A/N: Here's our 1st TMM story so please don't be too harsh on us

A/N: Here's our 1st TMM story so please don't be too harsh on us! And we don't own TMM because Ryou and Ichigo would be together if we did!

Soft snores filled Ichigo's room as she lay in her bed dreaming about the boy of her dreams, Masaya. The corners of her mouth upturned as dreamy smile fell upon her lips, while a gentle pink blush crept onto her cheeks. An ear piercing screech shattered her dreams as she tumbled out of bed and ran her hand along her desk to find her alarm clock. A frustrated groan escaped her lips as the annoying sound grew louder and louder until she finally reached it. But it wouldn't turn off. With frustration she threw it at her wall, where it lay broken in pieces. "No! That's a week's wages!" She jumped up and yelled as she tugged at her ruby red hair.

"Ichigo, aren't you going on a date with that cute boy today? You need to hurry up or you'll be late!" Her mum shouted up the stairs.

"Oh no! Aoyama-kun will be waiting for me!" she cried as she ran into the bathroom to shower and get ready.

Ichigo sprinted down the stairs as she pulled her hair into pigtails, and ran out of the house towards the station, where she was sure Masaya would be waiting. I slept in again! I'm such a klutz! Aoyama-kun I'm always late to meet you, yet you're always waiting, you're so perfect, Ichigo thought.As she dodged through the crowd she spotted his tanned skin and dark hair.

"Aoyama-kun!" Ichigo bellowed in a relieved voice, he was still there. In a sudden movement he spun his head around and startled Ichigo. His eyes lowered into slits as he glared in her direction. She skidded to a halt, but somehow managed to stumble backwards, and found herself in a pair of muscular arms.

She glanced up as she heard the figure say "Watch where your going Baka Strawberry!"

"Ryou!" She gasped. "Arigato."

"Ichigo, when your finished with your boss we need to leave." Masaya growled.

"See you later Strawberry! And don't be late for work again!" Ryou said as he turned and walked casually into the crowd. Ichigo rolled her eyes and turned to face Masaya. As Ichigo began to apologise, Masaya cut her off by grabbing her wrist and dragging her down a back alley.

"What's the point in me paying our dates, when you never turn up in time?" Masaya snarled. He shoved her against a wall n drew his fist back and punched her worried face. "Now look what you made me do you fucking bitch." As he drew his fist back again she managed to struggle out of his grip and ran to the main street.


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