair anyways? If she didn't know better, Sakura would have thought that her ex-sensei had put it in his hair himself.

"How did this happen anyways?" she asked, a frown on her face as she scooped out the last of her peanut butter –he was going to owe her a jar- and put it on the gum and hair. Even as Konoha's top medic nin, the mess of hair, gum and peanut butter and actually having to touch it grossed her out a bit.

"Well, I was walking an old lady across the street when she offered me a piece of gum. Not wanting to insult her, I said that I did want a piece of gum. To my surprise, she plucked the gum she was chewing out of her mouth and threw it at me, the gum landing in my hair." He replied as he lazily flipped the page.

"You're expecting me to believe that you couldn't dodge a piece of gum thrown by an old woman?" the kunoichi asked, unconvinced. With a hard tug, she managed to get a bit of the gum out.

"More or less."

She was about to make a retort when she saw a pink thing sticking out of man's pocket, something that looked a bit like the bubblegum pack she gave him the week before. Frowning, she yanked it out and saw that it was the gum she gave him, except now the pack was open and at least half of the gum was gone. Sakura looked to the unusually large piece of gum in Kakashi's hair and back to the gum, calculating, before something hit her.

"Hatake Kakashi, did you chew half a pack of gum and stick it in your hair?"

He nodded, his back still turned to her as she heard him chew his gum, well, the gum he hadn't stuck in his hair. Sakura didn't know how she would tell the hokage that one of Konoha's best ninja had gone crazy.

"May I ask why?"

To Sakura's great surprise, Kakashi merely stood up, yanked his mask down, turned around, and kissed her with speed that only Konoha's elite jounin could possess. When he pulled back, all the 20-year-old could do was just stare at him, eyes wide, as he tugged his mask back up.

"Because how else would I get to do that with such style?"

And with a poof, he was gone, leaving the pink-haired kunoichi shocked with a blush spreading across her face as she discovered that she had gum in her mouth that hadn't been there before.


I think only Kakashi would think that kissing a girl in her kitchen with peanut butter and gum in his hair would be considered stylish. That or he has been reading too much Icha Icha.

This was spurred on by boredom and made as a oneshot.

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