Chapter 10: Chronomon's Attack

Chapter 10: Chronomon's Attack

With the world being destroyed and Phantom Devimon planning to destroy the digidestined things are looking grim. The children have stopped 2 of the horsemon of the apocalypse and are helping out looking for survivors in the area. Yolie, Cody, and Cody's fiancée came to help the digidestined. Tk and Ayden were in Izzy's lab so Izzy could duplicate the X Antibodies and give it to the others and stop Phantom Devimon once and for all.

"Tk and Ayden's antibodies are different than anybody else's antibodies. They are composed of different attributes that corresponds with the powers inside them." Yamaki said

"Sir I don't honestly know if we could duplicate the antibodies if only we knew how they did it when the virus first came out then maybe we will be able to do the same process they used." Riley said

"Gennai do you remember how they were able to extract the X Antibodies out of Ayden originally?" Kourshiro asked

"The best person to ask is Seraphimon for he was the one who originally was able to extract the X Antibodies out of Ayden. The 4 sovereigns, the Royal Knights, and the Olympic 12 don't even know how he did it. Ophanimon and Cherubimon might remember the process since they worked closely with Seraphimon and Ayden. The rest of them didn't even work with Ayden until it was time for the final battle. I am going to call upon an old friend that served as a major part in the first X wars." Gennai said

"Patamon do you remember how you were able to extract the antibodies out of Ayden originally and if you do is it possible for you to let us know so we could create a similar process?" Kourshiro asked

"Well when I extracted the antibodies out of Ayden I used a holy gale which allowed me to pull the powers from Ophanimon, Cherubimon, and myself to be able to extract the antibodies we needed to save the digital world. It was the only way we would be able to do it and after the X Wars the holy gale was destroyed by the 4 sovereigns. They felt that something that powerful would no longer be any use to the digital world. We would need the schematics to build a new one." Patamon said

"The original schematics are with someone who helped Ayden a lot before Ayden sealed himself away and he was the only other person who knew where the 3 original crests were hidden. He is currently in this state and he was the first human to become a sage of the digital world." Gatomon said

"His name is Kristopher and he is my cousin, if he is still in Connecticut he is not far from here and we use to live around here." Katie said

"Do you know where he might be, and if you do I think you and Patamon should go get him." Kourshiro said

Katie and Patamon left to where Kris lives and when they got there Kris was waiting for them out on the front porch of his house.

"I have been expecting to see you again and I knew you would come." Kris said

"We are here for the schematics to the holy gale and I know you have it, we need your help since it was you who designed it originally and we would like you to help us save the worlds." Katie said

"I know and I will help you save the worlds but are you ready to lose your Digimon partner to save the worlds?" Kris asked

"I am not ready to lose him but I will do what ever it takes to save the world." Katie said

"Well in that case you have a lot ahead of you because once I create the holy gale it will extract enough power to save everyone but it will also increase the strength of the ones who hold the x antibodies. I know you won't be able to receive the antibodies and neither will Sophie, Amie, and Alden." Kris said

"I know I won't be able to receive the antibodies and neither will Ken, Lucemon, Takato, Kouichi, Amie, Alden, and Sophie. We have been touched by darkness and created the virus but Ken's Digimon and Takato's Digimon will be able to receive it if they want it." Katie said

"As long as you know the risk Katie I will create the holy gale and give it to Seraphimon for him to use. I have all the stuff I need to create it again and I will actually save the schematics again because I know they are going to want to destroy it again after it serves its purpose." Kris said

Kris, Katie, and Patamon went to Tk's house where Kourshiro and his team waited to build the holy gale.

"These schematics are nothing I have ever seen and the design is amazing, I wonder if I could make a copy of these so I could have a record of them?" Kourshiro asked

"I could make you a copy of them but right now let's build the holy gale in order to get the antibodies out to the ones who need it." Kris said

Kourshiro, Yamaki, Riley, and Kris got to work building the holy gale while Chronomon decided to take his army and destroy more of the world. This time he decided to attack Europe and Asia. More and more of the world started to crumble and when the digidestined caught what was happening on the news they decided to go to Europe and Asia to fight the monsters. Kourshiro, Tk, Katie, Alden, Amie, and Ayden decided to stay back for it would be only a matter of time that the holy gale would be complete. While the digidestined were in Europe Chaosdramon decided that he would attack America and bring it in ruins as well. Meanwhile in Europe we find the digidestined try and stop Chronomon and his army.

"You digidestined think you could stop me when I have gathered more strength than you could possibly imagine. I call upon the powers of Megidramon and Grandis Kuwagamon to aid and assist me." Chronomon said

Suddenly all of the power in the surrounding area exploded and Chronomon started to transform with part of him gaining the digital hazard from Megidramon and the Gran Killers from Grandis Kuwagamon. His power increased by 100 and so did his speed and agility. With the digital hazard installed in him he is not able to control it and suddenly a rain of fire is destroying everything.

"We have to take cover there is no way we will be able to get near him while he is in hazard mode." Tai said

"I know I don't want to see Megidramon again but I think he is going to be our only hope in fighting Chronomon and possibly taking back the digital hazard. Chaos Gallantmon, Gallantmon, and Megidramon are the only ones who are able to control the digital hazard but Megidramon is the only one who is able to remove the digital hazard." Takato said

"Do you think you will be able to get Megidramon here and help us or do you think he will want to destroy everything?" Juri asked

"I honestly don't know Megidramon scares me to death and he is the only Digimon who does that. He is very unpredictable and I know he is my partner but his nature is different than Guilmon or his other forms." Takato said

"Takatomon I will give it a shot if you are willing to give it a shot and if I get out of control shout matrix slide evolution and use this card." Guilmon said

"Thanks buddy I will give it a shot, I am going to need you all to stay clear of Megidramon and the battlefield until the digital hazard is removed from Chronomon." Takato said

Everyone found a hiding place away from the battlefield and Takato got ready to remove the digital hazard.

"Dark Matrix Evolution Activate!" Takato shouted

"Guilmon warp digivolve to Megidramon!"

"Chronomon you don't know how to use the digital hazard you will destroy everything including your own partner." Megidramon said

"You can't boss me around, you had your chance and now you will pay for everything." Chronomon said

"You are destroying your self and you could never come back if you destroy yourself." Megidramon said

"That is it Gran Killers!" Chronomon fired

Megidramon was able to dodge the attack easily and used his Megid flame hitting Chronomon square in the chest. This was enough for Megidramon to start removing the digital hazard from Chronomon. Chronomon then attacked Megidramon before he was able to remove the digital hazard completely. Chronomon kept attacking and attacking then Takato used his power up card which gave Megidramon enough strength to send Chronomon flying into a destroyed building then Megidramon fired his Megid flame at Chronomon and hit Chronomon square in the chest. Megidramon then started to remove the digital hazard from Chronomon again and he was able to successfully remove the digital hazard from Chronomon.

"No I will tear you limb to limb for removing the digital hazard from me; I will once carry my master's plan in destroying earth." Chronomon said

"There is other ways to destroy the earth then using something you can't control. The digital hazard is something that needs to be controlled or it will control you. When they found the digital hazard they tried to control it but it ended up destroying them in the process. The only survivor of the group experimented to see which Digimon would be able to contain the digital hazard and they found a Guilmon and he was able to contain the digital hazard and they sealed the digital hazard into the Guilmon and they were able to keep Guilmon as the protector of the digital hazard. The more Guilmon evolved the more powerful the digital hazard." Megidramon said

"Chronomon! Do you understand that Phantom Devimon is only using you to do his dirty work?" Sophie asked

"Stay out of this; you have chosen your path and I will choose mine." Chronomon said

"Then you are going to have to destroy me because I am not staying out of this." Sophie said

"You are a stubborn little girl who is going to get hurt if you are not careful." Chronomon said

"What happened to the promise you made me the first time I went to the digital world. You promised that you would stay by my side no matter what, well if you are going to break that promise then destroy me right now because I can't be a partner to someone as twisted as you." Sophie said

"Holy Flare!" Chronomon fired at Sophie but Sophie was able to dodge the attack.

"You are ruthless and you have lost the spark that made you a great friend to me." Sophie said

Ghoulish Bind! Chronomon fired but Megidramon fired his Dragon Flame and cancelled out the attack.

"Takato it is time to use the card and have the others join in as well." Megidramon said

"Matrix Slide Evolution Activate!" Takato yelled

"Megidramon slide evolve to Gallantmon!"

"Matrix Digivolution Activate!" The rest of the tamers yelled.

"Lopmon warp digivolve to Cherubimon!"

"Leomon Matrix Digivolve to Saber Leomon!"

"Renamon Bio Merge to Sakuyamon!"

"Cyberdramon Bio Merge to Justimon!"

"Tai I think it is time we joined the fight we can't let them have all the fun!" Matt said as he came running in.

"Let's do this! Royal Knights Activate!" Tai yelled

DNA Digivolve! Matt yelled

"Agumon Warp Digivolve to War Greymon!"

"Gabumon Warp Digivolve to Metal Garurumon!"

"War Greymon/Metal Garurumon DNA Digivolve to Omnimon!"

"Sora I think it is our turn!" Mimi said

"Let's do this! Crest of Love!" Sora yelled

"Crest of Sincerity!" Mimi yelled

"Biyomon Warp Digivolve to Phoenixmon!"

"Palmon Warp Digivolve to Rosemon!"

"Phoenixmon/Rosemon DNA Digivolve to Crimsonmon!"

"Gomamon Warp Digivolve to Plesiomon!"

"Gatomon Warp Digivolve to Heavenly Angewomon!"

"Wolfmon Ultra Warp Digivolve to Holy Goddmon!"

"Crimson Whip!" Crimsonmon fired

"Transcendent Cannon!" Omnimon Fired

"Water Tail Blaster!" Plesiomon fired

"Dragon Helix!" Sakuyamon fired

"Voltage Blade!" Justimon Fired

"Saber Fang!" Saber Leomon Fired

"Final Justice!" Gallantmon fired and the attacks all hit its target knocking out Chronomon and allowing the three angels to purify him.

"Cherub Sphere!" Cherubimon fired

"Royal Life!" Holy Goddmon fired

"Holy Light!" Heavenly Angewomon fired

The three lights surrounded Chronomon causing him to slide evolve to Chronomon Holy Mode then to Eaglemon, then to Crowmon, then to Diatrymon, then to Falcomon and before he disappeared into a purified digiegg Falcomon said she was sorry and that she will see Sophie again if she was able to ever forgive her for what she did. Then Falcomon turned into a digiegg and disappeared to the cave of hope with the other digieggs. The children then went back to America where another news report went across the TV!

"With the attacks in Europe, Asia, and North America most of the world remains in ruins but the war is not over. People have been catching a strange bug which our sources state that it is part of the war. The people who have died from this strange bug have been examined and it shows what ever is attacking has been eating their organs until there is nothing left of them. People all over the world are homeless and the eastern countries are demolished. Hopefully the digidestined are able to stop this war before we have nothing left to fight for. This is Rebecca Marie with News Channel 6 and we will have more updates for you on the hour every hour."

With 3 of the horsemon defeated Phantom Devimon plans on increasing his power and strengthening the X Virus but he is running out of time! Kourshiro, Kris, Yamaki, and Riley have completed the Gale and are ready to activate. The rest of the digidestined finally made it to America where they found America in even worse shape since they left.

"What happened here?" Davis asked

"Chaosdramon attacked and nearly destroyed everything." Kourshiro said

"He also knocked Tk out before we could do anything and took him back to Phantom Devimon." Katie said

"We finished the Holy Gale though and it is all set we are going to need Tk here in order for this to work." Kourshiro said