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Tiniest Notion

She should be on her way right now. In a couple of minutes I should hear a knock outside my window signifying her arrival. I can never sleep without knowing she's safe and I know she's safe when she's here. Then again even when she is here I still don't sleep, I watch her. I watch her slowly close her eyes and her chest rise and fall. She knows I watch her and I rarely sleep at night. I've heard her express her concern that I worry too much even though she knows I won't stop. I always tell her I worry just enough and that it happens when you love someone. Then we leave the topic alone knowing that we'll return to it again. I hear a light tapping at my window breaking me out of my thoughts. The tapping gets a little louder letting me know I should move faster. I get out of bed and open my window to a very cold brunette.

"It's freezing out here" are the first words she says.

I reach for her arm to help her in safely off the ladder she climbed up on. "Nice time try this new invention called a jacket".

When she's in my room completely she wraps her arms around my neck. "Why would I do that when I have a perfectly good girlfriend waiting for me here?"

I wrap my arms around her and leans my forehead on hers. My room is dark and the only light is coming from my television.

"Hey" she says.


She presses her lips lightly against mines and pulls away.

"Did you have trouble getting out tonight?"

"A little, but I'm here now"

She moves away from me and climbs into my bed, already wearing clothes to sleep in.

"Come on you know the routine" she pats the spot next to her. I walk towards the bed and climb over her to my side on the left. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is on and she's watching intently.

"I hate this show"

"Then why were you watching it"

"I was waiting on you to come over and the remote was too far". I wrapped my arms around her and she put her head on my chest. "The show has gone downhill since the writers strike. You start to realize he isn't that funny and…" I pause when I hear a light snore. When I look down I realize she is sound asleep. This happens a lot but it doesn't bother me, I knew it was a matter of time. I brush her hair behind her ears and kiss her head.

"I love you Ashley" I hear her whisper.

I don't respond and she knows I won't. I've never told her I loved her but she knows I do.

There is no doubt I love Jessica Dennison, I just wish I could say it.